Friday, October 29, 2010

five years

I am writing this post after drinking far too much champagne. I have good reason though, I do. it's my anniversary! Five years today. We watched our wedding video tonight, I cried, like always (i may have seen a tear in Chuck's eye too). we are so glad to have it. We picked up cheap burritos and expensive champagne to celebrate the night, but first the day...

it was trick or treat day in town, all the downtown merchants passed out candy to children dressed in costume...

i ran out of candy after only an hour, there were a LOT of children!

i did manage to save some for my grandbabies, sigh sigh sigh, here is sadie the little bug and travis a scary monster (he graciously removed his mask for my photo request).

after work ( and all the halloween fun) Chuck and I went up to the Alpaca farm to buy some more lovely wool, i have some gifts to make...

this one couldn't stop kissing my husband, heehee.

at home Chuck was anxious for me to open my gift from him. the light wasn't good for photos, especially if all you have is candlelight (and champagne) so i'll have to write another post about the surprise, it really deserves a place of honor. he bought me a piece of art, art that a friend of mine made. i am so touched that he (and she) did this without me knowing. i can't wait to take photos of it. i have one more BIG surprise that happened tonight, but maybe i ought to find out if it's okay before i put it here. but oh my, what a day!

Happy Anniversary honey, thank you for these last five years, i can't wait for the next 5 times forever more.

♥ wifey


  1. Happy Anniversary!

    May you have many more.

    (And your grandchildren are lovely/handsome.)

  2. Aww! Have a beautiful weekend Lori. Congrats to you both.

  3. Congratulations to you dear Lori and Chuck.
    Best wishes for many more special and happy times.

  4. Happy, Happy Anniversary to my favouritist (its a word now) Lori and Chuck. Doodles are gorgeous and growing up too! Have sip for me and wishing you both many,many more lovefilled moments.♥♥

  5. I just LOVE your wedding video, can look at it again and again! Especially that hop on the beach, you are like a yound foal, as a mother of five, and grandma of two!
    That alpaka, haha, can`t take her snout off your husband, hey? But no wonder, he is such a handsome man. Happy Halloween, I got myself lots of candy, too. Seeing al those little monsters coming to my door is the best part! Happy anniversary, and yes, many, many more!

  6. happy happy anniversary Lori and Chuck - cheers to the rest of your lives xxxx

    PS please email me a beanie pattern for my skein of wool

  7. Happy Anniversary Lori and Chuck - and such beautiful california grandbabies!!!

  8. Happy Anniversary, Lori! What a sweet post, and a sweet hubby, and a sweet llama - lol! And man, those grandkids!! Adorable doesn't cover it. I hope you didn't wake up with a headache. :)) xox!

  9. Happy Anniversary! Our downtown businesses did this on Friday little's enjoyed the trick or treating and now cannot wait until the actual Halloween trick or treating. :) Your grandchildren are beautiful. Of course they are, look at their grandma! Happy weekend! XX

  10. Even I cried watching the video! And with Iz playing, he always moves me to tears.
    What a gorgeous couple. You two are brimming with love.

    Congrats to both of you for celebrating five married years, but mostly for always celebrating each other. Your life reminds me that anything is possible.

    I love your family!


  11. Happy Happy Anniversary!!!No one deserves it more than you, dear Lori! Can't wait to see the surprise! xoxo

  12. P.S. I just watched the video, it made me cry. So BEAUTIFUL!! xoxo

  13. Happy, Happy Anniversary to you and Chuck! (I love we both have a reason to celebrate
    October 29th....)

    The video is beautiful.... it truly is LOVE. You deserve it!

    Oh those Aplacas.....what faces! The one who "kissed" Chuck is too cute! And your grandchildren....sigh....adorable!

    Happy Halloween! Happy Autumn! It is going to be a most magical one!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  14. Happy happy anniversary! wow, five years is quite a long time! I wish you and your husband many more beautiful years together
    xx Nezzy

  15. Lori -- Happy anniversary to you and Chick. My hubby and I celebrated our 5th as well in September. It's look like you enjoyed a very special and romantic evening! Can't wait to see the surprise. hugs!

  16. Happy Anniversary dear!
    Sounds like the perfect celebration to me!
    Great pictures (as always) and what handsome grandkids you have. But that is no surprise being such a gorgeous grandma yourself!!!!! You are amazing!


  17. AWWWWWWWWWW!!!! Melting, my heart is melting. I saw your gorgeous wedding photos, and my heart was all a-flutter. Happy, happy, HAPPY anniversary, you two lovebirds.

    What a beautiful couple you are, and what gorgeous grandbabies!

    and Happy Halloween!

  18. BOOOOOOOOOOO! love kj

    BOO HOOOOOOO! love emily

  19. Happy Happy Sweet Lori and Sweet Hubby..hehhehee.

    My sis really wants a Alpaca!!She has the room for one or two and she has animal love true in heart to spare.Kids love to visit Auntie and visit with all of her furry friends!!I think I would have to have a chat with the one that keeps smooching with hubby!!

    Big Hugs Lori!!

  20. awwwwww happy happy anniversary to dear lori and chuck!!! congrats to you both and best wishes for many many more happy years and memories........


    amanda xoxo

    p.s. gorgeous grandkids!!!

  21. Beautiful!!!!

    big hug and love to you both
    and wishing you many years of a love filled marriage.

    The children look so cute Lori and a lot like you.

    Keep on having fun

    xx Robyn

  22. happy anniversary lori! may you have years and years of happiness together. -x-

  23. Congrats to you both and Lori I'd keep a closer eye on that cheeky alpaca next time you visit hehe*!*

  24. dear Lori
    happy anniversary to you and Chuck!! sounds like you celebrated well, and i am intruiged by the untold parts of your posting...hmmm You are an inspiration with your capacity for love.Those grand kids have grown! and i only know them from photos. they are gorgeous both and i love the halloween outfits. would love to see the scary mask too. Those blue eyes look sooo innocent though :) sorry i couldnt leave a comment - i am reading off line at the moment. please copy and paste the above onto your comment section if you can? love to you bothxxx

  25. Awe....Happy Anniversary to both you and Chuck!! Glad you had fun and drank too much champagne!!! xoxoxox

  26. Dear Lori and Chuck,
    Wishing you all the best , you deserve all the good things in life!
    Oh, lovely photos, I love Halloween!

    We , too, celebrated our 10 years wedding anniversary on 28th!
    Warm wishes, dear Lori!

  27. I heard there was a party here! I am late. Happy Anniversary!!! Now I need to see the photos!

  28. AAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! So beautiful. I am supposed to go to the office and before that go to the polling places and vote. Not my heart is so light and airy! I may vote for legalizing marijuana!!!

    Oh wait, that's not on the ballot.

    Lot, you are so beautiful. I am very happy to see you happy!!!


    Life is good, no, wonderful!!!

  29. Hahaha! Fail typo. Lori, I just renamed you Lot. Okay? Have a great day, LORI! My two fingers can't type, what can I say?

  30. Sweeet :D

    So if you guys have only been married 5 years, is Chuck you're kids Dad? Sorry if that's a rude question, I just get confused!

  31. Happy anniversary! Congratulations! I think your grandchildren are adorable!

    Thank you for your comment on my blog! ♥♥

  32. Happy Anniversary, Lori!!!
    Thank you for sharing your heartwarming stories with your blogger friends. I am always moved by your posts. Your grandchildren are beautiful!!!!!
    All my best wishes!
    And I am so looking forward to your next post. :)


xoxo lori