Wednesday, April 14, 2010

in the field





1. my husband's most recent cover shot. (great honey!)
2. poppies are in town!
3. where owen likes to go for walks.
4. as soon as the walk is over.

chuck went back out to carrizo today. we could see that new blooms were on the way when we were there last week. and the newest rains may have helped, he had to go find out. owen got to go too, his first big adventure.

♥ lori


  1. Awesome :)

    I especially love the shot of the poppies. The colour is delicious.

    On the walk... is that a sweet pea? Looks like it to me... I love the smell of them.

    How lucky is that little fury guy Owen :)

    love to you Lori and thanks again for all that you share xxx

  2. oh!

    i get so excited when i see a new post from you on my bloglist! i can't wait to get here!

    and then: ooooooooh! another beautiful view of the world from a most beautiful person.

    chuck is so talented....and so are you. not to mention owen's good fortune.

    i was thinking of you today and sent you a hug and tsup! via telepathy. did you know?


  3. oh!

    i forgot to mention the flowers.

    they are beautiful too.

  4. robyn,
    that's what i was wondering? if they are sweet peas they are wild. i found them out on the bluffs overlooking the ocean. i thought they were really pretty!
    actually i was thinking the same thing about owen too, since i had to stay home this time for work. :)


    i did know! iknew it. haha. thank you. i decided not to overwhelm with too many photos this post (since the last had so many)! thank you so much.

  5. Owen is one lucky dog. Isn't it great to go out on a walk with a camera looking for something beautiful to share? Yes, it is.

    And it's great to see other people's harvests of beauty. Thank you, Lori ann.

  6. Cute pup! Love the colour on the poppies and the sweet pea!

  7. Thanks for everything, Lori! And I mean that.

  8. WhooHoo Chuck! That is fantastic!
    Congratulations on the cover.
    Hmmm.....what to say?
    Lovely flowers,
    lovely photos,
    lovely little Owen,
    lovely Lori,

    Love,Natsy. ♥

  9. well done Chuck - now for the Mashatu winning photo. . . . .
    (either of you!!!)


  10. Lori, your blog bringing back some memories from my visits in California. Thank you for sharing the photos, Inge

  11. you guys sure know how to use that camera! wonderful shots. and owen is sure adorable all curled up on that seat

  12. Awesome! Your blog always makes me yearn for California.

  13. These colours are so beautiful! Strangely I can't see photo one and 4 yet, will come back when internet is faster! I do love the EPIC flowers in the previous post, too. Really quite out of this world.

  14. The wild sweet peas over her are a deep pink,I have some in my garden. So your two coloured ones are lovely. The wild ones over here don't smell. Do yours?

  15. Dan,
    thank you! Yes! my husband and i believe that sharing the wild outdoor world in photos and stories is the best way for people to know it, and love it and preserve it.


    thank you! owen is a real charmer (when he's not doing crazy puppy things!). Aren't natures colors exquisite?


    Geli, ♥ x 100



    thank you, Chuck thanks you too, and owen too! ♥


    thanks! i'll tell him. forwared him your email, SA here we come! (fingers crossed of course).


    where you to Santa Barbara? I'm glad you've enjoyed my photos, it is my pleasure to share.


    thank you! just like my kids, they are always so innocent looking when they are asleep. owen is such a rascal! (a cute one though!)

  16. Diana,
    i hope you'll be able to make a trip out soon?


    thanks! i hope you can come back to see my little pup, he is sound asleep and so looking quite adorable! the first is a beautiful photo Chuck took.



    Yes! I was wondering if maybe someone threw some seeds around? i'd heard wild ones don't smell, but these did. I'd never seen wild ones before.

  17. Congrats to Chuck on this gorgeous cover!! I LOVE California poppies and miss them so much! And Owen is just too adorable! Can't wait to see pictures of Chuck and Owen's adventures! Much love to you! Silke

  18. Congrats on the cover of gorgeous technicolour splendour ...

    OK Lori, that puppy is too darn cute. He is like a little ball of yarn curled up on the seat like that. I have enjoyed the visuals on your blog lately ... spring is starting here but I am too impatient. Your posts have been fillng the gap. Thanks for your visits! Love, Lyn

  19. Owen is soooo sweet! Great that he gets to go too!
    Dogs just love to be with their people, no matter where they go.

