Monday, June 28, 2010

finding treasure

My sister Lindy and I went from the foggy Carpinteria Flea Market (at the beach) (do you like the new farmer's market shopping bag i found there? can you see all the work that went into it? It's all hand crocheted) to the sun and tree filled Lavender Festival in Ojai (about 20 miles inland). We walked and walked and shopped and talked. We drank lavender infused iced tea (so delicious). We ate (and no kj, i didn't have any trouble). The one thing i didn't do was take many photos, I blame my little finger. Besides I could never have captured the day, you had to be there.

After the festival we took a walk around downtown Ojai and to the best little independant book store in the world (besides Powells). I found these vintage books, the Tolkien triology and the three nature books. I love the gentle words and illustrations found on every page. It was a perfect day, being with my sister, finding treasures, and seeing the old oak trees i love.

Today it's monday and back to work (right after xrays). Have a good week everyone. :)

♥ lori


  1. Looks like and sounded like a magical day! I love the bag you found and I like the pottery pieces. And I love that coat hook thingy with the utensils. I adore clever recycling!

    I read the open page of the "Planet Steward" book. Thank you for the tidbit. And yay for your Tolkien finds!

    I hope your xrays show pinky improvement ;)

    Have a gentle Monday...


  2. Love your finds! These places are so rich with arts and clever products. Glad you had a good time; though, I would have stayed on the cool side.

  3. I am so green with envy! I love lavender.. it looks like you had an absolutely wonderful time!
    Vintage that's a treasure.. I really love the lord of the rings trilogy too.. good buy!! hehe..
    Nezzy xx

  4. Hi Lori

    I would have loved to explore the market...and then the bookshop...that is heaven for me...and I could smell the lavender...

    Happy days

  5. Oh yah, there's treasure everywhere!

  6. Nice day! We've got a Farmer's Market in town every Sunday. It's similar. Fun to be with family!

  7. Oh that lavender market......wish I was there!
    I see some things I would have bought for sure. Well maybe it was good I was not there.................

    Glad you had such a good time!

  8. Wow! Seems you had a perfect day!

  9. I am all about outdoor flea markets and farmers' markets as soon as the springtime hits. You lucky girl with those beautiful books!

    We've got an adorable indie bookstore down here in LA that might make you smile - it's called Portrait of a Bookstore and besides the delightful nerdy James Joyce reference it's attached to an adorable cafe with amazing food, so you can eat inside the bookstore or just browse.

    Not as quite as good as Carpinteria but it'll do for now :)

  10. hello lori, i had to take notes because i have so much to say :)

    1. oh those succulents. i love plants (and people) that survive and don't fuss about it! (not that i follow their example) :)

    2. are those rings? i love the patterns, especially the round one. i want one.

    3. those hooks are fantastic. i've seen functional silverware before (that sounds funny: as if silverware isn't functional to begin with!) but what a great idea for hooks. i believe you can never have enough hooks in life. someday i am going to give everyone on my holiday list a hook.

    4. this is an outside bookstore?oooooooh. i would totally love that. the books you picked up remind me of the wonder books i found at my parents. why do older books feel so precious?

    5. at first i thought the pottery and jar etc was ATTACHED to that fabulous bag. i was thinking, 'gee, i wonder how you wash that bag?' the embroidery is just gorgeous. i want the bag too.

    so thank you for taking me to a craft fair and a favorite bookstore. of course it wasn't as much fun as that 12 mile hike we took through the desert, but i enjoyed your company just as thoroughly.


  11. that is my idea of ♥HeAvEn♥
    thank you for sharing
    i love that sort of day
    i love you
    hope your finger starts feeling better ♥

  12. looks like a gorgeous day with your sister! i love the smell of lavender. it is so serene and calming yet has a bit of a punch. it's a lovely balance. :)

  13. Lolo,
    I love recycled/upcycled things. We hardly ever buy anything new if we can (it's more fun and economical). Isn't is amazing what people come up with in the effort to repurpose and reuse? Thanks for the sweet wishes, i'm ready to have my pinky back now, even to do the dishes!


    I feel the same way, I love to get inspired and support our local artists and farmers. You would have liked Ojai if you stayed under a sheltering oak.


    i didn't realize lavender grew in Tanzania, but of course it does. Our mediterranian climate supports all the varieties. You would have loved the festival!


    it was heaven, this one day felt like a whole week, we made the most of it.


    indeed, without even opening your pocketbook. :)


    our Farmer's market is too. This was just on a much larger scale (and new sellers)!


    haha, which is why i only brought a small amount of money! I always know i'm going to want to have everything and help out every artist. Smelling all the lavender was free though and a real treat.


    it was just about!


    thanks for the tip, i'll see if i can't spend some time there next time i'm down your way. you would LOVE Bart's Books, if your ever in Ojai...


    i knew you would love this, does it look a little New Englandy? is that a word?
    the rings are beautiful, i loved the flower one and of course i took their card so you can go here to order if you like...

    they are made in Thailand, but apparently they know the artist that makes them.

    and you could always ride your bike to Ojai from my house, there are only a few hills in the 30 or so miles...since you missed hiking. :)


    wish you could have been there, you would love Ojai. It's the home of many spiritual centers and retreats, the long time home of Krishnamurti. There is good energy there. And two of my babies were born in a birthing center there. I love Ojai.


