Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Was it really 27 years ago??! I feel like maybe I've added wrong. Where did the time go?

27 years ago I gave birth on our living room carpet to first born son. Oh he wasn't actually birthed on the carpet, husband did manage to spread/throw out the sheets I had so carefully prepared several weeks before.

But Kyle wasn't aware of my plan. It was going to be this really lovely home birth. Our bed carefully made up, candles burning, soft lights, like it was when he began life.

That's what i thought anyway.

uh uh. Nope. no candles, yes chaos. Kyle's agenda was to arrive as soon as he could. I had gone downstairs at the start of LABOR (really deserves to be capitalized). Never realizing that I would not be able to make it back up the stairs in a few short moments. Panic ensued as former husband frantically called The Midwife. I am doing my best to stay calm as we both realize this baby is on the way and there is no one here but us (and one year old upstairs asleep). Midwife instructs f.husband to prepare bed on floor of living room. First big lesson in always have a PLAN B.

The Midwife's assistant arrives in time to assist. She order's f.husband to boil water! This was always a big mystery to me, what were they planning to do with that water? i didn't want to know. Well, it's for the rags they use to apply hot compresses to the baby exiting area. So you won't tear. That's all. Nothing scary here.

From start to finish it was over in about an hour. The Midwife never made it in time, but her assistant was lovely. As i was pushing she told me to look. Open your eyes now. She said watch your child come into the world. Then she took my hands and placed them around his shoulders as I helped guide him out.

This is like in the Grinch That Stole Christmas, when your heart grows Ten Times its size. Like Nirvana.

My Son. What a baby. What a boy. What a man he's become.

I am so lucky.


  1. ah lori what a GREAT post!!!! so touching..man and time flies..and yes indeed..how lucky are we???? whoa! heaps of love and keep up the blogging! XX janelle

  2. oh wow and amazing story of your meetings with the dalai lama..he is one of my most most inspirational people of all times...totally totally into tibetan buddhism as well...what an incredible man and HOW LUCKY ARE YOU TO HAVE SEEN HIM TWICE!!!!! and man, that cake looks DELICIOUS and full of chocolate and of course, Love...take care lori. XX janelle

  3. janelle, thanks so much! you are so sweet.your words really made my day* It's so strange to me still this whole business of blogging. But the connections with people are so real and true, it's a good thing. Maybe the way to world peace no? Understanding we are all really the same.
    Now...you are the word master. i am humbled you have read mine(yes, i called you word master, you can put that on your chalkboard,ha!
    Yes, the Dalai Lama, a highpoint of my life, still haven't gotten to Dharmsala, need/want to go.Have you?
    love + peace & thanks

  4. Thank you for your message on my blog Lori! What a beautiful story, and isn't homebirth just so amazing?! I gave birth to my son on September 14th 2007 and as you probably read on on my blog, was just so amazing :)

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  6. Same birthday as my hubby. :) He was born in Y1978 me too.


xoxo lori