Tuesday, June 22, 2010

mim. :)

congratulations mim, and thank you everyone for your comments and support of ripple. kj and nancy you are angels. together, everyone who commented, helped to raise one hundred and ninety two dollars. and that's not counting all of you who went to ripple and donated there. a friend of mine asked "shouldn't the people who created this mess pay for it?" and i'm sure the answer is yes, but it's not so easy, apparently the responsibility falls on many. so while they sit pointing fingers at one another, wildlife, birdlife, all life, needs help now. The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies and The International Bird Rescue Research Center, are at work today. The IMMS has this to say: Your donations at work! Since April 20, 2010, IMMS has responded to over 200 animals and has rescued more than 20 sea turtles. With large portions of their habitat in ruin, threatened and endangered species remain at risk. Please donate to help save wildlife.

i would have had this post up sooner but i needed to cut up 50 something tiny squares with all your names on them (minus mine and kjs numerous comments) as soon as i got home from work and cooked dinner and then wait for Chuck to come home to help me draw a name. i'm sorry i don't have 50 something bottles or i would send one to each of you. still trying to think how i can do that...

mim, please send me your address, you'll find my email in my profile.
thank you again everyone, very very much.

♥ lori


  1. Fantastic!

    I'm very happy to read of your good fortune Mim... enjoy your lovely glass.

    You are a real gem Lori...
    thank you for being you.

    I feel that if we recognise that something needs to be and can be done then let's do it and not wait for the blame to be resolved.
    Hopefully others with more power than us will feel this way too.

    Off to do some housework now and knit too xxx

  2. Congrats, Mim!! Enjoy all of that lovely sea glass!

    I echo Robyn - thank you Lori, for being you. We know we can no longer depend on our government or other entities to fix things for us - we need to jump in when we see a need, and you did just that. Thank you. Please let me know by email where to send the check and for how much. :-)

  3. OMG!!!! I am SO excited - my mouth dropped open when I saw my name on your little tiny piece of paper - woohoo!!!

    Thank you Lori and yes...off to help the animals as much as can be done.

  4. wow, that's a nice chunk of change from one blog post! congrats!

  5. I love the way you picked the names out!!

  6. I will contribute to IMMS this week!

    I'd host a turtle in our bathtub if it would help...

  7. Congratulations, Mim! This was such a lovely idea, all round, Lori, connecting all your blog pals and the sea animals.
    If the "authorities" would only work together as much! Every donation that a citizen does should be doubled by those who have caused this big catastrophe. And yes, there are more than one. But maybe, hopefully, this will bring about a change of attitude. Oil is not to be had "cheap" - there is so much connected to it! I will not ramble on about it (being a European, I should not mingle), but yes, I think it is wonderful how so many "normal people" try to help!

  8. Wow, what a community we have here!

    If everyone did one small thing to help, the ripples could possibly reach most creatures in need. This will take years, I'm sure.

    Just like 911, I hope we never become complacent and forget that we'll need to help for a very long time.

    Thank you for doing your huge part ;)

    And congrats to Mim!! I know she'll treasure the seaglass.


  9. way to go mim --- congrats and enjoy that coveted seaglass from lori!!!

    thanks lori for hosting this drawing for such an important cause - i never would have known about the bird rescue folks and went on their site (via ripple) to donate today. will await a lovely marine print in the meantime -- thanks again!!!! xoxo

  10. MIM is on a lori times six roll! this and a face to face drinks too. i would shrink with envy if you both weren't so special to me.

    sometimes i think we could collectively accomplish just about anything when we put our loving creative minds together!!

    so now the collective 'we' knows, yet again, how good things mushroom. lucky you that you didn't end up with 300 comments. you know it could have been....

    love love

  11. Lori -- you really are the best. Congrats to Mim on her win. We all win when we pull on our collective love and concern. The Power of Blogger Friends!

  12. Mim..you lucky Duck!!

    Thanks lori for your wonderful post and connecting us to Ripple.

    Have a wonderful day full of sea glass colored memories.Big Hugs Friend,Cat

  13. Somehow I missed the first post :-( Congrats to mim!

  14. Lori, you truly are a "Saint Francine"! It is thrilling to see how our little blogging community can come together and make something worthwhile happen - something that will impact life and the future in a positive way!

    Sending you many hugs of gratitude and admiration!

    Mim is so lucky - and your beautiful sea glass will look gorgeous in her home.


    ♥ Robin ♥

  15. WHOAAAA! That is an awesome amount! What great souls you all are.

    Congratulations, Mim!!!

  16. Lori-It is you who is the angel, you are the one giving the money, a comment the easy part, but you have inspired me, look for my next post. xoxo

  17. Yay Mim!
    And Yay you! That is wonderful of you to contribute & to get others motivated too.
    Love to you always Lori!

  18. Fantastic! Lori what great heart you have! Of course I am not surprised! Have a great weekend. Tsup!

  19. Wonderful!! Congrats to Mim for the lovely sea glass! And you are amazing, Lori! An inspiration!! Love, Silke

  20. Congratulations Mim! I´m so happy for you!

    Lori, I think that not only Mim won this beautiful giveaway but you let us know the power of giving, helping and thinking about this cause , that made the difference. Congratulations for everyone!Have a wonderful day, with love, Mina

  21. I just caught up on what you're doing and although I didn't have time to enter, just wanted to say that you have such an amazing, pure heart and I think you are wonderful to do this. :)

    And congrats to Mim for winning such a lovely little bottle of beautiful sea glass!

  22. Congratulations to Mim and to you Lori for getting involved to lend a helping hand to all the unfortunate wildlife, makes your heart weep for their distress*!*

  23. Great, well done Mim! I am late at your blog, so didn't manage to enter your giveaway! this is such a great idea.. Good for you Bonnie-Lori x

  24. Lori, thanks so much for your very sweet comment on my 'Stella' post. I stopped by to see who I needed to respond to and right before my eyes...Blogger made all the lovely comments vanish!!!!

    How does that even happen?

    Well, thank you, truly. You have a wonderful ♥.


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xoxo lori