    The Cover is great! Congrats to Chuck!

    I really hope to be able to travel to "your" part of California some day. And best in spring time! ;-)
    We don't have any plans in the future, but maybe in a year or two... or three! :))

    Thank you for sharing!!! ♥

  20. Beautiful shots! And Owen is still to-die-for-adorable :) Congrats to your husband on getting his lovely photo on the cover!

  21. Back to view the "missing" photos. Great cover, Chuck! And as for Owen.. too adorable. Sometimes I really wish cats were as portable and easy to handle as dogs :)

  22. Silke,
    thanks!i'll tell Chuck. i'm kind of anxious to see how it went, the flowers and owen! they'll be home tonight!


    Lyn, thank you, i think it's a great photo! Owen is probably close to full size, he's a tiny little guy!

    I'm so glad you can get your flower fix, it won't be long till your seeing it in real life!

    we were mainly worried about the dangers for him. he's so small he could easily be taken by an eagle or bitten by a rattlesnake, too many things to imagine. Chuck will keep him close, i'm sure they both had a lot of fun!
    As much as i've gone on about the wildflowers, Autumn is really the best time to visit here i think. We have friends coming in September from Germany, and i think they agree! But spring is great too.
    Thank you for the congrats! I'll tell Chuck!


    thank you, thank you. owen is going to be a little dirt ball when he gets home tonight, i think i'll try to get a photo of that!


    Bhavana, thank you.


    thank you, i'll tell him! that is just what we've been saying, having had cats for the last 20 years. dogs are so different, at this stage SO much more work, but so fun too! he is already learned the keys jingling means going somewhere!

  23. great cover shot. Love all the beautiful flowers..especially the sweet peas....

    i LOVE seeing owen....what a cutie pie

    we can't wait to drive out there with Teddy..we are waiting for him before we go....

    counting the days till teddy...

    sending love,

  24. Fabulous images of course. The pup is so adorable, especially after the walk, when it's time for a nap.

    You and your hub are such incredible photographers. Wow.

    Say hi to the poppies for me, OK? I miss them.

  25. What a joy you bring! Congrats to hubby! Love each and every pic.

  26. Exquisite poppy, which is my favorite flower. Thanks for the words of wisdom. The photos can't compare to yours. My camera is not a great one, but I love capturing the photos. When I was hiking along soda lake we also recorded the meadowlarks, quail, loons, the wind whooshing across the flowers.

    What a memorable day. In Napa now at a very nice inn. We're lucky to be in the old stable and it is gorgeous. Onward and upward to The Playful Garden.

    Sending love,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  27. Sammi, maybe you'll get to meet? :)


    thank you! it'll be soon. Days now. The flowers should still be there, did you see Sharons post?
    You'll really enjoy it!


    thank you! i would really miss poppys too, California wouldn't be the same without them. You'll have to come back out!


    thank you, i'm so glad you've enjoyed!


    i really enjoyed your photos and your post on the carrizo. the wind whooshing was one of my favorites too. I'm so glad you and Jeff enjoyed your day out there.
    Have a wonderful time in Napa too.

    xxx lori

  28. YAY, congratulations to Chuck! Oh my the poppies are gorgeous. And little Owen! Swoooooooooon. Just want to scoop him up and squeeze. Have a great weekend, Lori!

  29. Wow! More beautiful wild flower shots. I wish I could be there. I'm inspired to head to the Burren in County Clare to see the wild flowers burst out there. I think it happens in May. Will do some research.

    Owen is so sweet and cuddly. Give him a big walk, treat, and hug from me.

  30. Lori, give my Congratulations to your husband, what a great artist and photographer!

    I love Owen, he is so so cute!! I want to hug him so much!!!

    Thank you for sharing all the beauty you have around you, the flower pics made my day!

  31. Thank you Bella! it's sunday night and i did have a GREAT weekend, i'm hopeing you did too!


    Aden, will do (owen says thank you!) and please do go see those flowers, i'd love to know about them!


    thank you so much, i'll tell him. I'm so glad you liked all the flowers i've been showing. It's been fun for me.


  32. Hooray for the boys!
    A big hug to you, always

    Lola xx

  33. I so admire the life you have...just looking at those snapshots of moments in time makes me wonder how exactly do you do it....really must be care free up there.



xoxo lori