Wednesday, April 13, 2011

the carrizo

we're off!
for four days of camping
to california's carrizo plain.
i've written about it here and here and here
(it's a favorite place!)

on one of the days we'll be at the goodwin education center
selling photo cards and images we've made of the carrizo.

in february when we were there, the visitor's center bought some of my cards
and in march they called and invited us back to celebrate the ten year
anniversary of the carrizo plain being named a national monument.

if you are in the area please stop by and say hi
we'll be at the goodwin education center on saturday
from ten till four.


mountain bluebirds, owl's clover, phacelia, fiddleneck, coreopsis, tidy tips
meadows and fields and lakes and hills
and quiet enough to hear a butterfly's wings
oh how i love this place.

i made cards with some of these photos for my shop also
you can find them here
thank you so much for the interest you show
and the kindness and comments too
it all means the world to me.

have a safe and wonderful rest of the week and weekend too
see you in a few days.

xo lori
p.s.  before i forget again, the book i mentioned a few posts back is on it's way to germany, to angela.


  1. Lori - your photographs are always amazing but these outdo others - they are just wonderful/gorgeous/magnificent!
    Have a lovely lovely time and good luck

  2. Good luck! I am sure they will sell like hotcakes. Your pictures are so beautiful. I look at them over and over and over...

  3. oh those tidy tips, and bluebirds!
    Best of luck. Just have fun.

  4. To me?!! Oh I can`t wait!! Thank you so much, Lori! And yes yes yes, your photos are so beautiful! I thought, the first one, I`d buy that, and then I saw the second, and all the others, and the bird on the wire, and the views... I`d love to help you sell them! I would stand on the other side of the counter, always bubbling, "Lady, now say, isn`t this gorgeous!? Which ones should I pick? I want them ALL!" They`d be gone in no time!
    Have fun, you both and relax well! Love from here!

  5. Awesome photos!! And have fun. Travel safely. :)

  6. Dear Lori, those cards will sell themselves!
    Have a wonderful time in paradise. I'm smiling because you'll be in a favorite place with the guy you love.♥

  7. These are so beautiful to look can only imagine what it must be like to see these colors up close..Glorious!!Best of luck to you my friend selling..even though I know they will sell like hotcakes!!Hugs,Cat

  8. Oh my goodness these photos are awesome!! Really they are so beautiful. I am glad that I found your blog!!

  9. Lori & Chuck,
    enjoy your travels to the Carrizo Plain. The photos from your past expeditions are so beautiful, every time I see them they immediately relax me!
    I'm visiting your Etsy store for some cards now, last time I checked it was only featuring greensleeves! Brava!!

    Looking forward to new wonderful images,
    Lola xx

  10. Love, love the photos!! Have a great trip!!

  11. these fotos are simply exquisite - i was mesmerized by them - every color of the rainbow was represented!!

    hope you and chuck enjoy your time in this magical place, and look forward to more stunning images that you are sure to bring back~


  12. what a beautiful collection! i love them all. have a lovely weekend!

  13. Sounds like my kind of place, I love camping out in the great wide open. The photo of the birds on the fence is lovely. I hope you have a wonderful time.

  14. Wow what a gorgeous blog! Your photos are amazing!

  15. Lucky you! I want to go there. Your photo's are astonishing! I hope you have a fun and productive trip.

  16. Oh, such gorgeous photos it made my heart hurt! (in a good way.) Have fun on your trip and I expect more beautiful photos when you get back :)

    Hugs and love!

  17. i just fall into these photos. i open my arms wide and i just fall into them.

    the colors and textures are astonishing

    wishing you a wonderful wonderful weekend sf

  18. Love, love, love your pictures.
    Have a great time!

  19. Lori, I hope you are having a great time (I know you are!)These photos are so yummy! When I have more money I am going to get me some! xoxo

  20. Fantastic photos! I've loved catching up on your april so far, and your blog friend visit, and working kayaking trips, everything!

  21. these photos are more incredible than usual! i can't even pick a favourite, i just love all of them!

  22. Again the perfect combi of your talent and nature's beauty!
    How cool all your cards were sold out and they contact you for this special event!
    They recognize talent!

    Too bad I wasn't around....... I would have popped by ;)



xoxo lori