Sunday, November 21, 2010


this was the weekend we had plans to go away,
old mr. weather had other ideas, it would not be a good idea with the storms brewing.
after wearing my grumpy hat for most of friday
i began to look forward to the next forty eight hours...

i finished up more green sleeves for my shop and gave them a holiday look, they posed with a tree and lights (miniature size). i began unwrapping christmas, for the photos. the wreath is made out of vintage balls i've collected for years and the tree pin is made with sequins and is so delicate i would never do that again, last the needlepoint is a dream, usually the only snow we'll see each year.

'green sleeves' are all ready for holiday gift giving and for the month of december, post free. they were featured in an etsy treasury for gifts under 25.00, because limits are a good thing. if you'd like one they are over here.

yes, i sewed each teeny bit on one at a time (what was i thinking) , and what doesn't show is that it's two dimensional and another layer is underneath, with just one seam down the middle holding it together. i used to wear it to my children's holiday open house at school and they liked that. i can see the gold star on top is a little floppy now.

i worked through the night, even running outside between raindrops to see the almost full moon (and to apologise to old mr. weather, i'm not mad at you anymore).

saturday morning i woke to this and a phone call from my youngest, hannah, in nyc. first, isn't this gorgeous? i love those windy clouds after a good rain, and look how green the mountains are! hannah had a request. 'please mama, i never thought i'd ask you this, but can you make me an apron? and please give it not one pocket but two?'

'and one more thing mama, could you please match the color to my work, you'll find it on their website.' see above (pretty good eh? it wasn't me that was the super matcher, my friend and shop owner kathy found the perfect material).
in under an hour i was to the shop and back home, armed with enough fabric and began sewing at once.

one for hannah and one for her friend and coworker, peter. because he's nice to her.

they are reversible, maybe i should have put blue on both sides?
two pockets in front

and one secret one underneath. hannah's request came because she had all her tips stolen. she had been putting them in a box, in the back. at the end of her shift she found one bill when there should have been many. now she can carry her money with her in her not two but three pocket apron.
(sold) ((thank you!))

oh dear these are out of order, and ought to be up above with the other etsy shop items. however, i am too tired now after this long weekend to do any more. please visit my shop if you'd like either of these scarves, i'm going to go put them in there now!

there is the cowl i'm loooving. off to go knit now, catch up on your blogs too, just as soon as i clean up the mess i've made.
have a lovely week ahead!
♥ lori


  1. Nice post Lori! I love that Hannah asked for an apron. Your link to esty does not seem to be working. I'll try later.

  2. What a good mamma you are!!
    I love your scarves and cup sleeves too.
    By the way, Its freezing in Cambria, I think i need a sleeve for my tea.....

  3. I always love seeing what your creative minds and hands are up to! You kind of got me in the Chistmas spirit with all of your festive decorating Lori. YOu made the best of a weekend that had other plans for you.

  4. It's all so wonderful, just like you! Beautil things in your ETSY shop and wonderful aprons. You are the best mom. Happy sales. xoxo

  5. That sounds like my ideal weekend, actually! So much craftiness, how lovely!

  6. I wrote a lovely comment and blogger ate it.
    What I said was how lovely and soothing this post is...but I said it better the first time

  7. OMG I don't want to know what you do on a quiet weekend. . . . You've done so much after you perked up

  8. i'm starting to think you are just about the most talented person i know. and i kind of like it :)

  9. I agree with K.J. You are easily the most talented person I know!
    I adore the vintage bauble wreath, did you just glue them on? Oh, and what are they stuck to? A wooden ring? Everything is beautiful and colourful and so full of care and love. I am sure Hannah will love her apron, it rocks!
    Lotsa love. ♥

  10. oops! thank you lizzy! i did forget to check, it's fixed now. I hope the apron works for hannah (and peter!).

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    thank you so much Julie! your sleeve will be on it's way in the morning.I hope you like it. it's really cold here too!

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    lyn, i had taken these decorations out for festive photo, but now their staying out, i'm getting in the mood too!

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    annie, thank you very much, i hope the apron works for hannah! happy sales to you too, i love etsy :)

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    diana, i am with you, i love weekends like this and wish i could do it all the time. we were really looking forward to going away so i was thinking of that. but it was a lovely weekend anyway!

