Saturday, November 13, 2010

smile please

it's the morning, let's take a walk

let me take your photo, okay owen? someone would like to see how much you've grown.

look here dear

please, just one where we can see your face?

there you go, almost.

ah, yay! there's a good boy. thank you darling. go play now!

look what we found! there are heart stones, but i've never seen a heart in a stone. till today :)

we didn't find any seaglass (the above beach is where i found a goldmine last spring), but soon it'll be time for it to reappear again ( i hope). this is a photo of my treasured collection, my best pieces. finding marbles makes me jump up and down.

in the afternoon, finishing up a pair of fingerless gloves. knit with more of the super soft and warm alpaca i have. these are from a pattern called toasty. but i added one small extra design.

a pocket

with a button closure

for my nyc girl. see? she can carry her subway pass here, or some money (even her cell phone) . a j.i.c. (just in case) pocket.

and one more thing. a photo she requested. ( little tiny photo made instantly with this!)

i hope these make her smile. (owen will help with that) and that they keep her warm.

i'm sorry i've not been blog visiting much, i have a lot of christmas knitting and making to do, did you know it's only 41 days until santa comes?! i'll be by soon though. have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. Owen did make me smile :):) he is just so cute hehe; and that heart stone is amazing! as is your glass collection..we mainly find brown or green glass on beaches here - nothing as exotic as yours. Those gloves are perfect for NYC winter!!! black is the colour of course, and they look really warm and cosy. No end to your skills Lori - no wonder you are too busy to blog - enjoy it all xxxV

  2. It was a great post! It all takes time to take photos and then write it up, and knit and collect gorgeous treasures too to show us. Please don't remind me about Santa coming oh dear!!!!! I tried to take some Doodles photos for you today, but they were both being just like Owen. I will keep trying though. ♥xx♥

  3. Sweet pup! glad he showed us his cute face. As for that rock..are you sure you aren't a photoshop wiz?

    love the mittens-without-fingers. I've also seen patterns where the mitten-finger part folds back and they look so cool.

    As for blogging between now and the end of the year? I feel like someone should apply an 8 week blogging holiday - it's going to be tough to find the time.

  4. lovelove this!! getting a pup to look at a camera is a daunting task, so congrats on getting these great shots of owen!!

    the heart stone is amazing -- you found that?!?! incredible!

    and the fingerless gloves -- plus pocket (yet another great thing for hannah to have in nyc now that winter is approaching!!) is such a great idea!

    i can see you knitting away lori dear -- enjoy all those beautiful yarns and thanks for spinning yet another great yarn for us all!!

    amanda xxoo

  5. Lori that little guy doesn't look much bigger to me, but he is certainly very cute.

    The heart in the stone is really special. I have a tiny one I found some time ago, but nothing as beautiful as that.

    Love the glass. Awesome colours.

    I'm sure that your fingerless, pocket attached gloves will be much loved. They're beautiful and practical too :)

    I too have been busy with Christams business and I love it.
    I always feel lucky that I have people to do things for at Christmas time.
    It's especially fun as my little man is still a believer.

    Big love to you always
    x Robyn

  6. hello again :)

    I just followed the link to the polaroid pogo and wow that looks like a whole lot of fun.... just like the old instamatics.
    Now I want one too ;)


  7. Owen!!! We can all use more Owen, I know every post should be about Owen! I love this little guy, what a doll.The gloves are wonderful with the little pocket. What a lovely mom you are. xoxo

  8. Hello, just wanted to say I really like your blog! Owen is sooo cute and it looked like a beautiful day to be taking photos!

  9. A smile, a heart and warm hands
    Love them all

  10. Oh, Owen, Owen, Owen! You are such a snugglebunny. I wants to squeeze you and pet you and hug you. You are absolutely adorable. Both ends of you.

    Lori, that is one fantastic pair of gloves! Necessity is the mother of invention, and she sure smiled upon you. It's BRILLIANT! Once your daughter's friends see those, they'll all want their own. Better get some more wool.

  11. aww, I love your dog, he's so fluffy and cute :D

  12. I love your world! and You and Owen and the gloves and the heart shape in the rock!!
    Happy knitting and gift making <3

  13. Owen is just so cute, Lori. What a blessing he must be! I love the gloves - you are so talented and thoughtful in your knitting. I am crazy about sea glass - your collection is gorgeous - my favorite is the red.

