Sunday, May 23, 2010


flowers in the garden...

from my thoughtful husband (favorite vitamin water and wine too)...

flowers blooming everywhere.

it seems the closer one lives to the beach here, the smaller plot of land one has. i have a tiny garden, almost everything grows in containers. this is the start of seeds sent from blogging friends janet in south africa (on the left) and natalie in australia on the right...

growing steadily week after week...

and then, one day last week, look what has bloomed where it was planted.

australian daisies in my own backyard (notice my garden inspector on the left) :)

how do you think the south african one's are coming along owen?

our new garden gates to keep our little inspector safe...

he approves, sort of....

the first peas are ready...

when my children were small we'd grow several plants of sugar snap peas, they are so good to eat right off the vine...

bloom where you are planted. my puppy and garden remind me of this. in the midst of so much sadness and confusion, i only have to come out here. see life going on, thriving and happy, and i know that everything will be okay.

♥ lori


  1. aha, this is why i am still awake...

    all i can say is i love you, lori, and you feel deeply because you care deeply.

    that orange tree is outrageously beautiful. and your little pink daisies. and owen.

    and you.

    seeing your yard is a triple treat. ♥

    love love

  2. your yard is wonderful, but that shows how wonderful you are, no garden grows without love.
    Be well,

  3. Oh, so beautiful, Lori! And you are so right - it's the same for me. Whenever I feel sad or overwhelmed or confused, I go outside and look at the garden or to the beach and look at the waves and instantly feel better. Or I play with Winslow, who thinks that Owen is just the cutest ever. They'd have fun playing together... Much love, Silke

  4. Sugar snap peas make every thing okay ! Plus you must smile just seeing Owen. And all of that vibrant color...such positive energy surrounds you ! Enjoy your day !

  5. Hooray!
    I am so glad they have shown their happy little faces.
    Love the chief flower inspector too. :) ♥

  6. Lori - such a beautiful garden! (You KNOW I am in love with that gorgeous purple flower!)

    Beautiful roses from a wonderful husband! (The wine and water were nice too,)

    OWEN! What a little cutie! (And such a vigilant "Inspector"!)

    As I said to KJ this morning - LOVE ,makes everything and everyone bloom.

    A wonderful post!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. Beautiful flowers. Owen is cute too. Sorry you are going through the sadness with your mother. I know it is hard. I lost mine 18 years ago. Way sooner than one should have to.

  8. There is life, and there is beauty still, and there are loves that shine their happy faces on you. My goodness, your little seedlings have blossomed! And look at Owen with his cute little plushie that looks like mini-Owen! So dang cute!

  9. Oh how fun to see Africa and Australia growing next to each other! Your orange tree is making me jealous!

    And that Owen, what a beauty.

  10. Such vibrant, pretty flowers! And um, Owen is still the most adorable thing ever.

  11. oh and as my garden dies with the arizona heat, i get to revel in the blooming of yours. :)

  12. oooo everything is looking stunning.

    Time to transplant the SA gazanias...maybe share them with your neighbours --- spread the SA lurv ... (hahahahaha)

    The roses are gorgeous!!
    Owen is a beauty xxx

  13. I love your blossoms, Lori. They're almost as beautiful as Owen.

    Also, I wanted to thank you for telling us about your beautiful mother. I didn't comment on that post because I didn't know what to say. Too many words to choose from and none of the right ones coming to me.

    Have a good day. I'm still collecting sea glass and will keep you posted.

  14. I guess mother nature provides us with the things we need in order to's just up to us to seek them out. Your garden looks delightful, how cool to share international bloggy seeds!

  15. Refreshing to look in your garden small, but beautiful. Your dog is cute, too.

    I like the Apache blessing at the bottom of your blog. Really do.

  16. Beautiful pictures

    You don't need lots of land when you live near the sea!!

    Owen is as adorable as ever.

  17. i love the idea of planting seeds sent from different countries........and what a creative way to stay connected with your friends!!!

    gardens have that way of helping you feel better when things in life are scary and sad........and Mim is right - no garden grows without love --- your beautiful garden is a testament to your beautiful energy and spirit.

    i am so happy you are able to find a little patch of solace at this difficult time~


  18. Lori, you deserve all the flowers of the world!
    Wishing you lots of love and ispiration.
    You have a lovely garden and all those beautiful flowers are amazing.And what a lovely husband to send you those gifts!
    Take care,

  19. Oh my, what a delight to visit you Lori. With everything bad it is so comforting to see flowers and your adorable little puppy. I think it is so cute that Owen has a little Owen of his own.

  20. Hi Lori, Such a treat to catch a glimpse of your beautiful garden...Owen sure does make me smile!
    Those are some of the things that help us get through the tough times.
    Take good care!

  21. Oh Owen is so so cute...
    And all the flowers are gorgeous


xoxo lori