Thursday, May 6, 2010

sea treasure

this is what i found in less than two hours this morning,


with the help of him...

this is how i found this red piece. red is rare, i was so excited i couldn't take a straight photo...

then i found blue

so many blues...

just kidding about owen helping. he sniffed jellyfish, chased birds and barked at giant crabs...

and waited patiently for me, look! a green one!

and then, unbelievably another red,

oh my lord, look at this blue...

i've never seen anything like it before...

it was like the seaglass fairy came overnight and sprinkled the beach with these. or if the legend is true, and a mermaid was shedding so many tears, i hope at least, some were tears of joy.

more treasures that found their way into my pockets...

and these are getting ready to be posted in the mail soon!
i'm going back in the morning
want to come with?
♥ lori

~Sea glass or Mermaid's Tears as it is also known is a wonderful natural creation filled with magic, legends and an air of mystery. Perhaps that piece of cornflower you twirl between your fingers originated as a Victorian poison bottle tossed into the sea by some cloaked woman hiding in the shadows trying to elimininate all traces of her dastardly crime. That rare regal red that you have plucked from the sand could have been a lantern from a notorious pirate vessel lost to the sea now lurking in the mists near some forgotten shoreline. The legend of Mermaid's Tears says that the tears (or sea glass) were created by mermaids who sobbed for the tears of sailor's lost at sea. As their tears hit the water, they turned to these magical pieces of frosted glass. Lovingly nurtured by the ocean; tossed and churned; pounded by surf and rumbled across pebbles to create an amazing piece of beautiful history. ~

and for even more about sea glass,
The Sea Glass Journal and The Sea Glass Odyssey are fun places to visit!


  1. Wow! red and blue!! Amazing to find them all on the same outing!
    They were Meant for you, to show you that you are a rare treasure too. ♥

  2. Natsy! what a sweet thing to say! i am still smiling from this morning, i really can't believe i found all these, amazing.

  3. oh dear god, lori. this seems like a miracle to me. how i would have loved to be there with you, letting my eye find and fall upon these treasures. how IS it that so much worn glass would be in one place like that?

    ahem....those jars. ahem. how i love getting mail from sweet wonderful friends ♥

  4. Jeez, this is getting very colourful! Shades of blues and greens are still my best

    Happy weekend

  5. Back off KJ - those jars are clearing coming my way!!!

    Lori - amazing what you have found there, love that red, but the blues are just the best. I've never found that much beach glass anywhere! I agree, they are meant for you

  6. Lori,These are all so beautiful.Looking forward to kids summer vacation so kids and I can find some too.Have a glorious day sweet Lori ♥ < see I took your heart tutorial and now I cant stop♥ oops there I go again.( : Cat

  7. I have never found sea glass. I normally only go to beaches on the Gulf Coast. Now that won't be possible for a long time with the oil spill.

  8. I most liked your stories about them, wonderful, yes,and surely TRUE! What was that round bone, can you imagine? Owen looks very mischievous, oh Owen!
    Can you now remove the glass from your palm that I can see your hand lines better? They look much like mine, it seems to me. We must get Reya to read them!

  9. kj,
    it's a mystery! i've been coming to this same beach for over 20 years and i've never seen anything like it. there are new patches of rocks full of seaglass. I am having so much fun while it lasts!


    blues are my favorite, and they are not really too common to find. every time i see one i gasp. green is the most common i think, that and white. love them all.


    send me your address and i'll send you some. this is a first for me too. and the most exciting part is i'm the only one out there collecting!


    yay ♥ that's so cool, thanks for letting me know! my kids were never too interested to search with me, well, i ought to say they lost interest quickly. i could look for hours! i hope you have a wonderful time with yours ♥


    sad sad the spill. awful. i hope you find yourself on a beach with seaglass someday, it's really a treat.


    the stories are great! and while i'm searching and finding i think about all these things. i have never seen a bone like that before, i wonder if its part of a flipper, a dolphin or whale?? owen is very mischiveous. but learning. he loves the beach.
    my palm lines were read once a long time ago, lots of kids, long happy life, its true!!

