Monday, April 5, 2010

there's no place like home ~ part one

following wildflower hotline tips we've traveled many miles by car and by foot in search of this seasons bloom. so it was truly a great surprise to us when we found an amazing show right here in our own backyard. sunday morning Chuck had planned a trail run and i was going to hike one of our favorite front country trails, Romero Canyon (clicking this link will take you on a trail run we did up romero). Chuck went first (he's up before the sun) getting back just in time to tell me to bring my cameras, was i in for a surprise!
here is just a little of what i found:

we couldn't even identify everything i photographed, there were so many we'd not seen before. chuck had to work the lifeguard tower so his turn would have to wait, but not long. he was back up the canyon this morning. i have one more post of a local spot we found (owen got to come along on this one!), and tomorrow we are off to Carrizo Plain (clicking the link will take you to a previous post i wrote on the carrizo) for two days of camping and more flowers. i am hoping this is not entirely too much wildflower posting and still interesting. i wish i could take you all with me, it is a beautiful thing to see.

♥ lori


  1. It is amazing to see flowers that I have never experienced before. I loved the red one especially. Thanks! Lori and Cuck.xx♥♥

  2. Oh Wow... that's my first thought and that I wish I was there too.

    What a magical time.

    I never tire of flowers.. especially ones that are new to my eyes.

    Have fun.

    love to you and thanks for sharing

    xxx Robyn

  3. I just clicked the link to your previous post and it looks fantastic... you must be excited for that camping trip.

    I liked that frog... at first I thought is was a lizard.

    have fun xxx

  4. Lori,
    never too many wildflowers! Spring is finally in the air here up in Canada and your post makes me long for the time when our fruit trees and first perenials burst into bloom. Thanks!

  5. Gorgeous flower photos! Please keep posting them. I think my favorite is the one with the flowers growing on the rock. Have fun camping!

  6. I love the yellow flowers but the purple ones are also beautiful. Please keep posting more pictures!!! Have a wonderful week Lori and Chuck!

  7. thanks sweeties! i do feel bad about all the photos and i've got more on the way! you are all such good sports and i really appreciate your interest! and the flowers do too!

  8. oh so jealous! the variety you have is quite amazing. i found some at our local mountain park as well and was surprised. and please more pictures! although i must warn you, the more you post, the more i want to jump in a plan and come visit!

  9. i'm off to bed without time to do this post and previous ones justice. for now i am here to say have a wonderful couple of days with chuck and flowers, lori.

    you know, the gods and goddesses are very happy that you so appreciate their artwork.


  10. i agree with everyone else - you can never show toomany wild flowers! i love them. they are such a gift from nature - those vibrant colours and exotic designs - awesome. I would love to see your photos of Namaqualand one day :-)

  11. beautiful...absolutely beautiful. I am still waiting, as what little progress spring was making is now covered with snow...again. Thanks for boosting my spirits.

  12. Let them all coming those wildflower shots! They are much appreciated! :))

  13. Hi Lori. I have just taken a bit of time out, to read back all the way to where I last left off - your trip to the desert, that awesome rock art, and your amazing hikes and searches for wildflowers! All your collections at home are amazing, and a lovely 30th birthday wish to your daughter! I am now totally up to date, and all your beautiful posts have somehow given me an inspiration to start my day, with all the beauty and loveliness on display. I was really feeling a bit down and directionless, and your blog has definitely lifted my spirits x

  14. I am absolutely amazed at the beautiful flowers on your doorstep, let alone all the fabulous ones on your trips!

    Love them all

  15. Coming panting behind, had to sniff at each flower and feel like a bumblebee! My, what colors! And growing out in the open. Just amazing. Thank you, Lori, let`s run on now!

  16. dear friends,
    isn't nature incredibly generous to share this with all of us? it gives me so much pleasure to share with all of you too. thank you so much for all of your heartfelt comments. i love them all so much!

    kavita ~ come!
    kj ~ you already did :)
    val ~ i hope to see namaqualand!
    chris ~ it's a pleasure
    hbfg ~ thank you!
    karen ~ sending hugs and much love.
    janet ~ me too! nature amazes!
    geli ~ i'm here, waiting for you!

  17. Oh, Lori, these are so very gorgeous!! I sure miss the California poppies!! They are so cheerful. And I love that photo of the lizard with the flowers.

    I remember the wildflowers in California, but the most amazing wildflowers ever we used to see when we lived in Texas - it was like the pastures were a sea of color.

    Thank you so much for sharing these!! Love, Silke

  18. How absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing these great sights for sore eyes!


xoxo lori