Friday, January 21, 2011


last week, chuck and our puppy owen went camping. they were off to find and photograph elusive sandhill cranes. i stayed home because of work. and i took some photos of good things right here...thanks to brilliant computer repair man, the dreadful virus i had is gone!

did you see the above book? could you spot the photo of mine in it? (it's the top sunset silhouette) when we returned home from our trip to big sur, it was there on our doorstep. i definitely jumped up and down a little. and seeing the birds in our marsh through my new camera is an almost spiritual experience, i feel blessedly lucky to own this.
i still can't believe my nineteen year old (she turned twenty over christmas), bought me an ipad for christmas. still in shock over that. my goodness. my son (newly away at university) sent a sticker home with his dad, for me, for my car, it says asu mom. he said 'i knew you'd like it mom.' he picked one with flowers on it. sigh. sigh. sigh. my kids.
this weekend, a good friend of mine is hosting a day long 'crafty day'. over a dozen ladies are invited to come, and bring whatever interests them, sewing, knitting, bookmaking, jewelry making are some of the things that will be made there. we can work on what we bring or learn something new.
and most exciting, my grandbabies are coming to spend the night! and we'll get to share the day together at the beach, watching chuck in a surf contest. i hope i can sleep tonight.
have a great weekend too everyone,
♥ lori


  1. Hello! You must have posted this while I typed my comment on your last post :)

    So happy that computer is back, and congrats on the sunset pic in the book! Enjoy your weekend - sounds like it will be a great one!

  2. did they find the crane??
    congrats on the book.
    Loving your new camera

  3. Wow, your blog post is oozing happiness and contentment. I love it!! And don't you love that camera? Ours goes with me wherever I am... Daniel got an iPad last year and just LOVES it. How do you like yours?!? Gorgeous photos!!! And congrats on your picture in the book... Love, Silke

  4. It all sounds lovely, warm and loving.
    I bought myself an iPad and am having fun on it (as I type this with it) but haven't figured out how to post with it yet, if you figure it out -let me know!

  5. oh wonderful! it sounds like your luck is turning. i'm glad to see your beautiful post and read the blessings of your life. how cool you made it into a book with your pretty pictures! i loved the first shot of the wine and m&m's.. : ) have a great weekend - it sounds wonderful!

  6. So much to be grateful for.
    That camera takes wonderful photos. I'm so disappointed with my Nikon. My 35mm was better.

    Those egrets, holy moly! And the gentle ripple. Stunning.

    Congrats on getting into that book! Wow! I'm not at all surprised ;)

    Loved the reflections of the M&M's in the wine glass. haha!

    Simple abundance Lori. You are blessed more than times 5♥

  7. Lori I felt sooo excited to see your post of all the loveliness around you.

    As you know I love your photos and big congratulations on the book.

    Sounds like all is good in and around you at this time.

    Thanks for sharing xoxo

    PS... I've just spent way too much time trying to setup a new to me computer (secondnand, but much more modern than this one)...that was going to offer a better operating system than the one I have now, only to have it all go pear shape and not work at all :(
    I can completely understand your happiness at having your computer back in working order.

  8. You have every right to feel excited and blessed, especially about the babies spending the night with you. I can just see you watching them sleep...

    Congratulations on your publishing success, I'm so proud of you.
    Tell me more about the new camera, is it a Canon Rebel? With my first paycheck I want to get one, my compact is great but I need something a little more professional.

    I hope you have a fantastic weekend,
    Lola xx

  9. So happy the virus is gone and nice things are happening again in your life.
    You sure have a lot to be thankful for.
    Lovely pictures of the egret!
    I couldn't figure out what that sticker was about..... :( What means Asu mom?

    Have a happy weekend Lori♥
    Good to see you back posting again

  10. fantastic post Lori - all that happy news is flowing over and making me smile :) congrats on the book - gorgeous photo - and the new camera; your photos are already awesome, I am prepared to be blown away by the new ones . have a wonderful weekend xx

  11. Lori,
    Your pictures of the Egret are so crisp, wonderful!
    I hope that we will somehow see the photos of Sandhill Cranes.
    like that curlew in the golden light too. Your happiness is contagious!