  10. o0o pretty.

    Owen is growing up to be a crazy boy, love it!

  11. Lori - such beautiful treasures from the ocean's Mermaids for you!
    I would have loved to be there, sharing in your discoveries!

    If you ever find any lilac-hues ones, you KNOW who to send them to!


    ♥ Robin ♥

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  13. How beautiful and magical! Only there for someone special I think Lori. Have a great weekend. And yes, I will come too!

  14. oh, Lori the foto of Owen leaping for joy on the beach is ADORABLE!!!

    isn't it glorious what treasures the sea leaves behind for us to find?

  15. I really think that they were planted there for only you to find Lori...such treasure ! Congrats on Kyle too...huh, another common interest. Alexander ( youngest son is a basketball pro, and he is coming next weekend to play his hometown, and his old team.)

  16. Oh Lori! That is incredible!
    So very beautiful and such abundance...that is truly exciting!
    I hardly find any sea glass on our beach in Maine. I love it when I find heart rocks but your sea glass collection is so fantastic!

  17. Ok first I have to tell you that I laughed out loud at that picture of Owen!! That is definitely one of my favorite pictures of him!

    You know I have to admit that I never knew what sea glass was or that it even existed until I met you and your blog. I checked out those websites and am amazed at their story and how beautiful they are! I can imagine starting my own collection if I lived right near a beach. You had quite the day finding some very unique sea glass!

  18. Wow Wow Wow!!!

    I love it... you and your treasures.

    Just yesterday I was scouting and I found treasure too... not glass, but very beautiful shells - I was hoping to find glass, but I know that I have to wait until winter as that's the only time I've seen it here.

    I haven't been on the computer much in recent days as it hasn't been working properly, but I'm so glad I was able to make it here today.

    Lori I am very grateful that you share as I learn so much from you that enhances my life.

    Thank you xx Robyn

  19. sammi,
    he is a handful, but still a puppy. we're having a lot of fun with him (even when he's a pest)haha!


    oh wow, i would love to find any shade of purple! that would really be exciting. i will look for one for you!


    Linda, i am so glad you let me know, i will add your site to the links, it's wonderful! thank you!


    wonderful!! you will love it, it is a completely relaxing way to spend some time. and thank you ♥


    Yes! that is him, so happy he leaps! i love it too, especially both his paws in the air. taking this photo made me tip over. hahaha.


    thank you, it almost felt like that to me too.
    thank you re kyle, we are blessed to have such wonderful sons (and daughters).


    i love heart rocks too. i'm surprised to hear there isn't much seaglass there. maybe it's hiding.


    haha, oh owen... he cracks me up too.
    i guess it would be hard to start a collection living in arizona. if you come here i'll take you with me!


    thank you my lovely friend. thank you for such a beautiful comment that means so much to me.
    winter is the time to find it here too but since we had recent big surf and good tides i guess thats why all this glass showed up now in the spring.
    sorry about your computer troubles,it can be a good break though.
    enjoy your treasure hunting!

  20. Love sea glass, both man made, natural, and mermaid tears. We collect it, too.

    Sure beats plastic!

  21. A wonderful find. The red ones are outstanding. The blues and greens are calming.

  22. How absolutely beautiful! I love the way you have recorded your finds for us.. almost as good as really being there on the beach with you and the adorable Owen!

  23. Ohhhh, great finds and beautiful photography!

    David and Lin from
    Odyssey Sea Glass

  24. Lori Ann dear,

    Here I am in cooooold Wisconisin on the way to an event and had to check in on you.

    YOU FOUND RED!!! I have NEVER found red Mermaid's Tears in all my years of beach combing. You KNOW how much I love these little sea gems and my best jewelry is made up on island sea glass entwined in gold. I love them more than emeralds. My favorites are the aqua blue.

    Squirrel Island, Maine is where I find such great masses of them, but nothing in the numbers of what you found.

    It must be Owen.

