Wednesday, October 20, 2010

rain, surf and new york nice

the storm took us by surprise.
thunder was so loud and the lightning so bright, it scared the puppy pants off owen.

when it finally stopped i ran outside to see what i could see. these photos are true, but no sooner had i taken them, the clouds covered the sun and i ran for cover too.

news update on my nyc girl:

her bike came!! she said she push~pulled the heavy box (a weighty vintage derailer) for only a moment by herself, and was soon joined by one friendly helpful new yorker after the other. there was a business man, a young mother, a couple, a very old woman...kindly assisting her all the way to the nearest bike shop (where it was dropped off for reassembly). this is only one of the reasons why she ♥'s ny.

and the care box arrived too. she has her pocket and now she's safe and all's well...

with five kids though, it's always something. two of my son's left for central america yesterday, nicaragua. for surf. i'm hoping very much that the waves aren't too big and mostly i hope the people are like new yorkers, nice.

♥ lori


  1. love that second picture of the rain rolling in and Nicaragua? i'm jealous!

  2. You take my breathe away Lori with your vision through your lens.

    Lovely to read that all is well for Hannah.... I knew it would be as she is your babe.

    I too wish the best for your sons adventures.

    love to you
    x Robyn

  3. Even when our kids are big, helpful Good Fairy work never ends, sigh, does it? But with ALL those Good Fairies at hand (just count your commenters) nothing can go wrong with your babies (in our hearts they never grow up, even at sixty, huh?)!! So stop worrying, Nicaragua is a beautiful country with lovely people, and the surf will be just right.
    And Hannah can now happily cycle through town and explore more of it and meet many more friendly New Yorkers (who would have thought of THEM as being so helpful?).
    Your photos are gorgeous, I especially liked the palm tree in front of that SKY!

  4. Thanks for coming by my blog Lori xx I love that 4th pic the one of the bird very dark against the bright sky. I hope your sons dont get too many big waves either, though I am sure they are probably hoping otherwise!

  5. o0o sounds like your family life is always busy!

    Glad Hannah got her pocket and her bike.

  6. We sponsor a little girl in Nicaragua. One day i would like to go there and meet her. I hadn't considered surfing beaches there? WOW!
    Glad Hannah's bike made it and the peeps were so nice.♥♥♥xxx

  7. my nephews are going off to college next year and I will worry and fret while they enjoy and learn. I miss the lovely babies that they were and enjoy the men they've become but.....

    Contrary to popular belief, most NY'ers are nice. it's when they're in a crowd that they get kinda crazy. Glad she had a good experience

  8. Such beautiful pictures, Lori! I'm glad your daughter got her bike, and that NYers are who I thought they were. Explains why so many of my friends hail from there. ;) I have 6 kids (blended!) and I know what you mean about your worry list. xox!! Pam

  9. Lovely "Lori Photos".... they capture the post-storm moments beautifully!

    NY-ers are (for the most part) warm-hearted and very nice. Hannah will love riding around town now....just remind her to be aware of the taxis.....there are a LOT of them and they drive like madmen!

    I have never visited Nicaragua but it looks gorgeous.... good for your boys - adventure runs through their veins as it does yours and your DH's....and that's a great thing! Life SHOULD be an adventure!

    Give Owen a hug.....


    ♥ Robin ♥

  10. Oh, I would have probably been as scared as Owen with that storm!
    Wonderful photos! Wishing your sons the best on their surfing trip and I can just picture Hannah and her bike with all of her helpers...

  11. I hope Owen has fond his puppy pants by now :P

    Wonderful post storm shots. I always love the skies after a storm!

    Yay for Hannah's helpers!I hope she wears a pocket as she cycles the Big Apple.

    Your boys will be fine and they'll come home with many adventures to share!

    Kitty is back in the hosp :(


  12. I love, love, love the way you see things. Beautiful Lori! XX

  13. Me too - I hope they are as nice as the New Yorkers. I have had wonderful experience in New York. It gets a bad rap.

    Hope Owen found his puppy pants!

  14. Beautiful pictures - I always miss the beach when I read your blog. :) And three cheers for nice New Yorkers - I think they have a rep for being brusque but on the inside they have hearts of gold because they know how hard it is to live in the city.

    I'm giggling at the thought of pants on Owen, printed with little puppies all over them.

  15. Poor Owen, I hope he is fine now, in your arms...

    I wish all the best for your sons, Nicaragua ? Such a beautiful place to go surfing!!

    Have a lovely weekend, dear Lori!

  16. hello! here i am!

    lori, there is a purity in your photos. for a long time now i haven't been able to put my finger on what quality makes your photos so special, and that's it: purity. just like your heart.

    what a story of hannah and her bike(s)(parts) couldn't you just see that on a movie screen? your girl no doubt generates the love and joy you do: what comes around goes around, right sf?

    happy FRIDAY to you and me!!!!!!

  17. Awwww poor little Owen, hope he found his pants*!*

    Nice story of strangers helping your daughter - I thought that was unheard of in NY.

  18. Kavita,
    thank you! me too, now my husband said "we should have gone" (the boys invited us).


    thank you, i am so grateful to you. but it isn't me, it really was this beautiful. and thank you for the wishes for my kids ♥


    ♥ hug ♥ thank you. i love the idea of good fairys and your magic paper and all the love and protection surrounding ALL our babies and loved ones. You always know me.


    you are probably right! Better I don't see. And I am really happy you found me, you are a lovely person.


    thanks!! she is too, although now snow is on the way so I'm not sure how much she'll be riding!


    That's awesome, lucky little girl. I wish we would have gone too...Chuck's already planning for the next trip down. Nicaragua has great surf!


    worrying and freting are part and parcel of parenting(and auntying!)you are a wonderful aunt.
    I told my girl she should write about all her experiances, this was just one example of the lovely kindness of New Yorkers.


    thank you very much!
    I try my best and sometimes succeed in putting worrying on the shelf (in the box next to selfdoubt and guilt). With so many kids though (you too!) there is always something or other!


    good advice!! i'll tell her you said it (she will probably roll her eyes) hee hee, but it is worth repeating!
    I am hugging Owen right now, he says thankyou aarf!!


    thank you! oh the storm was terrifing, it stayed on the mountains behind us for hours! poor owen was so worried, not understanding what was happening, it made us stay calm (and me not afraid).


    i'm so sorry, i hope they'll find out what is wrong now.
    owen was a trooper, we stayed calm so he wouldn't learn to be afraid. I think it worked.


    Lori, thank you, i so appreciate your kind words.


    Nancy,i'm anxious to hear all about it, my husband did alot of traveling in central america, it is beautiful but can be dangerous.
    My NY experiances have been brilliant too!

  19. Tracy,
    that is exactly it. There is such a lovely humanity and warmth everywhere,a perfect contrast to the concrete and steel.
    owen probably would wear puppy printed pants (he is a little dorky).haha.


    the rain was nice, once the thunder left!


    I know! I wish we would have gone too. I can't wait to hear all about it, I know they are having a great time!


    that is such a beautiful compliment. it's a goal i'll keep in mind now, i really like what you've said.
    I did think that sounded like a movie, in fact so much of what she's telling me is movie like, i wish she would write about it!



    I hope NY's image will change, it's a magical place with gracious, lovely people.

  20. Beautiful! Love a good storm, just as long as there's no major damage.

    Don't believe a word of what you hear about New Yorkers, either. Some of the most friendly people there are. I'm sure they're in Central America, too. :)

    Ooh, found a pair of puppy pants. Could they be Owen's?

  21. What super photos...I LOVE your photos. :) and yeah for your nyc girl who got her bike! ;)


xoxo lori