Friday, April 1, 2011


spring is everywhere!
birds singing, bee's buzzing
farmer's market yummyness
new colorful wool and cotton (for dishcloths).

it's been a lovely last couple days
with perfect springy temperatures.
and then mother nature decided today would be summer,
the high was eighty eight degrees!
really hot for man and beast.
although owen the little wonder dog seems to be in his usual good spirits,
i am hoping the heat wave passes soon!

a few links i like, from this week:

-this family is amazing. the photos are real!
-buy this and one hundred percent of the proceeds goes to the japanese red cross society
-i can't stop watching this 
-wouldn't this make a beautiful gift?
-so cute!
-LOVE this (attention artists!)
-this is so good. i've almost finished it, and i'd like to pass it on. if you'd like it, please let me know in the comments and i'll draw a name next week.

happy weekend everyone  (yay! it's friday!)


  1. Wonderful! Happy Spring, Lori!

    xoxo Dawn

  2. Owen ha such a cute smile! And the vegetables, too. And the yarn, what lovely pictures again, Lori!
    Yes, please, I`d like the book!
    Must look at all your other links yet, but the free gift drew me right away (greedy me), haha.
    Can`t imagine heat wave, but at least it`s getting warmer here, finally!

  3. These are happy! Lets hope you don't jump straight into summer; I love the slow slide through spring. Now I'm contemplating heading out for some fresh local veggies...

  4. Aaaah, spring abundance!

    88 degrees. Bring it on please :)

    Oh Owen!!!! I borrowed the photo.

    I clicked on all the links. That singing dad and baby daughter suo is so heartwarming!! She's going to be great!

    I have that book. I guess I should finish it because everyone I know has loved it.

    The tiny art show has been added to my faves. Thanks!

    So much good stuff here, as always.


  5. Your post makes me excited for springime. We aren't quite ready for it here. The snowbanks have to melt first but yesterday I could smell the freshness in the air and I think our lilac bush is showing a hint of bud on the branch. Lovely photos Lori.

  6. I love me some Owen! It is almost Summer here too 68 degrees yesterday! Warm for this time of year, here.I loved that book and can't wait for the movie which is coming soon. Happy Friday. xoxo

  7. hello! i am looking at melting snow as i write this. thankfully i brought some of your abundant warmth home with me :)

    oh owen! cute as a button!

    i have to come back to check out all these links but i did see this little girl sing 'alabama' and i'm prepared for my heart to melt on the spot.

    lori, there are few signs of spring in my yard so far. at least one of them is the buds on my weiner, ah, little magnolia tree. :)

    love love

  8. ...i see the Sugar and Cream :-)

    can you beleive this weather? been out for the past 2 days planting...corn, sweet peas, sunflowers,impatiens,foxglove,pickling cucumbers.....birdies in the birdbath this morning...all taking cute...bbqing in our shorts at 8 o clock at night...teddy playing in the hosewater...aaahhhhhh

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture of owen...darling

    we LOVE out doggys !!!!!!!

    have a great April weekend, lori
    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  9. Lori~
    These are all lovely!
    I surprisingly did not enjoy the book, Water for Elephants. I started reading it last summer, then returned it to the Library without finishing it. I'm planning on watching the movie. Maybe I will enjoy it more. Weird how many books EVERYONE loves, I don't. I have different reading taste I guess.
    Glad you have the lovely weather. We got the taste then it went away :(

  10. I was standing in the book store for like 10 minutes with that Water for Elephants in my hand wondering if I should buy it or not! In the end I put it back because I books here in NZ are SO expensive. I want to read it before I see the movie!

    I think I would rather love the weather where you live! Loving the photo of your precious doglet as well!

  11. Thank you for the springyness, and fun links. I would love the itching for something to good to read. Happy Weekend Lori!

  12. Lovely! Happy spring to you too, it's here and you can see it mostly on people's smiling faces. And sleepy lazy eyes too! Your photos are so soothing and evocative, as usual. They are mood images, in the sense that they improve your mood when you look at them!

    Will come back tomorrow and check out all your generous links.
    Goodnight from the other side of the world,
    Lola xx

  13. "Working Girl" now has less time to I am! Lovely post - fellow California Girl! Oh that birdee singing his song! I smiled with pure joy! Veggies look gorgeous too.... as does life when one is working and the temps are HIGH! Poor little pale feet of mine..after our long, wet Winter....BUT, I painted my toenails bright FUSCHIA and wore sandals to work! No coat, no hat, no scarf, no boots, no turtleneck! ahhhhh..

    Loved all of your links...but will pass on the book...I am afraid there meay be some sad moments in it...and I am such a wuss when it comes to animals..I read no book, see no film where they play a majot part...

    That being said, OWEN! How I adore him! He is such a jewel of a doggie! Kisses to all,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  14. Spring is sooooo exciting... it makes everything tingle and jingle, but it's a long way off for me. I'm looking forward to Autumn as it really is a glorious time of year here in Perth.

    Cotton and wool for dishcloths.... can you share more about that and show us one. I'm intrigued.

    Owen is forever young with that cute little face. I too hope the heatwave leaves you soon. I know that the animals can really suffer in that heat and peoples too ;-)

    I love that photo of the bird singing... that's what it looks like... very special.

    Okay now I'm off to follow the links.

    love to you x Robyn

  15. yes lori... share the book if you can. :-) xx

  16. Oh Lori that video is absolutely beautiful!

    thoroughly enjoying all your links.

  17. love all your linkies - but the best is Water for Elephants - which I LOVED, and both read and listened to (oh the listening was amazing - tears!) sort of hesitant about the movie, but would go to see it.

    lovely spring Lori - SNOW here...but it's melting.

  18. thank you so much everyone! that little sparrow is sitting near it's nest, singing the entire day!

    dear robyn, the cotton yarn in the foreground is for dishcloths and the dark blue and yellow are wool and wool blends (silk and alpaca) meant for other things. i don't usually buy without a project in mind, but a local shop is closing!


  19. Thank you for all the fun links to explore. I loved Water for Elephants it is one of my favorite books. Yes little Owen reminds me of my own little Penny-i'm in love. Have a good week-end.

  20. Lori I'm curious about the dishcloths.... do you knit a cotton square?
    I've never thought of this, but it sounds like a good idea.
    Can you show me one or explain a bit more about it?
    I think this is somehting that I would like to do.

  21. Ahhhhh Owen you are such a cutiepetootie!
    Nice pictures and links Lori!
    Happy spring is there for you and please send that heatwave over here, I love heat waves!

    Enjoy your weekend♥

  22. So beautiful! I love the new yarns... and Owen, what a cutie he is! It sounds like your spring was a little like ours is now - yesterday it was 91 and today will be similar. Whatever happened to a slow transition into summer?! Love, Silke


xoxo lori