Wednesday, May 12, 2010

paperbag fun

having a little extra time on my hands today (at work, i didn't eat lunch, and it was really slow),i decided to make a cover for a book i'm reading about africa. the book is old and borrowed and i didn't want to damage it since it was loaned to me by a special friend. luckily i had my travel watercolor set with me! using a paperbag, (i like how it takes paint, here is another i did) i started on the front and i liked it so far but it seemed to be missing something...

so i painted a zebra on the back, it looks a little better, then i added white around the faux photos for good effect, but still, it's not quite right...

i added some guinea fowl feathers, that should do it i thought, but it was still not what i wanted, and then i knew!

can you see what i added to complete the cover? (well, almost complete, it will get the micron pen treatment at home) it's....


owen in africa! hahaha...

i think he looks cute...

peeking out from behind the giraffe...

here is the cover on the book front...

book back...

and side.
oh owen. :)

♥ lori

p.s. thank you everyone so much for the etsy and magazine love. i know you all made a few people very happy!


  1. lori! lori! kj is sleeping so i am here to tell you to come to her blog because there is something special there for you and it is from me so come when you can and i hope you like it i think you will.

    i was looking for me on this cover and i was so glad to find me hiding there. heeheehee

    i am going to tell kj you can really draw and paint. i hope someday we get to play together.

    sincerely yours,
    emily rabbit

  2. Love it! What a beautiful hobby you have, and adding Owen makes it timely.

  3. Lori - you are so cute and clever but best of all I love your spirit...

    Oh and Owen, well he is pretty sweet too...

    Happy days

  4. hahaha Owen - thats so cute! Lori - there is no end to your talents xx

  5. Love it Lori... I too like the texture of brown paper bags ;)

    I'm with Delwyn... I love your spirit and Owen too :)

    xxx Robyn

  6. that is the cutest thing!! big question is - are you keeping the cover or giving it back to the loaner? -...the temptation to keep it must be pretty strong!!!

  7. Oh, wow! I am so happy to see you displaying your beautiful painting skills.
    Owen is perfect. ♥

  8. Oh, Lori, what a talent you have!! Amazing! I wish I could paint so life-like... Owen is just gorgeous!! Love, Silke

  9. That is so wonderful and Owen is just the right touch to complete it! You have so many gifts to share! Loved following the sequence, too!

  10. Also becomes a nice gift for the friend who loaned you the book.

  11. Lori - I am a new friend....but an observant one - and I saw Owen at once - in the first photo! How PERFECT! I love what you did.... truly. What a wonderful way to enhance the book....

    Sunny here in SF...hope you have it too!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  12. Lori, I WANT THAT COVER! I hope it`s Norman`s book you are talking about (for everyone: Norman Carr, Return to the Wild).
    I sent Lori the book which in 1970 the author gave to my husband and me when we visited his camp in Zambia. He was the founder of the Luangwa Valley Game Reserve, and as my brother had married his daughter (clever man!), we were guests in that magic place
    (see Spiny Marshmallow, Pam`s blog!)
    Her father had written this book which you can hardly believe - of how he had brought up two lion cubs and when they were grown up, returned them to the wild. Incredible photos! No wonder it`s worn!
    This said, I must say I loved your cover, Lori, and hahaha, what a clever idea of Owen to hide there, ALMOST not to be discovered!
    You are amazing, and Val is right, no end to your talents! Love from Geli

  13. I love it, especially with the addition of Owen!

  14. What you can do with a paper bag and paint!!! Cute to see Owen on it! And I'm not surprised that you carry travel paints!

  15. AAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, that is FABULOUS! Oh my goodness, you KNOW that bookcover ain't NEVER coming off. Beautiful, beautiful paintings. That zebra really POPS! And OWENNNNNN! Hahahahahaha, absolutely adorable! More, more more!

