Tuesday, October 12, 2010

you and i

first it begins with rounds of emails
where shall we go? and when?
date and place are set
more communication
reply all!

the long weekend arrives
new york, florida, oregon,
california, the girls are here.
we talk and talk
and hug and laugh
we cook we eat
dance and drink
( *yes under the stars *)
we swim and take walks
reminiscing the past,
sharing the present.

we entertain
and teach
hardly getting any sleep.
there are facials, knitting lessons
skinny dipping and pomegranate picking
(pistachios too).

friendships renewed
intentions set
we made the most
of this gift and yet,

there never seems to be
enough time.
it's okay,
we know we'll meet again,

♥ lori

p.s. yes! those are my knitted "green sleeves"! i'm so happy, this week i'll be making a donation here, in the name of my mom and my sister lindy, and every sister friend. everywhere.


  1. Wow!.... what a much loved wonderful time you have had.

    love you Lori
    you're the best

    x Robyn :)

  2. PS... and a fantastic location too

  3. looks like a wonderful weekend with loads of laughter

    love the dog pic

  4. I love the ranch pictures, with the setting sun, so different from here (and like in a movie), and the foals, caressed, and the fun and nearness these pictures convey. What is it with women that they can connect so full-heartedly? Can you imagine 15 men doing that, so peacefully? I smiled at the lovely Californian wine in bottles, and a hand pouring BEER into a glass. Such a pretty picture of you all, and Lori right in the middle - where else? Oh, and did you all use those saddles up on the balustrade? I just LOVE Western saddles! Ha, now stop, Geli! The otheres want to comment, too!

  5. Looks like you had a great time, lots of photos to remember it by..

    Your green sleeves are cute :o)

  6. Lori- I just love those special girl friend weekends. I can tell you had a ball. Your pictures tell the tale well ... I definitely can feel the sisterhood and connectedness between you all - and the serenity of that gorgeous ranch. So happy you had a memorable weekend. Hugs. L

  7. it looks like the stars were aligned to give all of you a most perfect weekend. I'm so glad!

    I love the photo of the cosy's on your arms...so sisterhoody!!
    The photos really do speak for themselves~a beautiful weekend for beautiful friends.

    It doesn't get any better than that ;)


  8. Oh so lovely! The fun and warmth are palpable!

  9. Lori, I had to come and break my blog break because I knew you would cheer me up. Your photos are beautiful. I am so glad you had a wonderful time! xoxo

  10. Looks like you had loads of fun!! ;) Hee I really love that first photo. I always love your photography.

  11. Lori....what a perfect get-together! Friends are indeed the very best! How wonderful to share the past, enjoy the pesent and plan for the next get together!

    A lovely group.....good food, good wine....beautiful settings - lots of laughter (I can tell) and those animals!!!! Adorable! Your joy radiates through your post to each one of us!


    ♥ Robin ♥

    p.s. How about this weather? Remember those bitter cold days in May, June, July, August....... Ha-ha!

  12. robyn,

    it was like a dream, the setting, the weather, but most of all the love we all felt. SO MUCH hugging and giggling and sharing. i love you too robyn.


    i LOVE that dog. she was one of 5 border collies that work the ranch. this one was the puppy, only 4 months old, and an absolute gem. we all wanted to bring her home.


    you would have loved it. there were saddles all over the house! they were all trophys won by my friends husband. but no, we didn't get on any of the horses, not this time. the setting, friends, everything, was perfect.


    LOTS of photos. sadly, i can't show them all...our husbands and children don't need to know ALL that went on... ;)


    it is truly magical when women get together, there is nothing but joy and support and cheer, and alot of laughing. it is the best.


    that's what we kept saying...it doesn't get any better than this. to love and be loved, by friends that know everything about you, and still love you!


    i really wish i could show (and tell) ALL that went on. heeheehee. we are not as innocent looking as in the photo.


    yay! oh annie, you would have loved it, there were gorgeous dogs, siamese cats, ponys and cows and ravens! it was a heart overflowing weekend.


    thank you! the foal was so photogenic (and friendly!) i took alot of photos, and like always it's hard to choose just a few.


    it was probably alot like the yart gathering! such a beautiful thing when women friends come together to share, laugh, support (drink, skinnydip, dance under the stars togther). so much love.
    and yes, the weather has been great (but you won't believe it...this morning we woke up to...F O G...agggg!

  13. hahaha: know my favorite, lori?

    it's that little foot peeking out below all those sisterhood lori-green hands.

    this is one of the best pictures of you! you and everyone else radiates. i can only imagine what the night sky looked like: a miracle, right?

    i think that these kinds of special times with special friends are the wind for our sails. sometimes the thunder and lightening is fast and furious, but other times, like this one, all is right and well in the world.

    you know how happy i am for you, my dearest fab friend. :)

  14. Omg.....it looked like so much FUN!!! I need that right about now!! Great photos!!

    Btw.... I'm also third generation Metis Indian. I carry my card around....lol!

  15. Whata wonderful post and pictures Lori!!!
    What a nice get together......
    My celebrating friendship is the best there is. It seems the older I get the more I appreciate those friendships.....
    What a fun location and yes your sleeves they are wonderful and make perfect gifts for dear friends ;)

    Glad you have such a good time dear!


  16. lori - love these fotos of your fabulous girl gathering -- and you know the foto of the pomegranates really caught my eye (persephone's food!).... but what is that gorgeous purple flowery fruit along with it?

    so glad you had a grand time with your friends - thanks for sharing your well-deserved getaway with us dear girl!


    p.s. the greensleeve as a bracelet rocks!

  17. you guys sure know how to have fun :)

  18. This post combines some of my favorite things: Girl get-togethers, horses, Shepherd dogs, and smiles :)

    You all look so happy and beautiful!!

  19. Great spot for a girls catch up. And I love that dog's intent expression. Smiles*!*

  20. Beautiful pictures, Lori! Sounds like you had a fabulous time.
    Oh...and you ARE an artist!!!

  21. blogger is behaving so naughty, twice i tried to reply here.
    one more (brief) try...
    kj-♥, they are cute(not mine tho)!
    manon- thank you! to girlfriends!
    marianne- i do understand that apprectiation, it happens for me too!
    amanda-we ate pomegrantes till our fingers were deep pink and the pistachios too (that's the fruit you see).
    bhavana-it's always fun with girlfriends!
    tracy- it's true, the happiness, maybe getting more so with age.
    annie- the puppy charmed us all! at only 4 months she had all our hearts.
    ann marie- oh thank you. working on it (slowly) :)

  22. I've been staring at the first picture for quite a while now; the composition is just superb. Just lovely!

  23. Awwwwwwwww, Lori! Ohhhh, I love these photos. Everyone needs to surround herself with good friends every once in a while. Sounds like it was a rejuvenating weekend. Much too short!


xoxo lori