Monday, September 22, 2008

One way to see the world

Sea-Side Gardens, Carpinteria

I had a sudden inspiration. Partly because the sun finally came out. Partly because our yard looks like a field (of weeds). And because it was my day off. I am going to garden!
We are lucky to have several really nice nursery's in this area. I have 3 favorites, but this is the best i think.

The thing that makes this place so great is the gardens are layed out just like you would find them in various places around the world. See map above.

First i have to look in the gift shop. i might need something.
Here's what gardener's do when they have too much time on their hands.

First stop Australia...

oooh, South America is next...
Look at the size of this fern...
This looks like it could bite.
I'm getting all turned around, i think i'm on the border of Cottage garden and the Mediterranean...

This is definitely South Africa...i'm pretty sure.

And here are some succulents,

Pretty aren't they? i can see that i have entirely missed the California natives, the Wetlands and All of Asia.

You really can get lost in here, it's paths wander all around and there are all these nice little nooks and crannies to duck into.

My favorite thing about this place is no kids EVER want to go. So i get to go all by myself :)



  1. Lori, I know I`m too late to comment, but I`m just reading through your older posts and I LOVE this one! I am a great garden freak (having been born and raised in a city) and would love to walk through this one with you! And no kids, haha.

  2. If you come to visit we will go Angela, you will really enjoy it!

    xx lori

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xoxo lori