Saturday, February 13, 2010

on the farm

my favorite quilt~yarn shop here in carpinteria received a very special delivery, alpaca wool, from locally raised and bred alpacas right here in our town. oh my gosh this yarn is gorgeous, so soft and fresh, the first few skeins i bought even had a bit of leaves and twigs in it. i am totally charmed. i wanted to meet the alpacas.
i wrote the address of the farm down hoping to get the chance to visit it. today while running errands with my daughter i was telling her about them and their wool, then curiously my car began driving the back roads looking for the farm and the alpacas...

i am sorry my photos are so uninspiring, it must have been my excitement and haste, we found the farm and alpacas (and horses and squirrels) and i was too busy looking at our surroundings, it was gorgeous up here. the view of the pacific ocean in the background with the channel islands in the distance made my knees weak. and then there was the farm which was set on twenty acres of serene beauty. it was so quiet we could even hear butterfly's.

then we saw the alpacas. again, not great photos of these beautiful creatures. the owner of the farm told us alpacas are gentle, shy and curious. when we got out of my car and began to walk towards them, they all, over 150 of them, turned to look at us. notice the two in the background watching my daughter say hello to their friend.

then they all walked away, the shyness set in. we didn't want to overstay our welcome since we had not made an appointment to come out, so we left after a few minutes.

and then they came back to say goodbye! we were so excited to find this place which turned out to be a short walk from our house, hopefully i can return again and again (with permission). the farmer said we could even have our own alpaca and board it here....

i wonder what little owen would think of that?

p.s. i feel i have to apologize for all the sunshine and green, i know so many are still under inches of snow. it is so warm here, today after a run on the beach, my daughter and i had to cool off with a jump in the ocean. well, someone had to do it. :)
♥ lori


  1. Definitely GOOD to see these photos, of smiling alpacas and green pastures and shiny Lori with cutie Owen by her feet - even though (or because) we belong to the ones under inches (ha! inches? Metres!) of snow. Great to know there is another world somewhere!
    Lovely pictures, Bonnie Lori-with-the-pretty-new-hair. Yes, I am all for your raising an alpaca of your own! We`d all be foster-parents!

  2. Hi sweetie, you won't believe this, but we have Alpacas living around the corner from us! We pass them everyday on the way to school. I will try and grab a photo for you too.

    Happy Valentines Day.

    Nice hair. :D xx♥

  3. It's good to see all that sunshine and green, a little bit of cheeriness for the drabness we are experiencing!

    How fabulous to have those alpacas on your doorstep. Sounds like the owner is friendly enough, there shouldn't be a problem in you returning. They are lovely creatures aren't they.

    CJ xx

  4. Hi Lori, Oh, I loved seeing this post first thing in the morning before I even looked outside. Enjoyed going on the adventure with you and your daughter to find the alpacas...everything looks so fresh and green, just breathtaking and to see the Pacific...what a beautiful place you live in. I loved the alpacas faces and then to see you and the adorable Owen! A great way to start the day!

  5. I'd never ever heard of an alpaca!!!

    Please email me your pattern for the knitted hat you made a while back

  6. Oooooo, I WANT some of that yarn...;) I can't believe that it's made from alpacas right by your house! The photos are so sweet! I bet Owen would love his very own alpaca. We used to have friends with a horse, whose best friend was a goat... Wishing you a most Happy Valentine's Day!! Much love, Silke
    P.S. So glad we met!!

  7. well, it's a tie between two pictures i totally love: those alpacas in the background looking so curiously sweet, or my friend lori with little owen on an average day living their lives. :)

    are these like lamas? i love their laid back personalities. they look so innocent but you know they'd be fun at a party!!

    happy valentine's day,lori. you are a valentine i've given to myself. thank you.


  8. Oooh, I will remember those faces when I wear my lovely mittens in winter!
    They do look so endearing - and I love your new baby - he's so cute!

  9. I'm catching up, and glad to see you discovering Alpacas. Aren't they simply great?

    What you did after your run still sounds crazy to me!

    Happy Day!

  10. You always make me feel fresh and warm when I visit here, and today is no exception. What sweet animals and I'm sure they've provided you with the perfect wool for something thoughtful and beautiful. I am a bit jealous, however, it is white here still. Hope you have a wonderful day in paradise, however.

  11. Little Owen is sooooo cute!!!
    It is really kinda odd to look at your photos and see how nice the weather is where you live. I MISS SPRING, SUMMER AND ATUMN!!!

