Sunday, November 28, 2010

women's work

Thanksgiving helped me this year to be grateful for what we have and not be sad for what we don't. With three of my five kids able to make it home, plus our friend Bill, who would have been alone, my darling husband by my side and of course owen running around willy nilly, there was far more thankfulness than sadness. or missingness. Next, here comes Christmas...I can do this... :)

I had a lovely four day weekend home from work, two if you count all the cooking and cleaning. The sun came out so i could finally get some photos of my anniversary gift. Below is what Chuck gave me, made by my friend, artist Anne Luther. This piece was part of a recent exhibition named 'Women's Work'....

Anne's show touched me very much as it honored so much of what i've done all my life, the domestic chores, cooking, cleaning, child raising as well as the skill of needlecraft. She elevated all these things to a beautiful art form. For more about Anne Luther go here.

Seeing Anne's art made me look at my own tools I use everyday. Here are the necessities for knitting that go with me everywhere. I think i've left out counters, I have three, those are super necessary. I did not take photos of knitting needles, cameras, pens (micron), paintbrushes, colored pencils, sewing machine... there are a lot of tools that improve my life and make me really happy everyday.

And then, I met a woman last week. she asked me what I was knitting (a new shawl). And we began talking. She is a knitter too, but a photographer first. She asked if i'd heard of 'Greetings from Knit Cafe' , the book.

Indeed I had! I was so inspired by the beautiful book, I made the skirt on the books cover

and then she told me, she took the photographs for the book! we both agreed it really is a small world. To see more of her (gorgeous) photos, go here.

It's cold and windy here now, perfect kite flying
(and knitting) weather.
enjoy your week ahead everyone!
♥ lori


  1. GASP....!

    a present from your husband? honoring women and the passion and purpose and perserverance in your life? oh lori.....

    (oh chuck too....)

    i keep looking at the buttons.

    what a stunning and powerful work of art. how fitting that it now lives with you.

    my work verf is 'poossely'. funny, because i was just thinking that i poossely love you, lori times five.

  2. Wishing a lovely woman .. a lovely week!

  3. Your tools, your imagination, your creativity, the work you endless. I am full of admiration, Lori. When I am making a plush bear or a long-eared dog, it takes me three weeks! You say, I saw this, I liked it, I made it! Wow!
    And then you always meet such lovely new friends, too. Yes, I think you (and we) have all the reasons to be thankful!!

  4. He is so thoughtful and loving, everyone should have a Chuck. :)
    I loved Anne's work, it was beautiful, but I think I liked the skirt more!
    You will survive Christmas.....
    different has it's own beauty. ♥

  5. That is awesome amazing. plus serendipitious. and you knit that skirt..woohoo!!!
    all lovely

  6. you put so much into life and are rewarded so richly

  7. What a sweetie pie your hubby is. :) I love your new artwork. I have always worked with my hands, and been very privileged to raise kids. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't sew, or paint, or cut and paste. :) Beautiful pictures, Lori! Have a wonderful week - xox Pam

  8. What a lovely gift from Chuck! It's a perfect reflection of some of the many wonderful things that make you...YOU!

    The skirt is gorgeous - and I know you wear it well.

    Sounds like a great Thanksgiving..even with a few of the siblings away.....

    Kite flying weather here too....but brrr..... cold - but lovely!

    Hugs to you and Owen,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  9. I echo Kj, Your husband is a keeper! What a wonderful gift and work of art. I also love that skirt you made. I keep thinking I need to add knitting to my list of crafts. Have a wonderful week! xoxo

  10. OMGosh! I LOVE it! How breathe takingly beautiful!!!
    Love to you Lori♥

  11. Lori, What an incredible work of art by Anne Luther. I so enjoyed visiting her site, and seeing her other works. And your tools too are practical, but charming. That needlebook!
    ps. loved the last shot with the branch moon

  12. i am in awe of your skills and talents Lori - you made that skirt?? WOW! but also loved Chucks anniversary gift to you, and browsing your tool kit :) fascinating and inspiring xxx

  13. What a lovely gift Chuck gave you..

  14. I love your little needle holder. So sweet! And you knit that skirt. WOW! I love that!

  15. Oh Lori, I always come away from here feeling so much better than when I stopped by.
    What a lovely, loving gift from Chuck. And such talent and vision the artist has. You must tear up when you stand in front of that wonderful piece. Wow. And to be able to resonate with it as much as you do because of the things that you do/have done.

