Tuesday, April 6, 2010

home ~ part two

do you ever get the feeling you have too much to say, too much to remember? this is how i'm feeling now. pictures and posts are stacking up (in my mind) and the moment feels like it's passing if i don't write right now! here on my blog i like to keep it as a journal, keeping it current. this is why there have been so many wildflower posts! we are obsessed! i thank you for all the kind words and interest, if you can just bear with me a couple more journal entries, the magic will be over...for twenty ten anyway...

can you see the train tracks down by the ocean? we run alongside these from carpinteria to rincon (actually that would be chuck since i'm not these days). the other morning on a run chuck saw something. he called me and said meet me after work, on the bluffs, and bring your camera.

so after my day was done i raced home, grabbed my camera bag, film and owen, not sure what chuck wanted to show me...

see? more wildflowers! in our own backyard! see owen too? he was so happy to come along...

we got more photos and owen waited patiently here he is watching his papa, chuck is down in the bushes...

here is the backside of rincon from the bluffs. this is a good place to come check out the surf.

hi owen! good puppy! can you see that most of the flowers are taller than him? it's time to go now, the sun is starting to set and we are getting hungry. chuck took owen while i got one more shot.

hee hee, he gets so excited to see me! here he is doing his happy jump. but he won't be so happy in a minute when we drop him off at home...

and go to dinner! sorry puppy, mexican food and cervesas are not for you! we'll be back in a couple days with the last of the wildflower posts and hopefully some exciting stories to tell. see you soon!

♥ lori


  1. Why are you up at this time, Lori?! You ought to be sleeping - my world clock says it is way past midnight! But I can see you HAD to post these beautiful photos while the memory was fresh! Haha, yes, little Owen must think this is a big colorful rain forest! Every flower taller than him, and surely full of smells and buzzing insects.
    I am a bit worried that you are so close to the slopes - watch your steps! What a lovely outing, thanks for taking us along. How were the cervesas? Our old dog Zeus loved red wine...

  2. i am loving this obsession - more more! x

  3. Your wildflower photography is so beautiful. Add to that the magical way you have of capturing Owen's puppyhood in all its glory, and it makes for sheer perfection!

    (At first I thought you were telling Owen, after dropping him off at home, that you'd see him in a few days...then I realized you were talking to us.:)

  4. Yes, is the answer! All the time, and then I forget and never update or work too hard to be able too.

    The train tracks look beautiful, do trains actually run along that line?

    Owen is adorable, adorable! Will he grow much? And so puppy like doing happy jumps and stuff.

    I really want mexican food!!!

  5. Lori, how beautiful! I love not just the flowers you share with us, but the stories and the cute photos of Owen. The landscape by where you you live is truly stunning!!

    And that last photo of you and Chuck - wonderful!! Love, Silke

  6. Hi Lori,
    Am just catching up and absolutely love your wildflowers and scenery photos! You live in a such magical place and have a wonderful way of capturing it's beauty and taking us along with you and Chuck! Owen is adorable!
    Looking forward to many more!

  7. Hey Lori- haven't been around much. We are on spring break entertaining some guests and having lots of fun.

    I can never tire of your flower pictures - they are so beautiful. Maryland is beautiful with cherry and pear blossoms. We visited the cherry blossom festival in DC yesterday - absolutely beautiful over here this time of the year. I wish I had your camera skills to capture them :)

  8. Now I'm getting miserable that I have to spend my time couped up in the office!


  9. hiya friend, well! is it wrong to start with chuck's legs instead of all these flowers? i envy the shape you are both in; meanwhile, my sedentary self dreams of legs like that girl style, of course.

    you and i are blessed with the bounties of the ocean and the meadows. i think of the kids i work with, confined to a poor urban city and i wonder what it means in life to experience fresh salt air and flowers that literally dance in the wind?

    i will never tire of your wildflowers or your photography or your blog or your friendship. i'm not sure of alot of things, but i am rock solid sure of that!!

    have fun, girl. see you soon!


  10. Beautiful, just beautiful. The simplicity of the flowers against the backdrop of the ocean. I think Owen has it right in doing his happy jump. I think I would too seeing those views.

  11. ... and I say, keep 'em coming!

  12. I believe you live in Heaven..

  13. It is an awsome sight, those hillsides in bloom. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  14. ohhhh..that little man...owen..so cute. i LOVED seeing the cute photos of that cutie-pie.

    and love seeing the wildflowers...having lived in santa barbara (decades ago) i love seeing these photos...

    still working on the blanket..it is close to being done.

    and i would love to box up that ham and send it off :-)

    thanks for taking us along on the wildflower walk...

    p.s. is owen a toy poodle? and how old is he?

  15. Lori,
    I can never get tired of those wildflowers and your beautiful pics. Man.... you live in an awesome area..... love it!!
    Owen is super sweet!

  16. Wow, how exquisite, Lori! I can feel that sweet air on my skin just looking at the pics.

    And the pup is SO adorable!! Wow.

  17. owen is like a little bundle of energetic and cute fluffy fur! more pictures please!

  18. Oh so beautiful up on the bluff! Wheeeeeee! See, I am playing with Owen. :)

  19. What gorgeous pics, Lori and Owen is just too cute for words! I love his "happy jump"! Give him a snuggle from me! xxx

  20. lori...was looking for your email address...

    i wanted to ask you were owen slept when you first brought him home. i put buddy in our bed the first night and never thought one thing about it...and i want teddy there too..only this time i am worried he might fall off...

    i really don't want to crate him..i want him with me...

    and did you have to teach owen stairs..worried about that too....

    my email is : myfarmhousekitchen@yahoo.com

    only if you have time....
    :- )

  21. Keep on sharing all that you do 'cause I love it ;)

    I like looking at your corner of the world through your eyes... it's beautiful.

    love to you
    Robyn xx

  22. dear lori, there is a special picture for you and robyn on my blog. :)

  23. Absolutely breathtaking! Just beautiful. Owen is so photogenic, too :) Looking forward to more!


xoxo lori