  12. thanks karen! you too!

    . . .

    ah no janet, no cranes anywhere in sight, it was a long shot, but one chuck had to take. all he saw were coyotes this time. and thank you!

    . . .

    thank you silke! i do love the camera and ipad, even though my brain is overloaded trying to figure everything out! and though i know theres no hurry i want to know everything right now! haha!

    . . .

    mim, the posting is the same, but its the addition of photos i couldn't figure. i think i'll use the ipad and the computer differently.

    . . .

    thanks anushka! i'm so looking forward to this weekend, turns out i didn't sleep too well last night!

    . . .

    lolo, i'm really grateful all the way around. thank you so much for all your kind words. maybe you should look into the canon rebel series, i always hear good things about it. lots of camera shops will buy back too if you don't want your current camera. good luck.

    . . .

    oh robyn, so sorry. that is the worst feeling too, time wasted. i really hope things turn for you and your computer problems go away. crossing my fingers here. and thank you so much for the kind words!

    . . .

    lola, yes, the children here=XXX.
    my camera is the 60D. it's been compared to the 5D which is canons professional line. but the 60 is in a much more affordable price range. the rebel series is their introductory digital slr line and i've heard all good about it, including the price!

    . . .

    thank you marianne!
    the sticker is for your car and has the initials of the university. my son chose one with mom on it too, so it means my child is at this school. i hope that makes sense!

  13. Wonderful! You are lucky Lori! Lucky Lori has a nice ring to it :-). xoxo

  14. anyone who knows how to spotlight m & m's through a glass of pinot grigio is a dear dearest friend of mine

    i will have more to say later but for now i just wanted to say the part about the dear dearest friend


  15. oh how wonderful to see your work in print -- well-deserved congratulations dear lori on this huge accomplishment!! you must have felt so great to see that book on your doorstep -- yay!!!

    that's cute that chuck took owen on his adventure! and can't believe that hannah gave you an ipad to boot (she is one incredible daughter, eh?!!) also so glad to hear your computer troubles are a thing of the past. enjoy your grandbabies and your time at the beach - good luck to chuck in the surfing contest and hoping he wins!!



  16. YAY! Congrats on the photo - well deserved attention. :)) And lovely photos all around, and much contentment and happiness. I borrowed some from you, I hope you don't mind. It's like a cup of sugar, I will happily repay you when you need it. xox! Pam

  17. Oh Lori! What joy indeed!
    Is that M&Ms in the wine reflection? double joy :)
    Lucky? nah.. I think you are Blessed. Good things come to good people.
    Love to you♥
    enjoy the kiddos

  18. Lori - I can feel your happiness bouncing off the post. I can tell you are loving the new camera and you are definitely putting it to good use! Congrats on the published photo. You have so many beautiful shots; it's nice that one found its way into a book. You are one talented, crafty lady (mermaid).XXOO Lyn

  19. Hi Lori! I would love, love, love to go sewing with you! That sounds terrific!!
    Lovely shots , you have an eye for shooting , I can´t decide which photograph is more enchanting!
    Have a wonderful week with your grandchildren!!!

  20. Gosh Lori
    I have only just caught up on your posts from over a week ago. What a turbulent time you have had. Glad all is well now though.
    Your new camera looks very similar to mine, it is the 50D . Is 60D this year's new model ?You take the most amazing shots..well done on the publication !

  21. I am jealous jealous of your camera.

  22. I think someone is making up for all the sad things being sent your way recently. My, these are all wondrous and beautiful! Ooh, look! I can see you in the wine glass! Congratulations on the book, WOOHOOO! I'm so glad you had a stupendously happy weekend! You are blessed, and I'm blessed for knowing you.


xoxo lori