Saturday, February 6, 2010

like a daisy

" at my feet the white-petaled daisies display
the small suns of their center-piece,
their---if you don't mind my saying so---
their hearts."

i want to be like a daisy.
let's all be daisies and display our hearts.

from Daisies,
a poem by Mary Oliver

i hope you all have a wonderful sunday and the sun comes out (or goes away) and daisies start popping up soon near you . love, lori


  1. :)

    When could you plant the ones I sent you????
    Soon you can talk to their little hearts and think of me,and I will be thinking of you! xx♥

  2. I love the perfect simplicity of daisies! Grey and damp here today - and I'm really not ready for it to start being autumn yet! xx<3

  3. All our daisies - which we call Gänseblümchen, "little gooseflowers" - are still sleeping under the cold shadowy snow, and not even the ever warmer rays of the sun can kiss them awake. But it is lovely to see one and dream of their appearance again... one day. If ever this snow all melts.
    Thank you for the hope you spread, Lori!

  4. Do you think the postal services will deliver a packet of daisy seeds if I post them to you from here??

    We have some gorgeous daisies and some gorgeous people with gorgeous hearts too

    You have an especially gorgeous heart

  5. we are buried in 30 inches of snow here in Maryland :)
    But when I was doing my pre-storm essential shopping, I bought some hyacinths and daffodils in small pots - and that will help me live through this storm :)

  6. Like Pink Dogwood, we're buried in but the sun is out..Yay! No daisies for awhile because it's 18 here this morning!!
    have a great day Lori!! Loved your post!!

  7. Hi Lori, Beautiful photo and poem by Mary Oliver...oh, daisies are way off in the distance here in Maine but the sun is shining so all is well! Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Wish you beautiful Sunday as well Lori!

  9. natsy, i have to wait for these big rains to end so the seeds won't get washed away. i'm excited to grow australian daisies in my garden! and yes, i will be thinking of you ♥
    that sounds so funny since we are looking towards spring. i'm happy to see you ♥

    you always have a better word for everything, i love little gooseflowers. i am axiously waiting for your garden to wake too, but i'm sure not as much as you ♥
    ♥ natalie sent some from australia, i don't see why not. i would have a truely international garden! i love that! what can i send you?
    i can't imagine...30 inches? i love how you've found a way to bring a bit of spring to your home anyway ♥
    manon, i love your laugh, i think your attitude is what carries you through. keep warm! ♥
    nan, i would love to see Maine in the winter. i've only been in the summertime. have a lovely sunday! ♥

  10. I thought of you yesterday ... my daughter is sitting for a 6-week old miniature poodle this weekend! She has a 5-year old Maltese - makes for an interesting combo!

    Wishing you many hearts today ....

  11. Thanks Lori! I want to see the daisies again soon too. However the sun is shining brightly and I'll take it. Happy Funday Sunday back at you!

  12. the quote from the beloved mary oliver....

    sunny this morning..but it got all cloudy again..that's o.k
    it's cozy...

    hugs to Owen....what a doll....

    kary and buddy

  13. ah, lori, no daisies for me yet, but there are tulips on the table and at least i can dream of warmer weather.

    mary oliver--who could not love her?--also wondered if the root is the flower of the otherworld. i;m not quoting her correctly but i've always thought that is a fascinating thing to think about.

    i'm glad you are having a fine weekend. yay! ♥

  14. Ah, friends, daisies and sun. Perfect!

  15. thank you helen,
    it is a cute combo and so smart! 6 weeks is really small, oh my! ♥
    lyn, i guess they'll be there before you know it, how you must appreciate them after the snow is gone.♥
    yes, love love love mary and all her poetry. It is cozy here too, I love this winter weather!♥

    wizz, thank you, owen says hi!
    maybe the tulips came from our nurserys here in Carpinteria?! they are beautiful i bet. We had such a good day, i hope you did too.♥
    hello up there! ♥

  16. Thank you Lori...beautiful poem !

  17. I hope you had a great weekend too! :) Ours was fine and I love the daisy-poem. Have a great week LORI!!! ♥

  18. sally, i love mary oliver, i have most of her books, there is a poem to go with most everything i love.
    michaela, i did have a wonderful weekend, and i'm glad to hear you did as well, thank you so much for the wishes!


xoxo lori