Wednesday, November 3, 2010

sunrise to sunset

today started before sunrise, when my daughter-in-love woke me with a text :'you up?' i dressed quickly and drove down to rincon to meet her (*happy*)...

she had driven up to our town with two of my sons and a friend for an early morning surf session. while the boys went surfing we watched for a bit enjoying the new day (and oh my gosh was today a gorgeous day)...

the sun came up and she modeled the scarf i finished this week...

she is a lovely model and makes this look so much prettier, the sun was so bright, it kind of washed out the deep blue (called twilight) of the wool + cashmere i made this out of...

surfing is over and my sons came to see me at my work!! at the same time a darling friend came with her two babies. **happy!**

:) :) :) :)

babies! :) :)

and this is from sunday, halloween, more

from sunrise to sunset i thought of all the things, amazing, wise and wonderful you said to me on my last sad post. i'm ever so grateful, and indeed, today was a new day. what friends i have. thank you.

♥ lori


  1. How wonderful Lori! Getting visitors like this are the best kind and what a gift to you when your heart had been sad. My heart smiled big as I read this. :)

  2. lori,

    i am just catching up on your latest posts and wanted to comment on's always amazing to me how we can experience sadness one day, and then the next, life hands us a rose. it looks like you got that today, in the form of your sons, your daughter in law and the visiting friends and babies.......i love how you write out your heart on the sands of the beautiful blue pacific.....and the waves take those words and keep them safe for you.

    sending many hugs to you from a distance ----- and remember, you never walk alone♡



  3. Yes Lori dear, let the waves take your sadness away, and write the thank you words (with the heart) on a high spot to stay! Your smiling face is such a happy-maker, did you know that? Now I am happy, too. Thank you (heart)

  4. Wow, Lori! You can feel the energy coming from those faces, especially yours! :) I'm so glad you are feeling better - I missed your last post. I hope everything is okay. Miss that California sunshine! xoxox Pam

  5. Love to see you celebrating your life, Lori. Clever sea art...making it and breaking it...performance art done by nature! Gorgeous scarf...and it looks so soft and comfy. :-)

  6. a quick comment before work:

    you and your sons: my very favorite pictures of you

    you, your little girl, the scary mask: ♥

    the sand and sea and your fingertip words: gulp. what an incredible visual you created. stunning powerful

    reason to smile: yesyesyes. sososo glad.


  7. I can see some sunshine came your way ... hope you feel better Lori.

  8. I have had many a day filled with those conflcting emotions....but...I always know sadness will be washed away by the tide of life - and joy - and love.

    You captured it beautifully. You are a poet with a camera!

    We all love you! And Amanda is right - "You NEVER walk alone"....


    ♥ Robin ♥

    p.s. What incredibly glorious weather we are having! Doesn't it feel great? Last "Summer" seems like eons ago...

  9. What a contrast in posts :)

    Your family is beautiful! And look at those two sweet babies and two sweet grandchildren. Even with the mask on I know his toehead face by heart♥

    Your handsome sons have your smile.
    The world feels your smile :)

    I got misty-eyed watching the tides take your sadness away.
    Thanking the universe was a nice touch.

    Yay!! A happy day!


  10. What a lovely day....we're heading to San Diego in January (what a great time to leave the east for a bit!), and I can't wait to get my toes into some sand like that in your photos!

  11. what a beautiful start to a great day. hope the rest of the day went well.

  12. Lori - I'm so glad the sun came out again. You deserve so much happiness and it radiates so naturally through you - I am smiling so big right now.

    so much love,

  13. lovely, loving photos' Lori - you are blessed - as we are all to be friends

  14. you brought me smiles Lori! Thank you♥

  15. You live in a beautiful area and having the sea so close must be a constant enchantment. The scarf you knitted is very pretty but looks complicated. I am going to make a scarf for my son-in-law but I am not sure what type I’ll make – not fancy like this though – since he is a guy after all! Thanks for coming to my blog.

  16. Fabulous photos and post, I'm so glad the sadness washed away into the ocean.

  17. Nothing like big babies and little babies to make us smile. :)

    Look at the wv: mingl !

    Mingling is food for the soul.♥♥

  18. Oh, Lori. Children of all ages and bright golden sun do wonders to make those November blues less dark. I love the sand-writing photos. I am blowing kisses northward. Please crack open a window and let them in.

    ps. That mask made me giggle. I don't believe the poor boy can see out the eye holes!

  19. You wouldn't have rainbows without any rain. Great pics, and great visual of that sadness just washing away.....Glad you got your happy back!

  20. love your happy post xxx

  21. I love the sadness washed away by the waves picture.
    Let there be happiness always after the sadness.

  22. Dear Lori,I love the scarf you made, it looks so comfy and I like its colors , too!

    Cute beautiful kids!

    And what a wonderful day to spend with friends...

    Have a joyful week full of happiness and peace.

  23. Lori, somehow I missed this most beautiful post! Glad your sadness flew away. xoxo

  24. I know this is related to the post I will read after this one (the previous post....)

    :) :) :) And my coming to your blog is always such an inspirational experience.

    I know you have sadness in your heart .

    Sending you light and love dear ♥


xoxo lori