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    thanks mim, blogger must have liked your comment and kept it! i've been having trouble with them too.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    janet, i love this kind of weekend, i wish i could stay home and play all the time! there are so many things i want to do!

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    thank you kj, that is a big compliment and makes me want to say you must mean someone else. but i won't say that, and i'll do like my mother told me and just say thank you.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    natsy, see above :)
    the wreath is made of straw, it is really lightweight and held the hot glue nicely. it takes A LOT of ornaments, more than i imagined. if you buy new, plan for at least 3 dozen. maybe more. thank you dearheart.

  11. Beautiful post, Lori.

    I am so sorry for Hannah's tips, that is so annoying. Plus tips are what gets you through the week, yep. I work in service too!!

    I really love the bauble wreath it might be my favourite one so far this holiday season.

    I really like your scarf unfortunately because I have now bought my scooter, I cannot afford it... maybe I shall try to convince someone to buy it for me!

    I'm sorry your holiday plans were ruined by the crazy weather, I hope it was all okay in the end..

  12. Lori! You have made me want to sling Christmas decorations all over my house while singing carols! Fa lalalalalaaaaaa! :) I adore that apron, and the design is brilliant. I just bought two aprons from my neighbor (reversible with pockets!) for gifties (one is for Caity, but don't tell her). Yours is so great for anyone who has to work on her feet, as a waitress, or at a counter in a bakery, etc. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, oh talented one! xox Pam

  13. glad you had sucha good and productive weekend after the disappointment x my word you are so clever at making all these things!! will try and get to your etsy :) xx

  14. Lori - what a great idea to beat the "Weekend Winter Blues".... bring out bright and shiny Holiday "thingies"! I love all of them!

    The aprons are wonderful! You are the BEST MUM!!!!

    We had thunder and lightning (a lot) on Saturday Evening! I was out to dinner with a friend in a restaurant that had a glass roof - and we had quite a "light show"! is cold (for we California Girls)...time for woolie hats, scarves and mittens!
    But I like it in November-December!

    Warm Hugs,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  15. what a fun post..i loved that tiny sequin pin too...

    the mountains look so beautiful after that rain...we LOVED the rain...

    we snuggled with little Teddy under the covers..all cozy


    wishing you and yours and little owen a wonderful thanksgiving...

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  16. Beautiful, beautiful - everything on your post! Your green sleeves, your scarf, the aprons, nature - just like you!! Love, Silke

  17. WOOO! You do more in one rainy weekend than I do in a month!

    Lori, your decorations are beautiful and so colorful against the white background. It looks like something in Martha Stewart magazine. So pretty! Your Greensleeves are so happy! And my goodness, those scarves are GORGEOUS.

    And you are the BEST mama. Two crisp and wonderful aprons on their way across the country. Lucky girl to have such a super crafty mom!

  18. Hi Lori,see, Mr.Weather just knew better for you! What would Hannah have done if you had been away? It is really incredible how you just need a hint of what is needed, and you not only sew or make it directly, but with all those thoughtful extras (like when you sent Hannah those cards and pictures, hidden in her gloves). You are such an amazing woman!

  19. have your etsy sales picked up after the holiday pic suggestion? They look wonderful!

    I love that retro ball wreath. All of the vintage items together are enticing, and the cozys hung underneath is a great touch!

    Darn that bad karma person who stole hannah's hard earnd tips. I can't even imagine having that thought, never mind following through. I hope they needed the money more than her. Wait, who would need more money than a student in the big city?? Maybe they'll bring it back.

    Sorry Mr. Weather messed up your plans, but I love how you turned in into a meaningful time anyway. The aprons are wonderful!! And it's so like you to include her friend.

    See? You made me smile again ;)♥

  20. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your nice comment recently. I meant to stop by sooner - but you know how that goes. I had a series of senior moments, I think.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  21. Sammi,
    thanks so much! I hope the apron helps my daughter, she cannot afford to have her tips taken. I hope that never happens to you. Be safe on your scooter!

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    thank you! now i can't wait for the tree! i kind of jumped the gun taking out a bit of christmas for the photos i wanted to take. Happy Thanks giving to you too!

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    i love these kind of weekends, i could do this everyday(if i could). Hopefully our trip will happen next month.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    i was wondering if you got this storm too, i'm really loving this weather too. i wish we could have gone away, but maybe next month. That restaurant sounds awesome! (and thank you so much).