    Another serendipity moment when you met the photographer of the book! And that skirt, oh my how I'd love to be able to wear clothes like that again. And you did an amazing job by the way!

    Your Thanksgiving gathering sounded wonderful, even sans all offspring ;)
    You are truly blessed as is anyone on the planet who knows you.

    Thanks for sharing all of this wonderful news.


  16. I love what Chuck gave you! What a special way for him to honor all the important things you've done in your life and how much they impact others...beautiful.

    That skirt is also gorgeous! Is it for you? Do we get to see pictures of you modeling it (I know, I're a bit camera shy. But still!) :)

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and again - thank you for my green sleeves. They are perfect!

  17. Oh Lori your gift from hubby leaves me speechless.It is sooo beautiful and full of so many wonderful pieces to gaze at...for a long long while..with a cup of tea...and a friend beside you to share comments with...Lovely!
    I was also thrilled to see the tools you work with everyday..I think its really fascinating to think about the tools we touch and love.
    Big Hugs friend,Cat

  18. oh lori, your creativity leaves me made that skirt????!!!!

    what a lovely and sensitive gift from your sensitive husband --- and how incredibly it matches all the things you love......

    so glad some of your chicks came home to roost for thanksgiving, lori dear!! blessings and love are being sent your way~


  19. i'm loving the small details in the gift that bring more meaning to wht a women does..

  20. Your blog posts are always a treat, Lori! Love, love, love both the artwork gift and the skirt. That skirt looks like a pretty advanced project. Wow!!!

    I know holidays can be bittersweet sometimes, especially for the mom trying to keep it all together for her family. Yay for you!!!

  21. just caught up on your blog. :) your pictures and your word always seem to have such a calming effect. thank you for that.

  22. Dear Lori, I've been thinking of you so much and now THIS. The Anne Luther piece touches my heart and corresponds so with the lives of so many-especially yours. It is exquisite and fresh, vibrant and touching. What a gift.

    Love the small world thing with the photographer.

    Thank you, thank you for your kind words. Yes, wasn't Thanksgiving something special?

    Sending love,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  23. Fantastic artwork ...what an amazing gift from
    I really love the skirt too, it must be the sort of weather over there now to be able to wear it comfortably...beautiful !

  24. i LOVE everything in this post!
    The present from Chuck is divine, how beautiful!
    You and I could share a wardrobe!! LOL we have the same tastes, i LOVE LOVE LOVE that skirt Lori. You are so talented and creative.
    Enjoy the cooler knitting weather my sweet soul sister.

  25. Lori, what a fantastic piece! It honors women, and it honors you. And holy guacamole, you knitted that skirt perfectly! It is absolutely gorgeous!

  26. Great present from Chuck - very you!!

    Love the knitted skirt - you are amazing, for sure :)

  27. good morning ♥!

    over this year there have been so many beautiful and beautifully arranged things in this room and on that shelf. i just wanted to tell you that.


  28. Lori that's a thoughtful loving gift to mark your anniversary.

    Nice to see some of your tools of trade and what they can make*!*

  29. wow that is an amazing peice of art! It looks like something you could look at a hundred times and still go back and discover something new or meaningful, that is what good art is to me.

  30. What a coincidence, indeed it is such a small world!
    And I think focusing on things you have is better than on the things you don't ......More people should do that. I always try ........
    Your post are always inspiring Lori ♥


xoxo lori