Thursday, June 3, 2010

a sign

(found in my town)

Don't stop believen.
Thank you ducktapefeltpen person.
You are clever and I love this.

"promise me you'll always remember : you're braver than you believe,
and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."
~Christopher Robin to Pooh
me to you~

♥ lori


  1. Hahaha, wonderful!
    There is a saying here:
    Nothing in the world has been distributed as equally as brains - everyone thinks he has got enough!!

  2. Those are such sad words at the end of that book. As if any bear would forget, and it's CR who'll forget.
    It takes time and effort not to forget, but always worth it I think.

  3. I love this, thank you Lori. What a great way to start my day!

  4. Oh I love that. That is so lovely, I can't think of another word.

    Peace, Love, X.

    P.S. Now I have that song in my head!

  5. Oh yes - people are clever and I love this. So positive and witty too!
    Hope you had a lovely birthday Lori. Sorry I missed it! Lots of hugs and good wishes to you.
    (If you are in NYC visiting your daughter in Sept, maybe we could meet!!! How exciting that would be!)

  6. Lori, don't you just love when we get these little signs -- messages that remind us of what is important, and prompt us to smile. Love this sign and the impish notion behind it. I hope your special day was just that! And that you had a major cakefest. I have a feeling that you are one of those people who will remain ageless ... afterall, rumour has it that you are a mermaid. : )


    Good morning!

    This is so funnie
    I loves sign laks deese
    They reminds me of imtorpant thangs
    in layf
    Nice gestyour!!!


    I love your response Lori.

    Sign in a Vietnamese seafood store live carp tank:


  8. ducktapefelt person? i did get all the syllables? and all the adjectives?

    lori, you crack me up and this is one of the sweetest crack ups of the month! (so what if it's a new month?)

    what a great way to start the day!!heeheeheehee! this is better than the sign for the italianchineselebanonisefrenchindian restaurant i saw last week.

    have a great day, lori. later aligator to you.


  9. Oh Lori.. I love love love these wonderful Pooh words of wisdom.Now I must share them my.."todays quote"(on my sidebar)..thanks friend.Warmest regards,Cat

  10. love it. There was a similar art work done on the stop sign at mcdonalds in my town - some wrote 'eating meat' at the bottom of the the word stop :)

  11. I love when one comes across these "signs".....KJ found a good one when she was in Taos -it's on her sidebar. I saw one on the sidewalk the other day - no camera with me, but may go back soon and snap it!

    As for the Christopher Robin brought tears to me. I loves those stories and for many years, Christopher Robin was a "special" word for my ex and myself - because his name is Christopher and know what mine is....

    Love you, Lori!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  12. Dear Geli,
    i just realized i said poo twice in a row. For some reason that makes me laugh! I don't know about brains, but i do think some people lack a belief in themselves...


    Dear Mandy,
    Oh yes, always worth the effort, i so agree.


    Dear Diana,
    me too my friend, and you are so welcome.


    Dear Coco,
    your welcome, my pleasure.


    Dear Clarity,
    haha, i was going to mention that but thought i'd better not, since i can't get it out of mine either!


    Dear Cinta,
    oh thank you, i did have a lovely day. There is a good chance i will be there in September, i would love that. We'll keep in touch.


    Dear Natsy,
    right? ☺


    Dear Lyn,
    That is just what i did when i saw it, smile! I love the unexpected too, people are so great. Thanks for your kind words, my bday was great and the rumor is correct. ;)


    Dear Ces,
    Ha ha ha ha! Now i wish i'd taken photos of every funny sign i've ever seen. The more misspelled, the better. I think they are so charming.
    fresh crap. Oh My Lord. I hope you had an Excellent Birthday!


    Dear kj,
    ducktapefeltpen person. hahaha! so glad you liked it. there was a discussion in my house as to the correct spelling of believen, i couldn't believe that haha(must have been late) ;)


    Dear Cat,
    you are so sweet, that makes me really happy, i love the words too, i think we can never hear them enough.


    Dear Bhavana,
    funny, i actually saw a similar one that said "Don't STOP eating Meat". So silly, i had to laugh.


    Dear Robin,
    you are so sweet, i'm sorry to make you have tears (unless there were some of joy too?)I love Winnie the Pooh and all of the sweetness and wisdom there.

  13. as soon as i saw this i could hear that song in my head... immediately brought me back to the 80s

    LOVE this!!! thanks for the reminder -- also thanks dear for your sweet comment over at my blog - hope your birthday was spectacular!!♡

  14. xoxoxoxo

    me to you

    thanks for sharing this
    just what i needed to read today

    robyn :)

  15. Awww, sniff sniff. I love this. And any quote from the world of Pooh sends me soaring.


  16. that's my cellphone ring tone!! :)

  17. Thanks for the smile, we all need a dose of wisdom from the hundred acre wood from time to time*!*

  18. Pen and Ink
    Skies and Oaks
    and Birthdays
    Oh my!
    I love all these things in common.

    Lori, I love oak. So beautiful in so many aspects. Physically, metaphorically. For 12 months I busied myself with oak illustrations in pen and ink from trees, to trunks, acorns and leaves. But I love trees. I still become teary eyed with Joyce Kilmer's poem The Tree. The first ever poem I memorized in first grade. Growing up in the city, we hardly had trees in our area so we loved staying at school where we climbed the trees. The avenue where we lived was lined with giant acacia trees but very difficult to climb because of the massive trunks and the limbs are not hardy. When we moved to the suburbs, my Mother filled the land with trees and I felt so rich!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Lori.

  19. Marvellous. Thank you for that. What a lovely thing to read.

  20. I won't stop believing ... or dreaming ...
    And it can come true

    One believe is: One of these days we'll all be on a safari together somewhere

  21. hello lori! just reading thru some of your most recent posts and soaking up your photos. it was so lovely to meet you at whimsy the other day!! sending hugs.

  22. Thank you for the reminder! I have been MIA for the last few months and was trying to play catch up with everyone in this wonderful blog community and it has hit me I will never catch up. :) I have missed stopping by here and God willing I will be back again soon! XX Lori


xoxo lori