Tuesday, June 8, 2010

a day at the office

monday morning and it's time to go to work. my husband has an assignment to get the gps coordinates of hikes here on the central coast of california. here is today's hike:

Coastal bluff trail, (Sea) Lion Rock, incredible drop-offs and ocean view
Near: Santa Maria, CA
Scenery: 5 stars
Distance: 12.5 miles round trip
Elevation Gain: 2500 ft
Hike Time: 6.5 hours
Difficulty: Strenuous
Trail Condition: OK, but a few difficult spots
HikeType: Out and Back


we began early in the morning, in dense fog...

drippy wet dense fog...

which rolled away briefly, making these mariposa lilys happy...

fog and sun make a peaceful landscape

the area we are in is owned by the military, we have to stay on the
designated trail and obey all signs...

you can just make out part of the trail to the far left...

the fog is rolling (actually very furiously blowing) back in...

here it is a bit confusing, the trail is behind the barbed wire...

so on we go...

here is the pacific ocean from high above,
i wish i could take photos of the best views, but that isn't allowed,

and the trail continues.
we are following this ridge up and down, we are exposed,
there are steep drop offs, there is wind, fog and cold....

see the ridge in the background? that is where we are headed,
Chuck thought it looked a bit like a serpent...

hiking, hiking, hiking...

up and down....

i had to put my camera away at times, the fog was like rain...

and the wind made it go sideways, for almost all 12 miles...

in a moment of brief sunshine, we found these two, asleep and cuddling.

we thought they were dead until she woke up, and looked at us. can you see her foot on his head? we had no idea what kind of lizard love was going on here...

we've left the single track and are back on the fire road heading down.
here, warming itself in the barely visible sun is a big snake.

he's wondering what we are doing out here in this isolated, blustery cold,
yet extremely beautiful place...

just enjoying the day like you, my slithery friend...

we're almost done, are you still with me?

late blooming wildflowers

these were so small and delicate, protected from the wind

if you look closely you can see our truck, still a couple miles away...

there he is, and it looks like he's made a friend, we were the only ones here this morning...

now the hike is officially over, chuck got all the coordinates he needs,
and i am glad,

it's quittin' time.
if you'd like more information on California State Parks
and the Point Sal Trail go here.
thank you for coming along :)
♥ lori


  1. Wow - that's wonderful - great job and what a day at the office. I love the pictures and I can almost feel the fog.

  2. Wonderful hike! Thanks for taking us along. I could almost feel the chill of the foggy blustery wind.

  3. I can feel the cold...or is it the fear of your slithery friend that is making me shiver? Anyway, it beats many days at the office I have experienced. I loved the view of the Pacific.

    P.s. glad you like your parcel.xx♥

  4. Oh my, I am quite glad YOU two took this hike. I love sitting in your pocket, being carried around, but the cold, ugly fog was not to my liking! Breathtaking views, though, and I love your eye for little things along the way! Thanks for this journey, Lori! I did not even have to get up, let alone take a plane for it! Blogworld sure is like sitting on a magic carpet!
    Natsy, I loved mine, too!!!
    The veri word is haity. Yes, I wonder what became of Haiti! Have you heard?

  5. Hi Lori :)
    I thoroughly enjoyed that hike with you guys... it was a bit chilly, but well worth it ;)

    I'm afraid of snakes and think that you are brave to stop and take photos.... I probably feel about snakes the way you feel about spiders.

    I've never seen lizards like that up close... yes we have lizards, but they're more round... I'll show you a photo of what I mean sometime.

    love to you and I hope you are resting now after that big walk.

    xx Robyn

  6. I enjoyed the photos and descriptions as always, Lori.

  7. Whew! I'm exhausted, but nearly as satisfied as I would be if I were actually with you.

    So curious about the views you couldn't take pictures of.

    I've never managed to get our family to hike for more than a couple hours. I'm sure it would've taken you twice as long if I had been there :)

  8. Love your day at the office! Beats sitting in a chair chained to a desk all day. No wonder you are in such beautiful shape. You always take us along on your little adventures and I for one - LOVE IT. Thanks Lori.

