Sunday, June 12, 2011


murky conditions call for bundling up on walks, making soup and knitting! while working away on a new shawl, the elizabeth zimmerman circular pi shawl (beaverslide wool, in woodsmoke heather colorway, a beautiful color in it's foggy greyness)  i received my first big order, and it called for color.

 here's what arrived last night, and will be knitted into thirty six new 'green sleeves'

 for this shop

 this is an example of what i'll be making, reusable cup sleeves

 times three

 we definitely have our (foggy) day cut out for us, right owen? (he is apparently all over the pelican trauma! and little nebby is doing quite well also.)  



    am i the first to comment? if so, everyone else will no doubt in one way or another say this:


    that 36 greensleeve order is so fantastic and not the least bit surprising.

    you and the fog sure know how to stretch out and curl in and relax, lori. if i saw that hat in a store, i would put it to my face and close my eyes :^)

    and i-survived-a-pelican-attack owen: too cute.

    this looks to be one fine weekend, lori sf. i'm super duper glad


  2. OH! OH! OH!
    (wipes slobber from keyboard...)
    Okay, I have regained my few senses...I love Noro!
    The work on the needles is beautiful~~my knitting is put away for the summer; guess it will come out when it cools here.
    Beautiful photos~~fog is so relaxing to look at and magical to photograph.


  3. Congratulations of your first big order! Your knitting looks so fantastic....very envious. xo

  4. Way to go with your first order, the colors are lovely. How I love foggy days-when they can be cozy and warm. Little Owen reminds me of my Penny, they make good little warmers. Have a nice day.

  5. Awww...OWEN! I just want to squeeze his little cheeks! He is SO CUTE!

    And the colours of your wool! I LOVE THEM! You make me want to knit!

  6. Only you can make me miss fog ;)

    I love the shawl so far. It's quite lacy and delicate, and I think it should be called "Foggy Shawl."

    That's a HUGE order for the most perfect store!! I'm so happy for you (and for the lucky customers.)

    I'm so glad both Owen and nebby are doing well. yay all around!


  7. You can make fog look good :)
    Congrats on your order Lori!!!
    Wow soon you need a machine to make them.....
    Ahh and that Owen looks so cute and happy!
    Just want to hug him.

    have a wonderful day!

  8. Noro and a Pii shawl? you are my hero.

    The fog sounds lovely - I can't wait to get out there for a few days

  9. So great that your green sleeves are taking off. They are truly awesome! The weather is all over the map, all over the world. One day we have 7 degrees Celsius and the next day - it will only be 12. In between we will have high winds and thunderstorms. Your photos of the fog are eerily beautiful. Happy knitting.

  10. Lori, Congrats on the order!!!Wonderful news and like Kj I am not at all surprised.
    I love that little Owen, what a doll, glad nebby is doing okay too.

  11. Ooh I've been away too long, your photos always make me smile.

  12. How can fog make me homesick? :) It does! And Owen. Okay, please give him a lovely treat and tell him it's from his pal in MD. As for that yarn, wow, those colors are really yummy. Congrats on the sale! xox Pam

  13. Your fog is so beautiful♥
    The yarn will make very pretty Green Sleeves.
    And Owen is so ADORABLE!
    Lovely week to you Dear Lori♥

  14. oh yes... this is a great project for the weather right now! i love that shawl you're making! how adorable is owen in that last picture? he totally made me smile. your photos and posts always do.

  15. Hahahahahaha, love that wittle tongue! Oh, Lori, how can you work with that sweet face watching you all day?

    WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!! Congratulations! Fabulosity x100!

    And I love the softness of that gray wool. Gorgeous!

  16. I like your rendition of fog, that beautiful yarn color along with your fine work is scrumptious.

    Congratulations on your big green sleeves order what a perfect idea for commuter coffee drinkers!

    So glad Owen is over his pelican encounter, he looks like a ball of yarn himself.

    Have a great week! xoxo

  17. hi HAPPY to see you today, my friend

    owen looks adorable...glad all turned out for the kitty....what a scare...and owen had a little trouble your knitting...i wish i was better at knitting...getting kind of tired of those darn dish rags

    thanks for the get well wishes...and YES!!! am better today....

    sending early summer love,
    kary and teddy


xoxo lori