  14. I need a pair of those fingerless gloves!! :D Hope you have a wonderful week. LOVE the pics of Owen. He is so ADORABLE! :)


  15. Hi Lori! I have now spent about half an hour reading back to catch up all your posts that I have missed, and loved them all.

    The pocketed fingerless mittens are gorgeous, and that rock! Wow...

  16. Owen is so adorable...what we go through to get the right photo!
    I love your fingerless mittens with the pocket...they are fantastic,they would be wonderful for taking photos in the cold and wintry weather!
    Your talents and creativity are so amazing!

  17. Now there are smooch marks all over my monitor because I kept kissing Owen ;)

    That rock is more than amazing! I have never seen them IN a rock before either. It also looked like pawprints to me at first.

    Beach glass~I remember when I used to find so much of it. I think now that's it's off season I may take myself on a hunt. If I ever find marbles I'll share them with you.

    I love the idea of fingerless gloves. And the pocket is sheer genius!! You could market these.
    I have Reynaud's Syndrome and my fingers are my first victims. I wonder if the fingerless gloves would work for me? I often thought of using them when I was doing murals in the cold Monterey fog. Soon I'll be in the cold Rhode Island winter but I'll be painting indoors :)

    have a happy week, Ms. Lori~xo♥

  18. I was actually going to ask you about Owen! WOW - he is growing up...but just as adorable as ever. What a face! (And how lovely you kept up trying to capture that "close-up".... it was so worth it!)

    Ah, those heart rocks.... so beautiful! A message of love to you from God. And the sea glass.... sigh....

    Your daughter will adore those fingerless gloves....and I think all of her friends in NY WILL want a pair....

    Sending you and Owen a big hug from SF! (Isn't the weather glorous!!!!)

    Love and sunshine!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  19. hello sf!!! i'm writing this closer to you!!!

    lori, those gloves are so great. you could be your own cottage business, you are so talented. but surely you know that already.

    i love the seaglass and marbles. i will be on the lookout for marbles for you. that photo is so beautiful. i totally love it.

    hello owen. aren't you lucky to have the beach in your backyard!

    see me waving, lori? TSUP!

  20. oh lori...little owen is adorable...loved seeing this...

    i was taking a knitting class for the fingerless gloves when Buddy died..and threw the bag in the closet and slammed the door shut...maybe it's time to get it back out...

    happy to see this today...and what about that rock with the HEART !

    sending love up the coast,
    kary and teddy

  21. o0o owen is growing so much!!

    arent dogs funny trying to get photos of them can take hours.

    the fingerless gloves are awesome

  22. Those mittens look fab. Lucky all those recepients this xmas! Hello to Owen, he looks so cuddly and cute.xx

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  24. Oh my...sweet Owen makes my heart sing..just like sweet momma.I really love the pocket idea on the gloves..and I know baby girl will love them too!!Did you say 41 days until christmas..oh much to do..I really wanted to get new jewelry for the holidays,but looks like it will have to wait..thats ok,it will happen..when it happens.Big hugs friend,Cat

  25. Oh he is gorgeous!!! such a playful little boy he looks :) THe heart shape in the stone is great and I love the coloured glass also.

  26. I was wondering about Owen a while ago. No nice to see pictures of him!!!
    He is such a cuteepetootie!!!!
    Oh yes nearly Christmas....... I am always late with everything. Hopefully I can start in time this year.
    Those gloves are fabulous!

    Have a nice day!

  27. I have never, ever found sea glass. I would love to....maybe we don't have it here?!

    I adore the gloves - they look so warm and soft!

  28. Hi Owen! Camila says hi to you, you are so, so very cute!!

    Dear Lori, you are so right, Christmas is just around the corner and I ´ve been quite busy , too...

    Beautiful gift for your girl , we love the pockets!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend,
    big hugs to Owen!

  29. haha glad you got him to look at the camera - those gloves are a great idea Lori especially with the pocket and the heart in the stone is a real find. Smiles*!*

  30. Wow, those toasties have got to be the coolest I've ever seen. What a genius idea!

  31. are like a 'knitted puppy' so wooly and soft! and the gloves w/the pocket...sweet and orginal!


xoxo lori