    Sending love from Wisconsin,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  25. Whata wonderful beach you live beside that offers you so many lovely treasures from the sea. Can't wait till I getdown to the sea next week and maybe i'll find some treasure too.

  26. Gorgeous! Oh wow, I love dreaming about where they came from, wondering how long they have been drifting and churning. And now they are in your loving hands and in your gentle home.

    Oh, that photo of Owen pouncing -- be still my heart!

    Hope you have a most wonderful Mother's Day!

  27. Happiest of Mother's day, my beloved friend and Mother times six.

    ♥ x100

  28. dan,
    and we're helping to clean up the beach! i've never seen man made sea glass!


    3 yearshousewife,
    it truly is addicting to look for seaglass, i don't think i could ever get tired of it.


    thank you! i wonder, do you know if there is seaglass in africa? maybe on some beaches... maybe someday i'll find out. i'm so glad you enjoyed coming along!


    david and lyn,
    thank you very much!


    i really can't quite believe it myself, i've never found so much in such little space and a red! never before. i knew you would appreciate it. While i was in Cayucos last weekend i found out they are having a sea glass festival next march! i'll be there, maybe your schedule will allow you to come too!
    *march 5, 2011 @ Vet's Hall


    how exciting you are going to your beloved beach! i hope you have a wonderful time and find lots!

    thank you sweet talented friend. haha, owen, he even got both paws up in the air!
    Happy Mother's day to you too dear!


    ♥ sweet sweet kj, same to you and jess. i hope you have a beautiful day. love, lori

  29. I've been to the beach today and guess what I found...
    yes sea glass and it automatically made me think of you with a smile on my face and love in my heart.

    Lori I'm hooked now and will forever seek and think of you.
    You've opened my eyes.
    I've gathered the odd piece in the past and have my treasured heart from you, but now I'm starting to really see it.

    Thank you x

    I might post about it as I would like more people to see your collections too.

    xxx happy mothers day :)
    love to you Robyn

  30. That is an unbelievable haul you got there and so fast! I don't have that much and I've been collecting for 10 years here. How shall we swap? xx Aden

  31. Beautiful Treasure

    Happy Mother's Day!

  32. I just love seaglass!! Pretty colors!!
    Have a Happy Mother's Day, Lori!! I know you are surrounded by a whole bunch of love!!

  33. Lori - Simply awesome gifts from the sea. The glass is stunning and the red pieces are mystical. What do you do with the glass after you collect it? Do you use it in jewelry or mosaic tables? The first time I saw sea glass was in the Virgin Islands and I think it is the ultimate recycling! I think you had a lucky day. Happy Mama's Day Lori.

  34. They're all so pretty, singly and in combination.

  35. That is the most amazing sea glass collection I've ever seen - so vibrant!! I love sea glass and we never find it here. Once I found a blue marble though... Thank you sharing... Love, Silke

  36. robyn,

    i am so excited to hear that. isn't it wonderful to look for treasure where you didn't know to look before? thank you so much for telling me. You know how much i love to hear that. love to you too.


    email me!


    thank you! i hope you had a lovely day too!


    do you find much on your beaches? i'm imagining a lot!


    you too my dear. you too.


    i've not done too much, a few small projects, maybe that would be a good thing to show...
    mostly it is in glass jars and big shells so i can look at it and touch it everyday!


    i completly agree. and it's the ultimate recycling, truly from trash to treasure!


    a marble! that is a find! i have a few too, they are so special to me. Isn't it fun? I love to search!

  37. I've never heard of such a thing--how wonderful to be able to explore and find beautiful things by the ocean!

  38. This brings back wonderful memories of when my kids were younger. We'd go to the beach and search for sea glass ~ and we'd discuss if a piece had 'cooked' in the ocean long enough. If we all agreed that the piece was 'cooked' by the ocean's waves it went into a special jar. I still have those pieces in that jar and it is a cherished treasure. Thank you for this post.

  39. Beautiful post about some rare treasures waiting for you to find, I've only seen green, between you and Robyn I can hear the coast calling me, it's been quite a while since I've had a walk on a beach*!*


xoxo lori