    Also - about your comment regarding tv - you're smart not to turn it on. Lots of garbage on it so I make a point to only tune into something I deem worthwhile. An I admit, I get hooked on the Discovery Network nature and travel show. Enjoy the rest of the week "at the office". :) Hugs,Lyn

  9. I want his job - so envious :) Though I might get creeped out by snakes and lizzards. Beautiful pictures as always.

  10. Woa I'm pooped..thanks for taking us along..but I have to admit..as I read along all I could think about was what the air must have smelled like...was it glorious?There is so much magic in the fog.Thanks friend.Big Hugs-Cat

  11. What a beautiful day.... now that's my kind of office! Lovely photos, Lori....you captured all the colours and moods of the day.

    I especially love the photo of the dewdrops on the plant... and of the "Loving Lizards"..... just amazing!

    You know I relate to all of the micro-climates near the water....it makes for a real land of dreams and mysteries. We are lucky!

    Thank you for taking all of us along on your hike!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  12. Oh dear friend, that was exhausting!

    Didn't I do a good job keeping up with you and chuck for the first quarter mile? And wasn't I sweet to only complain 73 times about the wind?

    And weren't the stuffed artichokes with holladaise sauce a nice touch midway?

    Thank you for catching me when I slid. If youhadn't it's possible my tumble 100 feet down might have slowed us down

    and my beloved friend Lori: I know about foot tucks. Those lizards were definitely doing it.

    Whew! It was totally beautiful. I would do it again with you anytime. My mind is ready and eager for our next adventure

    your travelin companion kj

  13. Can I trade offices? Lovely reading and viewing escape for a rainy day at this infoor office, thank you!

  14. Beautiful hike for my first visit here, Lori. I didn't mind the drippy wet dense fog...at all...even enjoyed the big snake!
    Beautiful photos!


  15. Mim,
    thanks so much, i agree, he does have a great, very rewarding job!


    thank you, i'm so glad you enjoyed!


    haha, sorry about the snake, he's cute though don't you think?


    yes you were in my pocket, and i kept you warm from the cold fog, didn't we have fun?! i love the magic blogland carpet too!


    since there were ALOT of hills involved and muscle fatigue is always the worse the second day, today i am a bit sore. But it's so worth it and so much fun. Your right about the spiders vs. snakes.


    thank you, that is so kind of you, I'm really glad you enjoyed.


    it was epic, those views, but unfortunatly i was even afraid to look much less photograph. there is all kinds of secret military missle launching and things of that nature. The coastline is gorgeous, so rugged and pristine. The surf was big and the water so blue, can you imagine?


    thanks so much, i'm glad you enjoyed, it's really fun to share. I love my husbands work, we really enjoy it all. i think i am too lazy to watch tv, but i would like those nature shows i'm sure!


    i guess there are hazards in every work space, but don't you think these ones are kind of cute? thank you very much for your always kind comment.


    i LOVE the fog too, and yes the smells...sage and salt air, it's gorgeous. This fog and wind were a little too much, we were really wet on that ridge (and cold).

  16. Robin,
    thank you so much for your comment, i am so glad you enjoyed and yes the coast is so full of mystery and beauty, i love it.


    hahahahaheeheeeeheeehee, hahaha, yes, i am glad you came along. heeheeheeheehee.


    oh i'm glad you could have a brief break, i love blogland for that.


    hello and welcome! thank you so much, i so enjoyed your introduction and i'll be getting to mine soon!

  17. California is so pretty and I know you don't take it for granted! Thanks for letting us tag along on such a pretty hike!

  18. i LOVE your office!! your husband's job sounds like the best...

    wonderful fotos as always and i loved the fact that i got to come along on another hike through the beautiful central coast with you --- but yikes the military takes all the best land, right?!? ;-0

    and the lizard love.....very funny!! were they doing push-ups?!

    btw have you ever read central coast magazine?

  19. Whew, I'm tired! :-)

    Love this hike. I can just feel the fog and the wind coming off the ocean. But I'm wondering, why no pics of the prettiest spots? How in the world can they enforce that rule?

    The little lizards were so cute!

  20. I am so weak and lazy and I never go hiking so this was my chance to go with you!! Thank you so much Lori, I love all the beauty and the fog, the flowers and the lizards, and of course, some surprises !!! Have a wonderful Thursday!!!

  21. That's some office job!
    lovely to see those delicate wild flowers, very beautiful.

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  23. Wow, that is one office you would always want to be in...