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    thank you so much. Is teddy scared of the rain? owen is afraid of wind. :( i hope he learns to be okay!

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    thank you! knitting scarves is so much fun isn't it? there's no seaming and sewing!

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    thank you :)

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    i know you would do the same for your girls. it really helps me to feel less helpless with mine so far away. thank you dear.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    I know you do whatever it takes when your children (beautiful grown women) need you. I think it helps me more than it helps her. It is always good to feel needed. And, it was so much fun!

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Lo, you know, i had so much fun! arrangeing all the cozies and lights, small decorations...i played holiday music and even watched the grinch.
    Hannah has learned another lesson, as hard as that is for me to watch,i know she will be more careful now. AND, they think they know who did it and he will be leaving soon.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    I am happy I came over, it was my pleasure. When Robyn told us to see the image that touched her so much, i wanted to see what it was. I have much respect and Love for Jane Goodall. It was a lovely post you made. Thank you for coming here. Happy thanksgiving to you!

  22. Lori, you have been one busy woman! I adore all your beautiful work. I love that you collected balls and made them into a wreath. (I collect things and plan to make things...someday...) Your daughter & co-worker must have loved the aprons! Heck--I love the aprons! Your blog is always an inspiration. ♥

  23. First and foremost - you are so incredibly, deeply kind and wonderful to check in on me. I've been sick and bored and grumpy and missing my blogger family muchly. But I'm back! (Now I just gotta kick the sore throat in the groin.)

    Secondly - I'm torn between feeling bummed that Hannah got her tips stolen (so not cool) and charmed by the apron you made her and her friend Peter. They are so cute. I hope Hannah has better luck keeping her tips (and gets some more trustworthy co-workers.)

    Thirdly - I am in love your with cup sleeves and will be buying a couple soon. They are darling and I think they're the perfect gift for all my coffee addict friends.

    Finally - Your pictures are, as always, lovely, your writing even lovelier, and your personality the loveliest of all. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving :)

  24. oh lori, i was enjoying all the color and imagining your beautiful store all lit up with holiday magic, and then read that someone stole hannah's tips -- rats!!! what is it about human nature to be so? your girl does not deserve that, how hard-working and trusting she is. oh well.......karma will have its way.

    love love all your beautiful creations - it is always a pleasure to come and visit and see how your are beautifying our world today.........

    happy happy thanksgiving dearest lori to you and your precious family



  25. I love all your clever craftiness...such beautiful work. Sounds like a cosy weekend after all even if you didn't have the warm and toasty fire.

  26. You do such beautiful work Lori and how lovely to make an apron for your daughter! I love the colour and it looks so crisp with the white.
    Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving today.
    Lots of love, Cinta

  27. I don't know where to start! The photos are fantastic and give me such a happy festive feeling. Your sleeves look fabulous like that! Also, the scarves are just so elegant and beautiful. <3

  28. Everything is so beautiful - love to see what you have been up to. Glad the weather improved, too :)

    I had to laugh at Hannah getting more practical pocketed items for her life in nyc.. how wonderful!!!

  29. Hi Lori!
    What gorgeous X mas pictures. Love those light sunny pictures!
    And all the wonderful things you have created!
    Those sleeves are fab!
    And those shawls and that custom made apron for your daughter!
    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    I am thankful to have you among my blogging friends


  30. It's nice to have a colourful creative upside when the weather goes on a downturn - didn't you get any sleep over your productive weekend Lori*!*

  31. hi lori...congratulations on the LUCKY WIN from Julie..i wondered if you knew that julie and i have been best friends for nearly 25 years..i have ALOT of her things and just ADORE all of it. it just makes me HAPPY.
    Julie and I email about 1000 times a day...she is a dear, dear friend to me.

    those ornaments will be so charming...

    teddy and i send cozy love,
    kary and teddy

  32. Oh...the cozies remind me of prayer flags, hung that way! And love the way you displayed your scarves, with the little xmas trees and lights. And the sky, like life, always changes and clouds do hold silver linings sometimes...

  33. The bright blue down the white must gell, and remind of the green mountains.

    Bright cheerful creations.

    Lovely designs. The third pocket reminds me of Shiva's Third Eye in a different context.

  34. Hello!

    I just came by to say hello and good night and good work in every way.

    The apron: fabulous
    The scarves: beautiful
    Spending the holidays with you: priceless!


xoxo lori