Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Big and little

Just because I don't have anything to write about...yet.
Ok, the truth is I only want to write/remember uplifting spiritually enriching positive things. And really funny things.
But life happens and try as i might I can't put a positive spin on today. Hannah cried her little eyes out, her first broken heart, it broke mine too...and watching over Sadie as she bent over the toilet, the flu perhaps? She coulden't understand what was happening to her. These things happened today. And I felt a little like a counselor/nurse/therapist as I tried my best to soothe tender feelings and grumpy tummys.
At the same time work has been going through some schedule changes and it is my job to coordinate. I am feeling like maybe my opportunity to raise a 6 year old again is coming in handy as I use the same skills in a professional manner.
But this blows my mantra "little people little problems, big people..."you know how it goes. Here is my new mantra: Big People, Big Babies.
I hope my girls feel better soon.

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