Tuesday, November 9, 2010

fall back

When clock's were turned back on Sunday,
I felt a little sad that it would be dark
at the end of the work day now.

Then tonight this happened...

The sky was luminous, glowing,
I felt pulled towards the light, down to the shore.
I needed to get to the market,
but i'm glad I ignored that plan
to see this, the dark part of twilight, complete with a silver, sliver moon.


p.s. if you experience the time change where you live, do you find it hard to adjust too?


  1. Palm trees against a red sinking sun, glowing street lights, a silver crescent moon, a dark huge sky - what better images are there?
    Beautiful, Lori, thank you!
    To your question - this whole daylight saving idea has turned out to be a great mistake. No energy was saved and everybody, and especially all animals, get terribly mixed up. How do you explain a cow she will be milked an hour later? Or Paco he has to wait for his dinner a WHOLE hour?! No, statistics say that in Germany only a very small percentage of people still want this time change - but there is no one who is willing or allowed to reverse it. How crazy is that?

  2. I love twilight time and the moon.
    Thankfully we don't have time changes (yet)

  3. No time change here this summer as our days are long bright and hot, but they do it on the east coast.

    love seeing life through your eyes my beautiful friend xoxo

  4. It looks like the Eagles ~ Hotel California Album cover. (Showing my age here!) So beautiful....ahhhhh....

    I personally don't really like Daylight saving (I'm on East Coast of Aus.), but I think I am in the minority. As it is SO hot here, I prefer winter and getting the kids to bed at a reasonable hour for toddlers. I suppose that might change when they are older.xx♥

  5. Hi Lori, Beautiful photos! Late afternoon before sunset is my favorite time of the day to walk and it is a bit sad to have darkness set in so early here in Maine. Hmmm, my 3 cats didn't realize we set the clocks back and Brody is waking me up too early now and they all want to eat earlier at the end of the day! Adjustments for all!

  6. I am homesick! lol! I love that picture, Lori. So beautiful, with that stripe of orange against the water. We have our own version, with star-filled skies and the black branches of the woods. I will try and catch a picture to post. I always have trouble getting up when it is dark. In the winter here, it feels like the day is about three hours long, but I am probably just being dramatic. xox!! Pam

  7. jeez those are beautiful shots...wow! xxx j

  8. i woke up to these on my iphone and was tossed into paradise. now i'm looking at them on my full computer screen and i'm thinking i am so glad and lucky to have friends who see not only see magic everywhere but know how to share it.

    this makes me especially happy for you, lori. and for me too. ♥

    p.s. the word ver is squess. that sounds like good advice... :)

  9. how gorgeous! makes up for the time change...which I hate. Hate leaving work in the dark...makes me feel like a mole

  10. Hmmm, I didn't attribute my recent moodiness and doldrums to the time change. I may rethink that ;)

    These are gorgeous photos. definately a gratitude moment savored.

    I heard somewhere that the whole point of daylight savings time was for the railroads and their schedules back in the day. There are some states here that don't do it. I think it's crazy, personally. Like messing with Mother Nature ;)

    Thank you for sharing the magic .


  11. So beautiful Lori!!! I always find the time change hard.My cats wake me up when it stats to get light out, so now they wake me at 6!

  12. Lori, you KNOW I am a "Twilight-Loving" Girl.....I named my blog after that most magical part of the day.... these photos are enchanting!!! I would have skipped going to market to capture them too!

    I believe the change in time does alter our moods - especially the Autumn one.... we are already in a slight melancholy mood....Summer blossoms dying, leaves falling, cold weather increasing.... and with the earlier darkness in the evening....sigh.... one is Mole-like (as Mim said)...wanting to curl up, stay warm and dream.....


    ♥ Robin ♥

  13. the sliver moon is my favorite - i used to call it a 'fingernail clip moon' when i was little!

    as always, lori, such loooovely images......good for you for taking a turn away from the market and towards the beach, california girl........

    sending hugs and xxs

    p.s. i love daylight savings when it's fall back - can sleep one more hour!

  14. now i'm here to talk about changing the clocks. my gps was on black night mode at 4:30 day--I hadn't even finished work yet! i can feel myself turning inward. i remind myself of a little squirrel, really, readying for winter.

    BUT! i am surprised that i am liking the mornings so far. I'm waking up at 5:30-ish and i'll be damned!: i can sleep another hour!! i feel more leisurely while i have my solitude cup of coffee, before the hustle bussle begins.

    lori, i saw a sunset tonight and i wanted you to see it too. these days i see these beautiful sights and i think of you and your magic camera.

    love love

  15. Each summer there is an ongoing debate about the pros and cons about daylight saving here in Queensland. We have had trials but the state hasn't adopted it... yet and personally I hope they don't I didn't like the extra hour of heat at the end of the day. But growing up in the UK I loved the long summer light nights. Gorgeous view you captured there Lori. Smiles*!*

  16. I have to adjust a few times a month :)
    I try not to think of it too much.
    I have difficulty with autumn and winter but I try to stay positive .
    Good thing about my job is that I get to travel to places where it is summer in our winter. That really pulls me through..........
    Beautiful sunset Lori! I am learning to see beauty in all things but the learning process is hard in these months......

    I am so behind have to read your older posts....


  17. Stunning photos! The glowing line along the horizon is just beautiful.

    I'm also have a pretty hard time adjusting to the time change - I live in NY and don't get out of work and classes until 8:00 pm. It used to still be light out, but now I can see stars as I go home!

  18. Oh, Lori! The depth of those colors! I wouldn't be able to tear myself away either. When my daughter was little, she'd call sunsets rainbows because of the bands of color across the sky.

    I'm not too crazy about it getting dark early, but I do like waking up to sunshine and not having to walk the dog in the dark.


  19. Beautiful pictures Lori... thanks for sharing... definitely experience the time change craziness... but with the time change brings the northern lights at a decent hour of the day to enjoy...they are the silver lining for us up north...

  20. theres always something hey? what beautiful photos Lori. Thankfully we dont have time changes here - things are confusing enough :)

  21. Hi Lori,
    How have you been?I know I have been missing for a while. Hope to be back soon. The kids are keeping me really busy.Enjoyed going through your posts. So long,


  22. It's dark at 5 in Scotland now, pretty depressing when you leave work. Apparently it's to give farmers extra light in the mornings!!

  23. Hi ... I have never been a fan of the changing times!


xoxo lori