Thursday, February 18, 2010


for every cup and plateful,
God made us truly grateful.
i am so grateful to my dear friend for giving me this tasha tudor mother goose book yesterday. when she showed me the signed copy she discovered, she didn't know about my collection of tasha's books (above are two of my tiny favorites). my heart jumped when i saw it and then when she handed it to me i almost fainted. i am completely giddy with excitement. and gratefulness. the story is that many many years ago this woman (colleen) owned a book store in santa barbara. tasha tudor came in and signed this book.
do you have a special signed book that you treasure too? please tell...

so many of you liked the yarn i wrote about last time, i wanted to let you know
you can find some of sally's beautiful hand spun, hand dyed wool here in her etsy shop.
she's a brilliantly talented knitter, spinner, quilter, crafter (and more) and she's a lovely person with a lovely blog too.

now i'm going to find the perfect place for my book. :)

♥ lori


  1. Lori, I have three of Tasha's books myself.
    One was from my Baptism, one was from my brother's Baptism, and one I found at an op shop.

    I have some signed children's books from a man called Ted Prior. My maiden name was Prior, and he 'happened'to be my drawing teacher at art school. He is Australian of course, and he wrote the GRUG series.

    I also have a little book written by Valerie Greely,(Bella's childhood favourite) and in my first week of blogging I found her quite by chance, and asked her about it. SO cool.xx♥

  2. How wonderful! No, I am not lucky like that. And plates too?

  3. natsy, mine are all from op shops, except this last (which was a gift). do you love them? the illustrations are soooo precious, my favorite style, delicate watercolors. i don't know Prior but I have heard of Greely. i need to find some of her books. one of my other favorites, sharon lovejoy, an author and illustrator is having a book signing this weekend an hour or so from me, i am going! it is so cool. i love it.
    it really was good luck and i know, luck can be on anyones side, your next! it was a reference to my plate being so full. and thankfulness like the prayer. :)

  4. At a yard sale,I ran across an old copy of Lorna Doone released along with the silent movie of Lorna Doone. It was an authorized edition and it had black and white plate pictures of the movie. The lead was played by Made Bellamy and the book was signed by her. I did some research on her and she was quite the darling in the twenties. I managed to find an out of print short biography of her life. "The Darling of the Twenties."

    So that's my claim to faim.


  5. Sorry that should have been Madge Bellamy

  6. lori, i will forever view illustrations differently since i've been blogging. i too love those in watercolors.

    my most treasured book is the little prince. it is signed but i have had it for thirty plus years, and every word of it teaches me something i don't want to forget.

    i am so happy you were given this very special gift. funny how fortune finds its way to good and grateful people, don't you think?

    i'm off to see what's up with ribbon.

    love love

  7. oh when i push the send button too quickly! it is NOT signed. a slip of the wishful tongue.

  8. I love them desperately.
    My aim was to be a childrens illustrator and I was top of my class for 10 years. In the last two years at High School, i had a different Art teacher who disliked me, and my style of illustrating. (He disliked me because my father built him a house that he wasn't happy with, so he took it out on me.)
    Much later when i was working in a library, i drew all the titles for that years Book Week awards. (this was before colour photocopying)and i got a write up in the local newspaper. Maybe, I will post them soon so you can see......though it is probably a breach of copyright. Hmmmmm......

  9. Hello beautiful Lori :)

    I'm happy for you for the excitement of the beautiful book in your hot little hands.

    No I have no one particular treasure book that I can think of off the top of my head. I did send Renee a little book that I once considered a treasure and it became a bigger treasure to hand it on to her.

    I've had a lovely time here just now catching up on previous posts I've missed whilst spending some time away from blogging.
    I've enjoyed my time away and am seeing it all with new eyes.

    Big love to you.
    I'll keep you posted re the creative project as it is growing beautifully.

    xoxox Ribbon

  10. What quaint little books.
    Thanks for enlightening me, I did not know about them

  11. Oh, what a great surprise! I can feel your excitement! Enjoy your treasure! I also love Tasha Tudor and have just one book that a friend gave me, now that I'm thinking about it, I'm wondering where I put it. I cherish the letter she wrote me a long time ago! About signed books, I have a novel signed by a cousin who is an author and the other signed books are two children's books that I happened to be a part of with 2 other people, Scraggly the Stowaway Cat and Scraggly's New Home written by Tom Bradbury (a local author from Cape Porpoise, Maine) with oil paintings by Ron Goyette and I did the illustrations.
    Those books are out of print but sometimes they appear in google searches!
    How strange! The past two years I have been working on illustrations for a special book by Tom Bradbury for the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust...hoping maybe this is the year it will get published!

  12. I don't have many signed books, but received several from my mother-in-laws collection when she passed. The personal inscriptions to her have given me a broader view of who she was.

  13. Hey Lori,

    How wonderful of your friend to give you that book! Beautiful! One of my favorite books is a book of the works of Karsh ( he was a famous portrait photographer my dad knew) Anyway... he wrote a letter inside to me. It means so much when I look at it.
    Have a great weekend!!

  14. Oooooo, how did I miss this post?!?! You know how much I (we) love books. And I have a book about Tasha Tudor and I have read to pieces... I love how she lived, how she painted, her farm house - like a different world altogether!

    A couple of years ago, my dad took our copy of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (the non-fiction book about Savannah, a murder and scandal - great read!!) with him to Germany. Daniel ordered another used copy of it through Abebooks and what arrived was a hard copy that was signed by almost all the significant people in the book. It is a true treasure...

    Oh, aren't we all lucky?!? Love, SIlke

  15. It's not signed but I've had it since I was a child and that is my treasured copy of Wind in the Willows. Much read and much quoted... Poop poop!

  16. Oh Lori, I have been away from the computer for a few days and I was so touched and delighted to read your lovely words, and to see the shawlette in progress...thank you so much. The pattern you have chosen looks just perfect for the wool.
    The illustrations in the Tudor books are simply beautiful...treasures indeed !

  17. Those books are so adorable! I would treasure them!

    This sounds a little odd, but Dean Koontz (he writes mostly sci-fi and a little bit of horror and thriller) is a SoCal local - and I treasure the books of mine that he has signed! :)


xoxo lori