Saturday, October 2, 2010

oh the sea

closing up shop at the end of the day
i can hardly wait to get to the beach.
last night as i put the key in the door to lock up
and turned to walk down
i thought to myself (once again) how lucky am i
to be able to do this.

on the sand, carefully stepping around newly made sandcastles
and giving the seabirds a wide berth
(they have to fly if you get too close)
i breathed deeply
and sent out a prayer of thanks.

at that moment
my phone rang
it was my girl, in NYC.
"what are you doing momma?"
"here, at the shore, walking, it's so beautiful today"
"please take a photo and send it to me"
so i did with my phone
and it made her happy
and she sighed and said
she misses this.
so much.

i know there are a lot that miss this,
like my child that's away from home
many of her friends (off to school too).
and even some of mine,
and even some of you,

i took some more photos,
this time not with my cell phone
but with my camera
the beauty and wonder of the sea...

this is for you:
lindsey, corey, nicky, nolan,
mila, christoph, anja

i hope that this makes you feel better,
just trying to figure how
i can send
a care package
with a little sand
salt water
and ocean breezes too!
♥ lori


  1. Awesome photos .... somehow the 4 hour drive to the Pacific doesn't seem as far ...........

  2. Oh Lori, Lori, Lori. This made me well up, the beauty of your words, the breathtaking photographs. You are a free spirit, an angel heart. I am so very honoured to know you and to share your world.

  3. ohhhh lori these are simply................


    how did you manage to get such an evocative photo of even the seaweed? i tried, believe me, when i was on the beach just last week, but mine is nowhere near as beautiful. you captured the water, that sky...ahhhhh

    thank you!!! i'm so happy hannah called and set you on this amazing photo spree!!!!

    love, hugs....dear lori

    i am heading back now to look at them again ;-)

  4. Sensational. I love the photos of the clouds in the late afternoon sun. Oh boy, we are lucky to live in such a Paradise.

  5. My darling mermaid friend... these were absolutely breathtaking. I am not jealous, no. I am happy because I can vicariously walk down that sunlit beach and admire the clouds and feel the warm Pacific on my ankles there with you through these amazing images. And you know what seeps out of each? LOVE. The love you feel for it all makes it look so much better. It's seen through your eyes!

    Happy your baby called you in such a precious moment.

    I love you,

  6. Lori, Thank you! I am one who misses the sea so much on a daily basis. I knew I would when I moved to the mountains of Taos. I just did not know how much. I long for it. Yes, you are a very lucky duck :-). xoxo

  7. Hi Lori :)
    I love what you share here... every little bit of it.
    Your attitude to life is inspiring and you're the only person in the world that I know who can make a beach look like the best beach in the world.

    On anothre note... isn't it lovely to see Tessa out and about :)

    Life is good
    xx and it would be wonderful if Mike got to do a triathlon in your corner of the world.

  8. This is a lovely gorgeous wonderful deep breathing post.

  9. You are a mermaid for sure!
    Is that your house? It is such a beautiful place with the mountains right there too........I can't wait to come over and visit. ♥

  10. Hi Lori I love the way the glistening sun is captured in the wet sand. Isn't technology amazing that you can talk to your daughter and at the same time send her a photo of what you are seeing... I think you should treat yourself to a wander there each day*!*

  11. THANK YOU xxx

    we're waiting for summer rains here . . . patiently . . . . very patiently

  12. PS don't forget to do a sunset pic for the Global section of the Amarula competition

  13. Helen,
    oh and i bet the drive is just as gorgeous, you live in such a beautiful place. And that Oregon coast...magnificent.

    You honor me with your words, thank you thank you, asante sana, it is so nice to see you here again. Bless your heart.

    you are truly so kind, (of course i know this for FACT now! heehee). I LOVE seaweed, did you know that there are over 100 different specimens on our beaches here? I have plans to photograph them all! thank you dear.

