Sunday, April 18, 2010

it's possible

here is a postcard i found, it's almost one hundred years old! (i don't know if the postmark shows up clearly, it's dated 1913) don't you love that some things never go out of style? doesn't everyone like to be treated nice? can you see someone wrote in the bottom right hand corner? "so do i".

~be kind whenever possible. it is always possible.
His Holiness The Dalai Lama.~

have a great (kind) week ahead everyone!

♥ lori

p.s. owen was a camping champion! he saw his first owls and even a rattlesnake! he had so much fun it took two full shampoos to get him clean again. oh owen.


  1. that is so beautiful Lori - thank you. especially needed to read this today xx

  2. Hi Lori

    this is a sweet post, you are indeed a kind soul..

    Happy days

  3. Owen is adorable

    That postcard is an amazing find, well done Lori!

  4. very sweet. Don't we all want that...

  5. I too live from friendliness, something my father never understood. He thought I ought to be rebuked to learn good manners. What an idiotic point of view!
    Lori, you are our great role model! I`m sure Owen says grace every night, thanking God he came to YOU!
    Haha, guess what the veri word is? GRAND! See, The Secret Cooment Readers love you, too!

  6. That is a beautiful postcard. Sigh...SO cute!
    As for the boy.......well, he is too. :D

  7. Lori, I've just written a reply to your wonderful, heartwarming, very precious and meaningful comment on my last blog post. You are truly my very own earth angel - I feel so blessed to have 'met' you. As the others have all said, you really are a most fantastic role model. Love you, sisterfriend. xx

  8. Sweet postcard, Lori. What sorts of owls did Owen get to meet?

  9. It´s so true, the world needs more kindness , especially in big cities .

    Oh, Owen is so cute and lovely, please give him a big hug!

    Have a great day, Lori!

  10. Lovely to be home and able to touch base with your world again Lori. Trying hard to be kind, kind, kind. xxx

  11. I love that! Kindness has been on my mind a lot of late. That it's all that really matters in the end, when all is said and done.

    wishing you a week full of love and kindness!

  12. Lovely way to start my day.

    I like that it was posted in Lima, Ohio and sent to Mansfield, Ohio. What is it doing out West?

    I'll share the kindness.

  13. good morning lori!

    this has such a sweetness to it.

    first i noticed the handwriting. there is something about fountain pens that makes everyone's handwriting look so elegant.

    and then i thought about the 'so do i." what was the story, i wondered. what prompted this woman to add that? had someone hurt her feelings?

    1913. my Mom was born in 1916. you are so right that some things never go out of style.

    have a great day. i'll be in touch. tsup!


  14. Lovely! I wouldn't have guessed your postcard was so old. I love it. And I'm just smitten with little Owen. Oh my goodness!! Love your new photo in your banner too...which might not really be new, but I've been away from my blog friends for several weeks, so it's new to me. Hope you are well. xo

  15. Lori, thank you for reminding us that it is ALWAYS possible to be kind. The DL is quoted on bumper stickers as having said, "My religion is kindness." I like that one, too.

    The world needs all the kindness we can bring to it. Buckets of kindness, Bushels of kindness. Billions of bushels of kindness. So I'll keep that in mind as I go out today.

  16. This is DELIGHTFUL! I adore her little frock and her big, wide eyes. Wow, 100 years old! That is so cool.

    Lori, I think you should publish a photo book of Owen's adventures and title it 'Oh, Owen!' :D

  17. a dirty dog is a sign of a happy dog! :) glad he had a good time.

    those postcards are a nice find! i love to feel history in my finger tips.

  18. Everyone likes to be treated nice.

    Pity we don't always remember to treat other people nice hey?!

    Such a cutie-pie face


  19. Beautiful postcard and lovely sentiment. And I bet Owen looks adorable when getting bathed.

    Good thing he was safe around the rattlesnake!

  20. I love old postcards, it's a great find Lori. And yes, it is always possible to be kind.
    Thanks for continuing to drop by and say hi, I have been busy and not getting much chance to catch up on much blog reading/commenting.
    Also, I just went and checked out your husbands website - such beautiful photography.

  21. Yes, I agree with you! Kindness never goes out of style and I think is more important than ever...

    So glad Owen had a great time! What did he do when he saw the rattle snake? I've always wondered if they instinctually stay away... I loved that he needed two shampoos. That's a great measurement of how much fun has been had...

    Much love! Silke

  22. Lori - I found your lovely site via Ngorobob house. Could not agree with you more that the world needs - and deserves - more kindness. From us to the earth, to each other, and most of all, towards ourselves.

    thanks so much for this post, it came at a time when I really needed to hear it!! xo♡amanda

    p.s. will sign up to follow and look forward to more of your beautiful words and images~

  23. Wow!! I can't believe it's a hundred years old! It's awesome!! great find!!
    Owen cracks me up. I have my own whipper snapper at home!!

  24. val,
    i'm so glad, i know what you mean how sometimes certain things speak to us at the best times.


    thank you delwyn, i think that about you too!


    i love vintage and modern and this card seemed to have a bit of both. love that owen.


    working with the public, i sometimes wonder...but i continue to hope!


    geli, ♥ . i laughed because that's what chuck says too. owen is one lucky little pup. i think he knows it. thank you.


    thank you! oh i should have taken a photo of him before and after, what a difference!


    tessa, i love you too and am so glad to see you here and posting, it made my eyes well up, i miss you.


    i'm writing a post! it is the great horned owl. beautiful!


    i hope you are being treated kindly in your new town, i really do. and hugs have been delivered!


    i'm glad for you, i'm happy to hear your good news re your daughter. that is awesome.


    your right, that's it, it seems so easy, i wish that were so. have a wonderful week too!

  25. jennifer,
    thats the thing with antiques, if they could only talk! please keep telling your story, i'm looking forward to each and every post.


    kj, that's so cool, i love that it's the same age as your mom (almost). and i thought the same thing about the added "so do i". it's all so interesting. did i mention that i have a collection of fountain pens too? they've actually been gifts to me, but i LOVE them.


    hi!! i yiped when i saw your cute little kitty face again. it's so nice to see you back. yes, i'm fine and glad to hear you are too. owen is our newest addition!


    something tells me you don't need a reminder of kindness, but thank you for saying so. i love the quote, My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.Dalai Lama. One of my favorites.


    bella, would you illustrate it?? and doesn't this postcard look like something you might have done? i love it!


    then he is a REALLY happy pup! he gets dirty just about every day, heehee. i love history too, i love to imagine what times were like.


    sometimes i am not so sure. working with the general public is challeging to be sure. but they are going to get nice from me like it or not! :)


    i knew chuck would keep him safe, he never let him off leash or even too far away from his side. he was a dirt ball, so funny.

    it's my pleasure, i always enjoy my time at your place. thank you for saying that about my husbands work, his website is in dire need of an update and overhaul, soon...

    get thee to the beach!! hee hee, love to you.


    luckily chuck took the brush with him to get out all the stickers and thorns, poor owen was a mess (although happy one!) he didn't get near the snake thankfully!


    me too! thank you!


    thank you and welcome dear! you put it into words much more eloquently than i ever could, from the earth to each other and to ourselves. YES. i'm looking forward to getting to know you.


    manon, and the condition was fabulous! i feel a responsibility to take good care of it too. owen cracks us up too. oh owen.

  26. I love how someone scribbled in the corner 'so do i' don't we all? Old and vintage things are such treasures...even when it comes to songs. Such beautiful quotes too.. thank you :)
    Inez xx


xoxo lori