Tuesday, October 26, 2010

wee trouble

a hummingbird flew into my work today, but it didn't know how to fly back out. i watched him zoom around and around looking for the way, except he wasn't getting closer to the door, just the ceiling. i turned off the overhead lights hoping to lure him towards the sunshine and outside. but it didn't work.

see him? tiny little guy.

luckily my boss happened to stop in. he tried to help the little hummer out with a broom.
it didn't work.

so i called my husband. he brought a big net. and then he stood on a ladder and tried to catch him.

and that didn't work. the poor thing kept flying back and forth, back and forth, every so often resting on a narrow beam. my boss gave up and left. my husband gave up and left too. then it was time for me to leave, close up for the day. but i couldn't. not with the little hummer trapped. so i called our local wildlife care. i left a message. and waited. for an hour, i waited and the little hummer continued to fly, and i'm sure he was beginning to panic.

i didn't know what to do, so i closed up and went home, planning on googling "what to do when a hummingbird is trapped". as soon as i was home, (and reading online), wildlife care called. she told me what to do, so i ran around gathering up my hummingbird rescue supplies and raced back to work. i was so excited to finally be able to do something (set him free!), but when i walked into the now dark building, there was no more whirring and buzzing. it was silent.


i looked everywhere, but he was nowhere to be found. i called wildlife care. oh no. what now?! she said he could have shut down, sort of in a hibernation. he could come alive in the morning. so i left him a bowl of sugar water near the door, hopefully he'll find it. tomorrow morning i plan to be there at first light to try again to let him out. oh please cross your fingers for him.

i scanned these photos that i took with my film camera. they are of a lovely female anna's hummingbird that loved our banana trees.

thank you for the kind words on my last post. it was a hard thing to write.
♥ lori


  1. Oh Lori, what a wee drama!!! I have never even SEEN a hummingbird, they look so marvellous, but also so vulnerable. There was no more thing you could have done. Now leave it to nature. He came in, you and all of you tried to set him free, and he would or could not go. So all you can do is wait.
    But I am with him and you.
    I`ll write of his rescue on my magic paper!!!

  2. We are so ALIKE!! He will be there waiting for you tomorrow, I wont stop thinking of him until i hear that everything is ok.
    Love to you

  3. ah lori - maybe he was so tiny he found an excape route of his own. i hope so, or that you managed to release him in the morning. what a precious tiny creature! i think they are smaller than sunbirds?

  4. I am sure he just was attracted to your beautiful energy. I think he will be fine...let's hope so. Your photos took my breath away, oh boy! so absolutely beautiful. Hopefully i can catch up with blogging soon. I miss you. ♥

  5. ooooooh Lori those photos are beautiful.... that word beautiful is used a lot around here.

    I love it when birds come inside... not for them 'cause it can be stressful, but to be close with them for a time is a treat.

    Let us know how the little guy goes.
    Thanks for sharing this.

    xx Robyn

  6. Oh, I do so hope your hummingbird will be OK. Our little fantails come inside chasing flies at the beginning of Autumn here in NZ, and once inside they take a while to find their way outside again.
    I shall say a wee prayer for your little friend.

  7. Oh no! I can just imagine you worrying about leaving him in there, I would have done the same. I hope its ok in the morning. Stunning photos.

  8. I hope he got out - let us know OK?

  9. We have had hummers fly in our windows in SoCal, and here in MD, too. I have had to rescue one that got INSIDE a box in our garage, and I just happened to be going out to my car, and heard this little fluttering sound. I guess he got in, and couldn't figure out how to get out! I've also caught a bat and a hummer with a butterfly net. lol! I hope your little guy is okay! xox

  10. scene 1: kj walks up to a stranger on the sidewalk, laptop in hand:

    "look at this! this is the most special friend who willingly cares so much"

    scene 2: kj meets a hummingbird in the park"

    "do you know of lori? in every way she can think of she is helping one of your tribe to be free again"

    scene 3: A Senior Angel whispers in kj's ear while she sleeps:

    "hold on to lori. that girl is something else"

  11. Oh God, I would have done that too! Sometimes they get so panicked it overwhelms them. Hopefully he was just exhausted and will greet you by the door this morning.

    Fingers and toes crossed!

  12. Sweet Lori,I hope this turns out ok.Poor little guy!!Let us know what happened ok.Your photos are so beautiful!!They let me truly admire thier beauty.Hugs,Cat

  13. Sending prayers that the "wee one" WILL be waiting to fly free this morning..... I love you Lori...for making the effort to help him!

    Waiting (as they say) with "baited breath"..... a happy ending, please!!!!!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  14. Lori, what a dear you are. I would have been doing the same thing and you have done your best. I hope he is okay, poor little guy. Saying prayers.

  15. I'll keep everything crossed for the hummer. They're very present right now ... we've got a pair that live in our complex's yard and love the bird of paradise flowers.

    Hope s/he's okay!

  16. Ahhh! I hope the hummingbird is okay. Where do you work?

  17. Please, oh please. Did the little hummer make it out? Very worrying. I think I read somewhere that they must constantly feed because they burn so much energy.... You are a dear to stay late and make calls to wildlife care. Please keep us posted.

    Stunning photos. Amazing that you could capture his fluttering wings.


  18. Lori, I've had that happen in my studio here in Cambria, but its smaller than your structure. still though, with high ceilings. I picked a bright red flower and tried to lure it out, and then got a long branch, eventually it landed on my finger.
    *gasp*, and I whisked it out.
    the sugar water is a lifesaver!
    They are very resiliant, don't they fly to South America and back each year? fingers crossed.

  19. Praying the little one is there and ready to be freed in them morning! Poor sweet things!

  20. Oh no......... what a sad story. ,
    I already say the picture of the next post so i know it is not a happy end. This made my heart heavy.... but heartwarming to see you all dad so much to rescue this little fellow. Thank-you you for being such an angel.


xoxo lori