Sunday, May 9, 2010

I'm very pleased to introduce Dolphin Magazine, a new online magazine. Published by Ocean (Magazine), a not for profit organization, it's dedicated to celebrating and protecting the earth's ocean and it's creatures says Publisher Diane Buccheri...

Dolphin, a beautifully conceived magazine, is filled with stories, photos, poetry, meditations and even a dolphin song. I'm grateful to have two photos in this first issue. If you'd like to have a look at this labor of love and inspiration, go here. And you can say hi to me here (photo and bio)! Thank you Diane for letting me be a part of Dolphin magazine.

I'd also like to introduce flower child photo cards.
I've been busy making cards (having fun!) with images from California's
spring wildflower bloom we found this year...

The cards are made with my 4x6 photographs.
An envelope and clear sleeve to protect are included until
ready to be used...

flower child photo cards*
pick one here!

♥ lori

* a portion of proceeds goes towards Breast Cancer Research, you can read more about that here. thank you for looking! I hope everyone had a joyful Mother's Day!


  1. Whooooooo hoo!!!
    I love all of this. Proud to know you xxx

    PS You're inspiring me for my EPIC.

  2. Excellent mag and great bio (LOVE the hat)and the photo's are awesome (as usual)

  3. I`m proud to know you, too, Lori! So famous! What was that with you having been nine and...? What is scuba diving? And when did you start surfing? And playing volley ball? And photographing?
    Geeze, you are quite an impressing lady, my girl!

  4. Wonderful post!! I love your bio in the new magazine and will have to peruse it more thoroughly at my leisure. One the most magical experiences here for me have been with the dolphins. It's hard to describe how I feel when they come close...

    And your cards are gorgeous - of course, I couldn't resist and had to buy a few! ; )

    Much love to you, my sweet friend!! Silke

  5. I am so proud of you Lori - you do such beautiful things. Wishing you a lot of success :)

  6. Congratulations Lori! But, I am not surprised... we are new friends, but I knew at once you were a talented lady! The magazine is wonderful! And....Dolphins.....what can I possibly say or add... beautiful, intelligent, magical creatures.
    You are blessed to have them so close to you.... (waters too cold up here.... just Sea Lions, Seals and....yup......Great Whites).

    The Wildflower Cards are GORGEOUS! Brava Lori!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. Lovely! I'm off to check things out.

  8. Thank you everyone so much for all your words of kindness, I can't begin to say how much they mean to me. And thank you on behalf of Breast Cancer Research, I know everybit helps!! (i'll be adding more cards tonight, i'm off to work now!)

    you are inspiring me, and teaching me so much, i LOVE all the links you send me, and i LOVE watching you prepare for AUGUST, thank you!


    Diane's done a beautiful job, thank you so much for saying so. The hat was made with the softest alpaca i've ever felt, unfortunatly i made up the pattern and now can't remember it or i would share. Thank you so much!


    thank you natsy darling ♥



    haha! the scuba was my dad's idea, its where you wear a face mask, tank, regulator and go deep under water. he was a diver and used to bring me along with him. but i always prefered to bob around near the surface. you can see lots of sealife though!


    Thank you, oh thank you. I am so touched. You have really made my day.
    It's how i feel around dolphins too, they are completely magical. Thank you again for everything. ♥


    OH WOW! thank you so much too, I will send them out this morning on my way to work. Thank you for your words, they mean so much to me.


    thank you! oh we have those too, there is an abundance of sealife here, so the food chain is always in effect. Dolphins are incredible creatures, i love them so much! thank you for your kind words ♥


    i hope you'll enjoy! thank you for looking!

  9. this post has everything! (okay, no body parts...)

    i feel a special affinity with dolphins. they got out of their way to care for us humans--so gentle and playful and loyal.

    yay that you've done cards, lori!! i don't know where you find the time, but you are a first class ARTIST.

    i'm going to stop people at the post office and tell them that my friend lori is famous!! and that she's going to be even more famous. and if anyone asks for my autograph because of my association with you, i am going to put on my sunglasses, throw my hair back, and pull out my waterman pen.

    i shall ride on your waves. :)

    love love

  10. wonderful..all of it...

    those photos of the dolphins is so peaceful...

    and i love your cards...i am off to your esty to check it out....

    you are an inspiration, my friend...

    blessed to have such a wonderful friend...and hugs to owen..teddy is doing so great..we just are so in LOVE with that little man...he is the light of our lives....

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  11. BIG congrats Lori!! Terrific bio - you are clearly so talented in photography! And what a wonderful magazine - I adore dolphins and look forward to reading this!

    Also love the wildflowers cards - where do you find the time to do all this and keep up with your big family!?! ;-)

  12. How wonderful!!!And your cards are just magical!! won my Giveaway!!! me your address at cat1(at)
    Big Hugs-Cat

  13. The dolphins are wonderful, and an excellent mag too. Wow...scuba diving at nine, no wonder you love the ocean so much, you are practically a mermaid.!
    The photo cards are brilliant !!

  14. kj,
    yay! i use a montblanc (have a collection! haha)so funny, i am picturing you now. and i am afraid i have to correct you, you are the artist/author famous person!!


    ah thank you! i am so touched by all your words.
    and i know just how you feel about teddy, i'm so happy for you all.

    lots of love,
    lori and owen


    thanks very much, i appreciate all your words. i hope you do get a chance to look through the magazine. there is a charge of 3.00, but i think it's well worth the price.
    my kids are all out now, except for my last and she's on her way (i still keep busy with them all!)


    i am so thrilled! i emailed you already, thank you very very much!


    thanks! i think there might be a little bit of merpeople in my family!

  15. How wonderful, I love the idea I can order some of your pictures. Do you ship to the UK?

  16. This is all so lovely! I love dolphins so much (I was planning on being a marine biologist at one point) so I'm all over this online magazine!

    And happy Mother's Day to you as well, Lori!

  17. Dolphins are magical and lovely creatures aren´t they?
    Such a great magazine and congratulations for your photos! You are such a talented woman and I am so proud of you!!!
    And you have a special way to help people, so beautiful.
    Have a lovely week, dear Lori.

  18. Gorgeous! A BIG congratulations. It's a fantastic and very worthwhile magazine.

    I love your beautiful cards, Lori. I'm excited to receive mine. Thank you!

  19. joanne,
    oh yes! i'm so glad to see your back, i hope all is well with you and your darling family.


    thank you sweetie. i thought about being that once too, love the ocean!


    you are such a ray of sunshine, i am so glad to know you. i will have a great week and i hope you will too. thank you dear friend.


    oh my gosh, i am truly flattered, but dear bella, when is your own shop going to be opened?? thank you so much.

  20. Lori, and Everybody - Your photos are beautiful and so welcome in DOLPHIN's premier issue! I love your comments everybody!

    Always remember freedom, and kindness, and love, and sunshine!


  21. Lori you are a clever,talented, generous, beautiful soul.
    Soon I'll be off to buy cards... I hope there will be some left for me.

    love to you
    xxx Robyn

    PS... will you do any with those lovely little birds? :)


xoxo lori