  12. Lori..... you are a lucky girl!! Warm weather, sunshine, green grass, driving around, alpacas...... it doesn't get much better than that!! Loved the post, girlfriend!!

    Happy Valentine's Day!!!


  13. Lori, those alpacas are so lovely, I wish I could touch and feel the new yarn you have there!
    What a perfect day you had there with your daughter under the warm weather, blue skies and green grass!
    Happy Valentines Day!

  14. Last fall we saw the alpacas at the country fair and felt the incredible softness of the wool that they produce. Right there and then I wanted to buy a hobby farm and raise them. Love this post Lori and the pictures you shared!

  15. you live in such a beautiful part of the world - your photos give a fabulous insight and personal viewpoint. those alpacas look adorable - as does Owen. thanks for the smiles x

  16. i am so vain, lori. this morning all i can think when i see that picture of you and owen is that i want my jeans to fit me like that.

    have a great day, friend! i'll be thinking of you! ♥

  17. Oh Geli, now i've just checked the prices of these lovely alpacas and it looks like i'll have to be just a vistor afterall. They cost thousands! at least i can afford the wool. i'm glad you were happy to see the green!
    Oh natsy yes take photos, i'd love to see them. ha, yes, you can see the shorter hair better now!
    hi cj! you are under snow as well? I can only imagine how that can get hard to take after such a long winter. spring will be here soon!
    thank you nan, i'm so glad you enjoyed. i really am so excited to know we are neighbors with them, i can't wait to go back for another visit!
    Janet, really?? i'll send the pattern out with the next post, i've got something else to send you.
    maybe we could work out a trade? i've had my eye on one of your paintings ;) just a thought! and i am SO grateful we've met also, you are so lovely.
    kj, thank you my sweet friend, i like the way you put that, a gift to ourselves. i don't know too much about these alpacas and nothing about llamas, but i'm going to find out! i have a new infatuation with alpacas!
    nicky, exactly! these are where they came from! i can't believe it took me so long to get up there. And did i tell you the owners are south african?? originally from stellenboch (sp?) amazing! i told them about your dad and the channel islands! i love our small world.
    sorry i haven't been by, i hope you are well. i am in love with the alpacas, and can't wait to go back. the hard part wasn't the jump in the ocean, it was the running on the beach!
    nancy, thank you ♥ i do hope you can come down, take a break from all that snow, actually we should do a house swap, i've never lived in snow!
    i know you do! i'm so sorry spring is not coming a little quicker for you. it'll be here soon though, so much to look forward growth and new puppies!
    manon, you are so sweet, and i do count my lucky stars everyday. i know you do too my friend.
    thank you mina, it was a wonderful day, so much better since my daughter was with me!
    thank you lyn, they are pretty irrestible, i want one now too! but for now i'll have to be content just visiting!
    thanks Val, it seems like every peek into every corner of the world shows more and more treasures and beauty. stay cool my friend and thanks for the text.
    kj, haha, now don't be mad, but when i see a photo of myself i think what happened to the way i used to look! ah well, things could always be worse, heeeheheh! but thank you. you have a great day too ♥

  18. Your photos are never uninspiring Lori!
    You show us your world through your eyes, the beautiful, the intense and the mundane! That is a gift that I personally am so grateful you share.

    ♥ Love to you and yours.

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    kj is spamming your blog with all these comments she's leaving. well, at least this one rhymes. some of the time.

  20. I think I have never touched Alpaca wool - What does it feel like? What are you going to make with it? Those animals are adorable and I am envious of your weather. This morning it was gray and there were some flurries floating about and I was trying to visualize a day in summer when it would be too hot and I would be complaining of the heat :)

  21. Never a need to apologize for sun, green, and far from uninspiring! Even with all the snow we've had...if the day is sunny, so I am.

    I had to smile at your little "alpaca"...I know someone who makes felted purses out of cat fur! Just a thought...

  22. I am totally into the idea of having more pets right now, even if I have to keep them elsewhere. I will so miss my chickens, and dogs and the rabbit when I move back home next week, *sigh*

  23. I'm glad SOMEONE is swimming in the ocean and enjoying sunshine! I'm a bit tired of the "snowy weather" reports...

  24. Enjoyed seeing your farm pics! A jump in the ocean - now that's a fun way to end your run!


xoxo lori