Tuesday, February 23, 2010

february twenty third

twenty four years ago
a child was born,
baby number three he'd be
for me.

best brother, uncle, friend
and son,
he makes my life,
this one.

happy happy birthday erik
love forever,

p.s. so hard to choose photos to make this collage, i love all the millions of photos i have of my keikis. umm. make that zillions.


  1. Not to mention handsome as all get out!
    Happy Birthday ERIK.xx

  2. Happy Birthday Erik!! And, as we do in our family, wishes for a happy birthday to you too, because on this day 24 years ago, you were born a new person too.

    Lola xx

  3. Happy 24th Erik! (And Lori, you look far too young to have such big kids..)

  4. Happy Birthday, to your son Erik and of course to you, too! After all, you did the birthing :)
    Love to you, Lori...I always enjoy your space and words so much.

  5. I was a third child, too, Erik. We are the best!! We can watch the big ones make all their mistakes, and then go and do what we want, because no one has the time to look after us too much! You have become a handsome young man, and quite obviously your mother`s joy. I wish you a happy, interesting and cheerful life! Now go and hug your mom!

  6. Happy Birthday Erik and may all your dreams come true...
    hip hip hooray!

    I like what Lola has said about it being your day too Lori.

    Have fun...
    x Ribbon

  7. Happy Birthday Erik. Boy, they are all growing up and out of the house.

  8. Happy Birthday Erik!! Love the collage!
    Hey Lori..... you don't look old enough to have a 24 year old!!

  9. thank you so much everyone! i'll get to see him and spoil him soon when he comes up to visit, bake him a cake, make his favorite dinner, kiss and hug him!!

  10. happy happy belated birthday Erik - what a beautiful family you have xx

  11. Happy 24th to Erik! And you are such a wonderful mom to a) only post awesome pictures of him on your blog, and b) write him such a sweet poem and thoughtful post.

    You're the coolest, Lori :)

  12. Happy birthday Erik!
    Daring photos Lori!

  13. Happy Birthday congrats to you Lori, and Eric...I bet it seems like yesterday when you were holding him in your arms as a small babe.
    I love your poem for Eric.
    We were both expecting sons at the same time...my Alexander was born on April 1st.

  14. Wishing a happy belated birthday to Erik! Hope you have a wonderful celebration with him!

  15. erik, i love your Mom. i think she rocks.

    here's to a wonder-filled year ahead for you. do you carry a camera around too, erik? ♥

  16. Oh, Happy Belated Birthday to Erik! 24 - what a great age!! Congratulations to you, too, Lori!! Love, Silke

  17. Oh, Happy Birthday! 24 is a FANTASTIC year!


xoxo lori