Friday, February 19, 2010

girl's night

last night was girl's night out! friends of mine that own a gorgeous shop, had an after hours, ladies only night. the invitation said : it is a gathering of amazing women, friends & clients, and a hand-picked group of talented service professionals who will be offering up a taste of their services to each of our guests (you!). Each guest will have the opportunity to spend 15 minutes at 2 or more service “stations”, which include a fabulous facialist, two masseuses (one Thai and one Swedish), a tarot card reader, an astrologer and more. Iris de Santo, one of our favorite jewelers, will be showing her gorgeous and well-priced jewelry as well. So, please join us for a special evening - kind of a mini-spa night with a splash of mystery & fun, lots of laughs & good food too!

i chose the thai massage and the tarot card reading. what wasn't mentioned was all the flowing prosecco champagne, hence, all the slightly (slight understatement too) blurred photos! heehee, if i had remembered to take photos at the start you would have seen all kinds of happy laughing faces, massage tables and service stations, lovely fruit and cheese plates, cupcakes! but i was having too much fun to think of my camera.
thank you christie and diana! what fun!

i hope a girl's night, in what ever form, comes soon for you too,
♥ lori


  1. What a splendid idea! I will have to put my thinking cap on to determine if we have anyone in Bend who could pull off a night like this. The FIRST thought I had when I saw the first blurry photo was ~~ oh my, Ms Lori has already had a few sips. How fun!

  2. ...looks like fun...everything looks lovely...

    have a wonderful weekend, my dear

    hugs and kisses to Owen

    sending love,
    kary and buddy

  3. lori, this looks like a ton of fun.

    do you know i read tarot cards? are you sharing what cards came up for you? (i would love to see!)

    most falls jb and i have an art fair in our side yard: we invite our friends and family and neighbors and any one who wants to participate to share, sell, show or tell about whatever they want to make. it's a blast. jb and i provide lunch and dinner on sat. and breakfast on sunday morning. who ever wants to camps in our yard if there is not room inside the house.

    in addition to offering photo cards, i function as madame kj reading tarot cards. last year i made $ 66 dollars, charging $ 2 a reading. hahaha!

    i wish we lived near one another because you would love this. and i would of course love your girl's night out.

  4. Wow! Food and shopping and massage, oh my! I could go for each and every one of these.

  5. What a cool gathering. Must be loads of fun.
    this is the first time I saw a blurry pictures from your usual perfect ones.

  6. Sounds like heapsa fun! I am laughing at the blurry photos, and notice that the word verification is 'pubber' bahahahaha!x

  7. that looks too fun. i need a girls night out soon

  8. What fun. I love the blurred photos too :)

    I had one recently... a girl's night - it was a sleepover to help heal one girl's broken heart, but it was fun too.

    love to you
    x Ribbon

  9. Oh, how I wish I lived closer to you!! That looks like a perfect girls night out! The photos are gorgeous - even the "after prosecco" ones...

    How did you like the thai massage? I've never tried that. And how was your tarot reading? Fun?!? Did you buy any of that beautiful jewelry?

    So much fun!! Love, Silke

  10. The perfect night out! Love it. All the ingredients are there - friends, champagne, jewelry, tarot, massage, and cupcakes!

  11. ah man, that looks AMAZING! Jealous as!

  12. looks like you had an awesome time lori x

  13. It looks absolutely divine! I'm heading for a mommies afternoon in (sans kinds!) today, which my soul is definitely craving!

  14. how lovely! i think i would hve gone for the thai one rather than the Swedish one too!!

  15. Oh man, Lori, why didn`t you say so before?!! We`d all have come, wouldn`t we, and gladly have shared whatever we`d have to offer. Of course you`d have to rent a tent for all of us, but I´m sure the laughter would have risen to the stars! Haha, those photos are so telling. Lovely post! (veri word says secch, like in prosecco)

  16. So not only an astounding place to live but wonderful shops as well and good friends
    Sounds a lovely night. Glad you enjoyed it.


  17. hope floats, love lives forever

    you are wonderful.

  18. ooooh massage - any kind will do!
    Such a fun evening.
    what did the cards say girl friend?!?!?!

  19. I had missed this great post, it must've been in those hectic days when MrE had caught scarlet fever and I was panicking Little Women-style. (he's fine now)

    What a fabulous evening! I just hosted a sale of vintage clothes and accessories and no one showed! Next time, I'll be inspired by this great event, let the prosecco flow, hire a masseuse and a tarot reader and smile away as the sales surge.

    Love the motion-blur photos... tee hee, naughtly Lori ♥

    Lola xx


xoxo lori