    We felt the same...Lavender is so versitile, it's used in so many ways!

  14. What a fun day! I love your bag, so cool. :) xx♥

  15. It looks like you had an awesome time.

    I love the the "love" keyring, its awesome.

    I hope your finger starts to get better, and you can find out what's wrong through the X Ray x

  16. lori - i had to read your previous post to find out what happened to your finger!!! that rascal owen!! please show a foto of him running thru the house with panties in his mouth in a future post- too funny!!!

    the trip with your sister to beautiful places seaside and inland sounds absolutely lovely!! i love bookstores like the one you found in ojai - settling into places like that with a good read makes for the best afternoons..

    good luck with your xray - will say a prayer that nothing's broken!! xoxo

  17. that looks like such a lovely day, and you found so many great things! I really loved seeing your pics of all the lavender booths, so nice

  18. The little bookstore looks amazing!

  19. Did you buy all that pretty stuff or is in display to tempt meeeeee? I'm so sad I missed it...mother nature was in town and I couldn't get off the couch! Poof! Love You!

  20. My sissys live so far away and it makes me sad just thinking about it.I am so happy for you.Memories like this..True gifts and treasures for you heart to keep safe and warm.Big Hugs,Cat

  21. Hi Lori - Thank you for the note at my blog. So glad you are enjoying the bird print!! Glad it got there safe and sound.

    Your giveaway for ripple was so kind and generous. ♥ Just read about it.

    I hope your pinky heals quickly!!!

    Ann Marie ♥

  22. A soul feeding market by the looks of it, very reminicscent of French ones I've been to. And I want the quilt it's beautiful.
    Hope the xrays results are good.

  23. WOW WOW WOW WOW! What a great looking market and wonderful finds Lori. I like that you can start to blame lots of things on your finger. Arghh red light! Sorry, my fault **and Lori holds up her little finger**.... Bad storm and cold weather comes through... **Lori holds up her little finger...**

    You know if you're finding work difficult and you want me to fly over and help out for a bit (and then sponsor me to stay for a few years? :P) then just say so. xxx

    The word verification today was 'enche' as in ench-anted enchelons of enchilas.

  24. Love seeing what you captured, especially like the look of the cake slice hooks and that bookshop. Hope you got the thumps up for your finger*!*

  25. lori,

    it IS new englandy. i wish you could see some of the hill town fairs around here.

    lori, have you heard of this climb:

    El Chorro in Spanish Andalucia.

    when you comment on emily's post (hee hee i know you will!) check out wieneke's post below emily's. she has a video of this that is at least to me unbelievable. i wonder what you and chuck will think of it.

    if anyone else is interested, it can be found at

    love to you today and tomorrow too

  26. Lori, I hope your finger is better.

    This sounds absolutely perfect, the Flea Market,the Bookstore, the lovely bag, lavender and all the recycled materials at the craft fair.
    I wish I was there, under the warm sun and a good company like yours!!

    Have a beautiful day, dear Lori!

  27. Love the little flea market. Lavender infused tea sounds delicious. What a nice visit with your sister.

  28. I like those glazed pots. Lunch looks yummy too... an that crocheted bag is very beautiful.
    What a wonderful shopping day... I love it all :)

    I'm going to learn to crochet this spring... I've met someone willing to teach me and I'm excited for that.

    Sorry I'm late to the party here today.... I've been busy with all things knitting and seeking a new home.

    big love to you xx robyn

  29. Ps... i forgot to send love and healing vibes for that little finger of yours.

    it's funny that it reads 30th june when it is the 1st of july here ;)

  30. Hi Lori, Looks like a wonderful time with your sister! I hope your finger is ok!
    I appreciate all of your comments!

  31. Wow, just a little glimpse into your day, but what a fine glimpse it was! Definitely, one of those "you had to be there" days, and boy, I wish I really were. Great finds! I so love that lavender.

    MWAH on your little pinky finger!

  32. Love the crotcheted bag, it's so YOU!!
    Sounds like a wonderful day.

    I miss you

  33. lori...i have missed you..all of this looks so great..i LOVE everything...

    Teddy is doing so wonderfully..we are IN LOVE with him....he turned a sad and quiet house into a HAPPY HOME again....

    Happy 4th of July, my friend

    kary and teddy

  34. I am a bit late, it's Friday already. It seems you had a wonderful day and I love all the photos (what do you mean you did not take many photos?!). I hope you have a perfect weekend and that your pinky is all better.

  35. is that finger doodling or pushing buttons?

    or looking very sophisticated, up in the air holding a teacup?

    happy weekend my beautiful friend. maybe we'll sign
    a line
    very fine.

    tsup! and :)

  36. Oh such fantastic treasures. I love the bangle and the pie server hooks. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

  37. I love flea market! would love to join you anytime.

  38. I have a couple of extra days off and am catching up with visiting. Oh, the farmers market and the bag you bought and the salad and the fun to 'spend the day' with you...


xoxo lori