  16. Absolutely fantastic Lori! You have so many talents!
    I would never be able to paint like that on an empty stomach -not even with a full one... *lol*
    I immediately saw Owen, you painted him so cute. I am sure he IS cute too, he looks so sweet and innocent! :))

  17. I just adore it Lori!! It is so perfect! Adding Owen makes it complete!! : )

  18. oh yes..i saw him there...what a darling watercolor of him..and everyone are a wonderful artist...LOVE those charming watercolors....

    we are having a ball here with our sweet TEDDY..what a sweetie-pie...just a delight...happiness and laughter once again...after all that sad.....

    sending love to you and owen...

    kary and teddy

  19. look at all these compliments and comments!!! ALL DESERVED!!!

    your little paintings are just adorable. my god, lori, you could illustrate children's AND a grown up books.

    you are one of a kind, lori. i meant it. i am not just saying that to get on your good side :)
    all the qualities i love and admire in a person are all wrapped up inside you. please be my friend forever!

    how i would love to paint and color and point and snap and gossip with you for just one sunny afternoon....

    love love

  20. My head and heart are full of Africa at the moment.
    Today I finished reading The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver and cried when I came to the last I have been crying all the way through it.
    Your watercolours are delightful and Owen....ah Owen....such a cutie pie.

  21. This is absolutely adorable, and so clever and creative of you. Travel watercolor set! Only you, Lori! I love your spontaneity and playful nature, and it all shows out in this project of yours.

    Owen...the cutest, ever!

  22. absolutely d e l i g h t f u l


  23. kj, emily? isn't this past your bedtime? ;)


    thank you, i appreciate it!


    ♥ take care dear friend, and thank you.


    :) glad you liked it! thank you! i laugh at how he keep showing up everywhere!


    thank you dearheart. ♥


    photocopy! haha, thank you!


    that doggie is something alright. guess what bloomed yesterday?? pictures coming!


    haha, thank you sweetie, although i doodle, you paint. this is the first time i've tried drawing him, from a photo of course, he doesn't sit still. heehee.


    you are so generous, thank you. i hesitate to post these especially around true artists like you. thank you for your kindness.




    ah thank you dear. i appreciate your kind words. no, now we are fogged in, i guess it traveled south! i like it though, it was cold and damp today!

  24. geli,
    of course you are right! i was wondering if you'd know. well, now you know one of your birthday gifts, haha! i finished the book and i only wished it were longer. great man, great story. thank you gaily~geli!


    thank you! your so sweet.


    you are too!


    there are times i wish i were one of those women who travel light, but i am one who carries a big bag! you never know what you may need!


    blushing here....thank you miss generous. Thank you. and your right, the cover is going to the above friend!


    thank you :) while i was painting i couldn't stop giggling. isn't it funny how a puppy is in your every thought? he is those things and mischeivious too.


    yup! that't what i thought. he is in everything now anyway! haaha! thank you!


    thank you so much, that is so sweet of you.
    i know how you feel, these little doggies attach to the heart so quickly. i am so happy for you all.
    teddy is a dollbaby!


    you are such a sweetheart, i think you are just the kindest person. you make everyone feel so good. i love that in a person too.
    i don't know how it'll be yet, but the future seems to hold the east coast for me. bloggers unite!


    i know that book. i read it years ago. many stories of africa are hard to read. but so beautiful at the same time. thank you for your sweet comment.


    oh thank you! i really appreciate your kind words.those little travel watercolor sets are genius!


    xxx ♥

  25. I wish I can draw as well as you. Beautiful cover.

  26. I love it - wonderful - Have a nice weekeend -Inge

  27. Truly lovely..especially with sweet Owen peaking out of the side!!Big Hugs-Cat
    *Your Giveaway win is on its way to you.

  28. Love the bookcover art, Lori. I just read through a long list of your comments while eating my hummus filled rosemary bread. A move to the east coast? Change is underway! It's amazing that you are so inspired by Africa after coming home and feeling sick for months from the trip. I am amazed at your talent to see the good in life and remain inspired. Also, I think it's time you got an agent for your work. Your post reads like a children's I would love to share with my own children if they were still young. Beautiful little Owen peeking around the bend...charming. Thanks for your lovely comments on my Oasis blog, and your continued warmth.

  29. 3 years,
    thank you very much!


    thank you so much, i hope you have a lovely weekend as well!


    ah thank so much for everything, will let you know when it arrives!


    yummy! love hummus!
    i'm not moving, no no! i'll always be a west coast girl (that i know of!). it's my daughter, she's transfering to an east coast college so i'll be making the trip back and forth cross country for at least the next 4 years.
    thank you so much for all your kind words, they are much appreciated. ♥

  30. What an adorable post, Lori! You made me smile. And don't you dare throw that away when you're done with the book! Your artistic talents are bountiful.

  31. Oh wow what a wonderful book cover you made here!
    Is Owen the puppy you talked about making a video of?
    He looks soooooooo cute (the picture on your sidebar)
    Please do!


xoxo lori