    Yes, INDEED. We love to travel and have been to many beautiful places, but always feel blessed to return home. Thank you.

    that is a beautiful way of looking at it. I totally agree, sometimes living vicariously can soothe a hunger deep inside (books on africa). I love you too my friend. (come back...)

    I know you do, and I would too, even with those gorgeous mountains surrounding you. I hope it's not too long before you can stand at the shore again.

    thank you thank you. Sometimes you just catch a place at a perfect moment, although it is really pretty here everyday.
    Mike would love it, the course is spectacular. It attracts people from all over the country,the tri includes swimming in the pacific, biking through the rural foothills lush with avocado trees and running along the sandy bluffs, it really is inspiring!

    i love those words. thank you very much.

    please do! we'll have so much fun! sadly, that is not my house, but the one next to it is a beach rental, so are the apartments on the beach in the other photo! (weekly rentals, off season (still pretty) good deals!) come!

    yes, i'm completly amazed each time. and i do walk here almost everyday. Would seem a shame not to!

    ah, are the rains due soon? and i can't enter that contest, it's open to S.A. residents only. That's okay, i can still have Amarula!

  14. Breathtaking. The photo of the sea birds soaring made me hold my breath. You have such a gift for photography, dear Lori. My landscape photos seem to lack the majesty and magic that yours always exude. I'm sure your children miss the feel of the waves and the smell of the ocean and the sounds of the sunshine. But I suspect they really miss YOU and Chuck most of all.

    aww, no pics of Owen splashing around in his pool?

  15. Oh, I love the ocean. There's nothing like walking on the beach that puts everything into the proper perspective... Gorgeous photos!! Love, Silke

  16. Awe.... your post made me cry. My daughter is away at college and I've been in Canada for a bit. I've seen her a few times but my heart still breaks that we are so far.
    Your photos are breathtaking!!

  17. You're my first blog visit since we returned. I LOVE this too. I can feel the sand squeaking underfoot, smell the kelp, taste the salty sea air.

    Your words are perfect.

    Thanks for your words and for dropping by. I treasure your thoughts.


    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  18. Dear Lori, all these photos are breathtaking ! It´s so cold these days ( again!) and I needed some warmth coming from California, thank you so much!

    In a few days we are heading to the South and to the beach for whale watching, we are very excited!!

    Have a wonderful and inspiring week!


  19. Thanks Lori ... I am already breathing slower and deeper. Wonderful captures and most importantly -- peace.

  20. Oh my what gorgeous pictures!
    What a place to live!
    You are so lucky (in many ways)
    You are a great photographer! (and a wonderful person!)


  21. CA is such a beautiful place! Thank you for sharing these photos and your thoughts. You are an inspiration! ♥

  22. OH

    you capture something words cannot.

    i have been away for a few days you know, but i have carried you in my back pocket. you were here in my side yard all weekend, in my heart and not just mine.

    so tonight i start the process of catching up and here i am, along side my shimmering wonderful friend, my friend who sees within and around and into. these photos are exquisite. i can only stare.

    i'm really saying i missed you and i'm glad to be back and by the way, everytime, your timing is beyond coincidence. i take that as a very wonderful sign.

    i almost forgot. one cannot miss this ocean without missing you too. i imagine hannah felt this deep in her stomach.

    love love

  23. Meine liebe Lori, your beach looks much warmer than mine! I know the heat of the last days would be too much for me, but we only have about 15°C. But I will take my camer along next time and see if I can take some nice photos, too. Yes, isn`t it amazing how you can be in touch with Hannah this way?! Has her bicycle arrived?
    I am in touch with you, too, even without a camera or mails!

  24. X♥X Thank you, I needed that ;)

    I feel blessed to have been able to live there for 16 years. Sigh.

  25. Lori - thank you! These are so beautiful; peaceful. I feel like I'm there with you walking down the beach and seeing your world. Enjoy your day! Susan :)

  26. I grew up in Orange County. When everything was wrong, as it was a lot when I was growing up, I'd return to the ocean, again and again and again, pour my heart out, match it's salty water with my own...

