Friday, June 25, 2010

time outs

i had to visit the doctor this morning. it seems i may have fractured my pinky. i'll know for sure on monday when i go get xrays since i ran out of time and had to get to work. my accident involved a certain someone....

our little 8 month old puppy owen (or otherwise known as oh owen). this is what happened...he was raiding the panty basket, i tried to grab them from him and well, i wasn't being very smart. owen is getting mixed messages for sure because chuck laughs every time and i scold. i secretly think it is pretty funny how much he loves panties and how hilarious he looks running through the house with a pair in his mouth. from now on we will try to remember to keep certain doors closed. at least till he's out grown this stage. (please tell me that will happen).

even though my finger hurts, i'm so excited it's the weekend. my sister is coming up and we are going here and here!
enjoy your weekend everyone!

♥ lori


  1. Hmmm... I'm thinking your baby won't outgrow the panty stage. He may not be able to run away as quickly, but he won't outgrow it. I have one who scratches on the closet door because she feels it's her right to get the panties! He's very cute!

  2. Hi Ms. Lori!! So sorry to hear about your baby finger, and guilty little Owen! He is a naughty puppy. You look happy in the picture...and lovely. Enjoy you getaway with your sis!! <3




    this is one image you don't need a camera to convey. HAHAHHAAHAHA!

    you are too much. it is great to see you smiling here. i love you very much lori!!! (no connection to owen's love interest)


  4. I believe there's hope...maybe. I've got a dog who's still scared of the vacuum though he finally quit peeing when it gets near!

    It sounds like a wonderful weekend. I'm trying to figure out what lavender lemonade would taste like.

  5. Lori, you are beautiful and that Owen is a doll. Have a wonderful weekend and take care of the pinky.

  6. Have fun! Sounds like just the kinda visit that sisters should share. Sending a kiss for your finger and one for the furry mass of cuteness.♥♥

  7. oh dear! heh he he! sorry. know its not funny...but very funny story! hope it gets better quickly darlin'! xxxx j

  8. Oh he looks so forlorn in the photo. Poor Owen! Not allowed to chew his favourite things!
    Have a wonderful weekend with your sister.

  9. Oh no, I hope your finger gets better. I have done a similar thing with Tiger when he was young, although he never had a panty or any type of clothes fetish.

  10. Lori, I´m sorry for your finger and I hope you will get better when you go out to these amazing places with your sister, I´m sure you will forget the pain.
    I once had a dog ( Akita ) and when she completed 1 year, suddenly she stopped being naughty and after that we still lived peacefully for 17 years!!
    Give Owen Camila´s big hug and a kiss, we know he is "just a child"!!
    Have a wonderful weekend with your sister´s visit!!

  11. Lori so lovely to see such a lovely photo of you (even though you have a poor pinky)... by the way where are you in the photo?


  12. try putting really ugly granny panties in the basket to deter him ;P

    Sorry about your finger though, really. That Owen, too cute for his own good. I can see the mischief in his eyes though! Kids!

    Have fun with your sister.

    I love the look of where you work. I'd love to come browse :)


  13. Hello! I just answered your question about the knitting pattern on my blog. There is a link to the pattern in an earlier post.

    Your dog is a cutie!

  14. you know i have to tell you that one of our two dogs still loves to rummage through my laundry pile and pull out my panties. they will leave them about 2 feet from my laundry pile. it drives me batty but i think it's kinda funny!

  15. The sweeetest dog in the world, Owen. yes, you are.
    We have a sock problem here, our Emma will sniff one out and take off running for the hills as if she has wings. Have a fun weekend with sis!

  16. How funny! Ease up on dishwashing and sweeping. Heck, give up any work you can. Enjoy your sister's visit.

  17. Oh boy Lori, what an episode. I hope your little pinky heals soon. How can you get mad at that lovable creature, though? He is so cute.

  18. Have fun! Hope you get to enjoy some ice cold lavender infused lemonade. I visited the website. ; )

  19. Awwwww, but wook at his wittle face! He needs his very own owen-panties. :)

    Hope you're having fun with your sister! And I hope your pinky is feeling better!

  20. I don't think I could ever stay mad at Oh, Owen. :)

    Hope your pinky heals up quick!

    By the way, that shop looks so cute, and so do YOU!


  21. Oh-Owen!! hahahaha - can just picture :-D
    sorry bout your pinkie though xx
    have fun with lindy!

  22. Ohmygosh, he is soo adorable. I'm sure it was easy to forgive him though.

  23. Lori, OUCH! I hope your finger isn't broken.... Owen feels badly - just look at that face....he can't help it he has a panty-fetish! (Ha-ha!) I love Lo's some "granny panties"!

    Thank you for your kind words on my blog.... they conveyed *sunshine" - and that helps.... I am thankful you and Lo can relate to how oppresing (and depressing) weeks of grey skies can be...

    Heal quickly!!!!Enjoy your walks on the beach with Owen....

    Love, always,

    Your SF Fog-shrouded Friend,

    p.s. you won't believe this - well, yes you word verification is: PANSITIE! Ha-ha!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  24. Oh what a cutie that Owen is!
    Sorry for your little finger.......
    Hope you enjoyed your weekend, all that lavender................I can nearly smell it.

    Enjoy all!

  25. Oh Owen! He must keep you laughing, he is sooo cute. Hope you pinky gets better soon. Enjoy your visit with Sis.

  26. Hey, Lori!! I hope your finger gets better soon. Sorry to here you hurt it.
    Omg.... Owen is so flippin' cute!! My Otis is also a trouble maker but it's always good for a laugh!!

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  28. ouch!

    sorry to read about your little finger
    i hope it's not broken.

    have a wonderful time with your sister visiting those fun markets/festivals.

    xx robyn

  29. gee, i was just wondering: can you open your wallet and change purse with that finger? can't be having your shopping slowed down; that would not be fair.

    and what about eating chocolate eclairs? can you hold one okay with that injury?

    i worry about your general welfare, that's all...


  30. Oh Owen!! Have a wonderful time with your sister, and tell us all about it!

  31. Ouch! Naughty pup..but gorgeous..that's how they get away with it I guess! Hope your weekend was lovely with your sister.xx

  32. Hehe that must have been a funny conversation at the Drs when you told them you were trying to prevent your panties being pinched ;) hope your weekend fun helped reduce the pain*!*

  33. Oh, Lori, how did I miss this?!? I hope the pinky is ok! You had me laughing out loud with your story!

    I've only ever broken my little toe - twice - and both times accidentally kicking the vacuum cleaner. I tell ya - house work is bad for my health!

    Love, Silke

  34. I don't think he'll outgrow it. My dog is almost seven and still loves panties. Sorry! :)

  35. Ciao Lori!
    I come back to see how you are and I find you with a bandaged pinky and a panty-fetishist furry pup.

    Thankfully all the lavender in Ojai will sooth your finger ache!

    Hope you and Lindy have a ball.
    Lola xx

  36. Oh Lori - love the pic of you with the bandaged pinky. Owen is a mischievous cutie and there is no way you can get mad at a ball of wool!

    I love sister time. Hope you and Lindy have a great time together - and also - hope your finger heals soon. : ) Love, Lyn


xoxo lori