Sunday, November 7, 2010

lobster and the game

It has begun, basketball season. the Laker's are number #1 around here. My husband, is a life long fan. And he has company (well yes, there are alot of fans), Hannah (my girl) now loves them too. They call each other during games 'Can you believe this? or that?' haha. My sister is a fan too! yes! she is a big huge fan. I made this cake for Chuck last year when the Lakers won the championship. Lindy said 'where's mine?'. Here is her iphone photo of the Laker's receiving their rings at the first game of the season last far Owen hasn't shown much interest, but i wouldn't doubt if he became the next faithful fan, he would like a cake too i'm sure.

and then...


A friend of ours, who has started a lobster diving trapping business offered Chuck these two tails last week. Oh my gosh, for me it was mi cielo (my heaven). We thought a good thank you was in order. Chuck said knit him a hat! So i did. From the alpaca wool we got last week. Here is Chuck modeling for me. It was a very simple pattern you can find here.
I think Santa will be putting one in Chuck's stocking this year since he seemed to like it very much.


we've had dramatic weather this weekend, it began hot, in the high 80's, then as a new storm approached clouds filled in and temperatures cooled. The tide dropped to a super low and it was possible to walk for miles on the beach.

i found this lovely roundish black stone and this tiny feather. i tried to paint it. but it was hard.

i hope you have a great week ahead!

♥ lori


  1. what goes on with the ring ceremony at the start of the season? sorry, but i know nothing about the game :) well i shall pay more attention to the Lakers in future! lobster - yummmm and that CAKE - Lori there is no end to your talents!!! i love the painted stone too xxx

  2. I like the painted stone and love the hat (my DH wants one so I'm goin' for it). that cake with the purple frosting - yum yum!

  3. Magic Johnson Laker's greatest player???

    Thanks for the pattern. Will knit it up as soon as I am back in Joburg.

    I love the stone xxx

  4. Oh, so beautiful! I love the cake, the hat, the lobster, the stone, the feather and the dramatic sky! Your posts are always filled with such beauty!! Like you! Love, Silke

  5. leave it to you to bake a cake for a basketball championship!
    We have a friend here who is OCD about the Boston Celtics. I have even written to the Celtic's organization telling them about him so perhaps they could make him an honorary fan or player or something. He knows more about the Celtics and their history that any of the Celtics, I kid you not!

    And he HATES the Lakers :-/
    But I think it's mutual with those two teams.
    I won't give my opinion ;)

    Love the hat! I can't wear them but I wish I could. Chuck makes a good model!

    Do you spin your own yarn from the alpaca shearings?
    I love the tags you put on your items.

    The photo of the feather on the rock made me gasp. I would SO buy those cards!
    And you should consider doing some painted rocks for etsy. There's a woman who does a few. Gennine, I think everyone has heard of her and her wonderful bird art.

    I like coming here :)


  6. Val, i'm not quite sure, but i think the rings are a kind of trophy. You would do better asking Chuck,Hannah and Lindy!I just know that the first game was a big deal and Lindy got tickets. I try to be interested, but it's not for me, haha! thank you ☺


    do you want the pattern? if you'd rather not buy the book, i could just mail you the hat pattern, let me know!


    haha, you know more than me. Is basketball (Lakers) popular in S.A.??
    I've sent you directions, they should be there when you get back!
    thank you for the stone love ☺


    thank you dear! i love all those things too, especially eating the lobster!


    that is funny. I think Chuck is that kind of fan too! I can't understand rivalry but i guess thats all part of the fun. Hannah was saying she was hoping not to be the only fan at Madison Square Gardens when the Lakers play in Feb. (i'm sure she won't!).

    I don't spin, but it's on my big list! someday...

    I have seen Gennine! I just learned about her recently (must be the last one!). She's incredibly talented. Rock painting is something my friends and I have been doing since highschool, but i never thought of it as art. I love that it is now. thank you lo.

  7. Hi Lori! People here are more football fans but I like to watch on the TV all the excitement basketball brings to everyone in the US!!
    I´d say that we are Lobster big, huge fans :o))

    What a beautiful painting you made, I LOVE it!! And so it is the picture you took.

    Have a lovely week, dear Lori!

  8. Lori - I just caught up on your last few posts. It was good to see the tide washing away sadness and that you had a happy day. You have a beautiful family! You are surrounded by lots of love because that's what you give! I love your feather painting on the rock! (At first I thought you made a print of it.)
    Nice Lakers cake! Here is home to the Celtics, but I don't watch so much basketball. I do love the Red Sox though!

    Thanks for stopping by. I love getting your comments. I don't have any photography training, but I do like taking pictures and certainly appreciate the work of other photographers. I enjoy seeing the beautiful photos you post!

  9. hello dear(s)friend, i like everything here, but my favorite is the rock and the feather and your feather. chuck of course is handsome as ever, although he also looks like he could expertly pick a lock :) (oh i hope that makes you laugh.) you are the best knitter i know. and....the lobster. you already know what i'm thinking. it will happen. i love thinking about it!

    love love love you lori. which is one of the easiest things i've done all year! :)

  10. CAKE!

    I actually bought a small chocolate cake today. Can't wait to dig into it.

    Oooooh, that cap is wonderful! Soooo useful and stylish for a lobster trapper. I thought you had BOUGHT it!

    And oh, Lori. The feather painting is delicate and beautiful. It makes the stone look light and ethereal, like it will just float away. Beautiful!

  11. Too late to add anything new! I agree to everything everyone said! Yes and yes!! I love lobster, too, but the good Canadian is VERY expensive here, so we eat it very seldom. I once watched a basketball game at Penn State and will never forget the excitement!!! On TV it is not half as nice. In Germany (as in Brazil) our menfolks are all more engaged in football (soccer).
    Here comes an extra mail now!

  12. lori - that's so cute that chuck and hannah share that mutual love of the lakers! will be rooting for them from a distance for y'all!

    what weird weather.....but at least it's sunny and not that fog you had all summer~the lobster dinner looked molto yummy.....

    btw that hat is the cutest! (and chuck is a great model :-)!!

  13. I love the painted stone, it's perfect!

    And that hat... Love it! I should take up knitting, because if there's one hat I look OK in it's exactkly THAT model!! How sweet of Chuck to pose for you.

    Big hugs and all my love to you and the Laker fans,
    Lola xx

  14. Ha, our family are huge basketball fans too. Our son plays in the NBL here, and it is so exciting when he comes to play in his hometown.
    I love the hat and the stone...beautiful...and of course the cake !

  15. Ok Lori dear,

    YOU guys have to journey to Maine where I will SPOIL you with lobster on our porch.

    Sending love, love,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

    P.S. My word verification is "mother"

  16. Sweet post Lori!
    What a beautiful stone painted with that feather! Love the simplicity. Felix would say: it looks simple but it is not , just like he said when he saw Lo's painting of Frida first.
    I love that stone Lori.
    How cool you knitted that hat and have the idea for a perfect gift for your DH at X mas ;)


  17. The painted feather on the stone made me think that even when we try to do something and think we could have done better what we have actually done is create something beautiful from nothing. So your feather painted on a rock is, in itself, absolutely perfect because you made it. Does that make sense?



xoxo lori