    "for whatever we lose (like a you or a me) / it's always ourselves we find in the sea." - ee cummings

    PS my word verification was "sperm". I am laughing so hard I can hardly type this.

  27. Beautiful photos....bautiful words.... you KNOW I understand....I have been lucky enough to live by the water on both coasts....and I know I would not be as happy if I didn't have water around me.... the Ocean is such a healer....whether walking in it or just staring at the waves.....


    ♥ Robin ♥

  28. Oh Lori you have no idea what that post means to me... I came here thinking- oh how I miss reading Lori's blog- because I've been 'away' and its not been a nice enjoyable 'away' for the most part. So coming here... with my toothache that really should have a better name like toothagony and feeling a bit worse for wear and there you are... wishing someone or all of us well.

    Good thoughts your way Lori. You're truly a blessing.

  29. Hi Lori. I was sure I left a comment on here yesterday, but also not sure! So here I am, saying hello and absolutely admiring your lovely beach photos... beautiful x

  30. Hi Lori! I came over for a visit and now I am homesick for SoCal. :)) I used to be able to grab the kids, drive down the mountain and spend a couple of hours playing in the sand several times a week. I miss it. Thanks for the virtual visit, your pics are simply stunning! xox Pam

  31. Oh how I have missed you Sweet Lori!!Your photos are heavenly and made me want to jump into the car and drive to the beach..then I realized I still had dinner cooking..Oh well,your photos filled my plate for tonight.

    I have missed so many posts..I'm off to catch up!!Hugs,Cat

  32. Bella,
    ah thank you, and you know i feel the same about the way you draw, words can't describe how awesome it is. But owen...trying to photograph him playing is like trying to nail jello to the wall. haha. still i try.

    i know this is such a big part of your life too, and i know how much you appreciate the great outdoors. Thank you so much for the kind words.

    ah, i know i know. and even though my phone bill makes me cry too, i am so thankful for todays tecnology, what would we do without so many ways to communicate!? thank you for such kind words.

    I wrote you, but it is always such a pleasure. I'm so glad to see you here(and to visit you on the opposite coast!).

    Oh, you'll have a wonderful time, whales are migrating now! exciting! as i write this our warm weather is gone again and now autumn seems to be truly here.

    It seems to be like that, the ocean is a stress free zone. Unless your in a kayak and the waves are big. ugg. thank you for the kind words.

    you are a sweetie, thank you. i've seen photos of the netherlands beaches and thought they were really beautiful too. Some day I hope to see for myself!

    Ann Marie,
    thank you much! painter of my favorite ever bird!

    hug + ♥ + ☺ x 20, i wish i could have been to yart, but i'm so glad it was such a huge sucess, on so many levels!

    yes we are, i sent you a (long) mail today. And someday i'll see your beach with you!

  33. Lolo,
    then you know of course, it never leaves you! and when you go back...ah...magic!

    you are so welcome, i love the peaceful land surrounding you too, I can only imagine what that would be like.

    i like your poetry as much as cummings. that was really beautiful, even if sad, and i do know what you mean, maybe the oceans of the world are half filled with tears.
    those sperm have a way of doing that

    yes. indeed. ♥ i do know.

    oh honey, can you get to the dentist? toothagony is the worst kind of pain. I am so sorry you are suffering. Sending extra wishes out to you now. I've missed you too.

    i do that often too, where are my words? haha, ah well... i always love it when you are here and or posting!

    were you in Big Bear? Malibu? Santa Monica? Sounds perfect, mountains and ocean! i love that. and i'm so glad you enjoyed coming by. thank you for the kind words!

    thank you my friend! i hope all is well with you and your family. i remember seeing photos of all of you at the shore recently, so much fun with kids! another way to enjoy the beach! take good care ☺

  34. I just laughed my ass off all over again at your reply!! LOL!

  35. lori,why do i keep looking at the shot with the building (hotel?) and liking that one again and again?

    have a good day tomorrow, dear girlfriend. ♥


xoxo lori