  24. Tina,
    thank you, i'm so glad you enjoyed! It's fun to share these beautiful places.


    my husband does have a great job, and we both really appreciate it. There will never be any retirement (for him) though since what he does for work is a passion.
    It's true about the military and the most gorgeous coastlines here.
    The lizards were not doing pushups. We've never seen this behavior before, they were asleep and didn't wake at our approach. And then when they did wake they didn't run away. at first.
    And yes! C.C. magazine, Chuck is a frequent contributor.


    We were on part of Vandenburg Airforce base. I'm sure they were aware of our presence. This trail was only recently opened to the public, with restrictions. I wouldn't want to find out what would happen if i'd have pointed my camera at the base (which shows the gorgeous coastline). Even though we were in an isolated, remote spot, i felt watched.


    oh, i'm sure you are not weak! raising little Camilla takes much energy, i am so glad you enjoyed my dear friend. have a wonderful weekend.


    i was thinking of you when i couldn't show much of the ocean, i know how much you love that.


    3 years housewife,
    this was a beautiful, but difficult hike due to the elements (strong wind, heavy fog, cold), and the many steep hills, i was a bit glad to be over this one. :)

  25. Woo, think you could talk to someone in maintenance about the climate control? And the barbed wire...that's just screaming for a workers' comp claim.

    Holy moly, what an incredible expanse of natural beauty! Nearly 13 miles and 7 hours! Good golly! Thank you so much for taking us with you. I don't think I could ever make it on my own.

  26. Wonderful thing you two are doing, getting these coordinates for the world to navigate from and find its way to this spectacular hike. Lots of work.

  27. Phew,

    I feel healthier just reading this posting. I LOVE the Pt. Sal area, the unspoiled landscape, the scent of California in the fog. I'm homesick! Here I am just riding along in a car for thousands of miles.

    Love, love,


  28. wow, that is a LOT of fog! glad you guys made it ok!

  29. It is such a treat visiting these wonderful places with you Lori.
    Thank you for taking us along...we live in a beautiful world don't we.

  30. That's a big snake. Wondering what snake was it.

    That's a very long trail. Was struck by the lack of trees.

    Liked the flowers.

  31. Hi Lori!

    My name is Loryn, i'm a 21 year old student from North Jersey, and new to blogger. I came across your blog and was very interested! Your pictures are amazing, i'm jealous! Hope you don't mind if I follow!

    Hope to hear from you!

  32. Great job! Love the pics!

  33. Hi Lori, how gorgeous, as ever! What a beautiful hike... I have been offline for ever so long, have started catching up on you going from here backwards and loving seeing what's on in your world.. i have a lot to still read, but happy to be back!

    love from africa! x

  34. Love it!! What great photos - I so miss the CA fog! It was like a force all by itself. And the lizards and snake - my favorite photos!! Love, Silke

  35. Oh my goodness! How did I miss this?!! Incredible. Just absolutely beautiful and breathtaking even though you r not free to roam. Oh my goodness. And to think that I am lucky that I have a window office up on 8th. Oh I just love the Pacific Ocean! I grew up surrounded by it. Thank you for this incredible show.

  36. Bella,
    hahaha, on the job hazards!


    We are lucky to be paid for what is a passion anyway. Thank you very much.


    oh, you do have the best of both, i'm sure you'll always yearn for either coast your not on at the time! safe travels.


    it was a bit much! but really fun too.


    Thank you, I love to take virtual visits too, isn't blogging amazing?


    thank you very much, i really appreciate it. I'm glad you enjoyed.


    it is indeed. I love discovering it as much as i can. I hope all is well with you.


    We think the snake was a garter, quite harmless (even if a little scary!)
    The area is so exposed and probably mostly rock making it hard for trees to live. Mostly there was low growing shrubs, sage and coreopsis. Some lichen too.


    HI! welcome and thank you so much for your kind words. I'm so glad you enjoyed!


    Thank you so much!


    Oh, i've been thinking so much about you and hoping all is well with you and Tiennie. Just busy probably. Thank you for popping in and for all the kind words. I hope you'll be posting again soon!


    welcome home! i love the fog too, all the different moods of it. I'm enjoying your trip photos so much!


    thank you. I love the Pacific Ocean too, I am so glad you enjoyed the hike!

  37. whoa, these photos are great.


xoxo lori