Monday, December 13, 2010


i finished the hat (yay!) :) , but not before he returned

so i showed him the post below

he smiled (his very cute smile) and said that was even better

then he told me all about the volcano he climbed in mexico

and i listened and i knit. then i told him all about how owen has two new best friends, maggie and teddy! and how our oven stopped working and his cake came from the bakery. and i love this kind of catching up.

as soon as i was done, he put on his new hat and we went to dinner to celebrate his safe return and his birthday. on the way we made a stop to catch the sun just as it was setting into the ocean... :)

♥ lori


  1. i'm commenting two minutes after you posted! just before i post myself!

    this is all so lovely. chuck has the most beautiful hat and the most beautiful blue eyes. happy birthday chuck. i met a man on broadway last night who said he had heard of you. i told him your wife is at least semi famous if not even more famous :)

    okay, i'm done rambling for now. :)
    here's wishing you both a great evening and i great everything.


  2. Awww! What a sweet post!!! I also read the previous post. What an athlete he is!!! And what an amazing crafter you are!!! (and all around thoughtful person besides.) A heavenly match! :)

  3. Wonderful hat and husband. Could you clone him and hand him out to your blogger single women friends :-).
    Lucky you and lucky him! xoxo

  4. magical and perfect!

    Why are there banana slugs on his cake ;)

    He does have beautiful blue eyes.

    And the hat looks wonderful on him!

    And Lori, the Nugget pours a serious glass of wine ;)

    The pint looks good too. Bass ale?

    again, bears repeating. I love your life.


  5. Great Eyes, and the sweetest of posts, blessing you both with renewed love, health and prosperity! Thank you for sharing!

  6. oh what am i doing back here so soon?

    just lingering...


  7. Beautiful Lori, you and your husband seem to have such a lovely connected relationship, you inspire me to do the same when times are tough xx Thankyou for your lovely comments on myblog today, I really appreciate it and I agree with you too, if the only thing I teach my children is kindness and love then I will be happy. Happy catching up with your hubby, so glad you got the hat done :)

  8. There is such a sweetness that is nearly tangible when you describe the two of you together. You're both so blessed to have one another!

  9. Why am I NOT surprised that you finished Chuck's "Purple Majesty" hat (almost) in time! It looks great on him and you can see the pride in his eyes!

    A lovely birthday - from start to finish!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  10. What does dh mean? Drink hard? Dodge, honey? I am always puzzled at abbreviations. Thank you for this post, Lori. You are both so cute!

  11. Wow that's romantic♥
    Lovely carrot cake and pictures Lori.
    Good to see you so happy♥
    Hug for Owen, when do we see him again......?

  12. happy bday to chuck!!! and so glad to see the re-knitted hat came out brilliantly!! ;-)

    love all the fotos - chuck is so cute in his hat, the cake looks scrummy deelish, the restaurant sparkly and fun (was it Mexican??) and the sunset..........ah well, just perfect.......!

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHUCK! (from the frozen south). :) He has gorgeous eyes, but I'm guessing you already know that. ;) When do we get to see a picture of Owen and his new friends (sounds like a picture book)? xox!

  14. Awww he looks great in his new fabulous hat! He is a lucky man!

  15. happy birthday Chuck - what a great hat and beautiful post Lori. hope you both celebrated well? xx

    word veri - holymr......:)

  16. Oh, it looks and sounds so beautiful!! Gorgeous hat for gorgeous husband with the most gorgeous wife!! Love, Silke

  17. Awwwwww, you two are so sweet. Reading about you two warms my heart, almost like it's got a tiny knitted cap of its own.


  18. Hi Lori, catching up again.. loved the Scandinavian post earlier (I have Danish blood!)

    Glad that the birthday was celebrated in style, and of course that you are doing just so much knitting!!!

  19. Hi dear!

    You won in my give away!!!!
    Can you send me your adress on, so I can send your mandala.

    Have a happy day♥


xoxo lori