Friday, April 8, 2011

new loves

meet olive

a small package was sitting on my doorstep yesterday. inside was wee olive. her passage to california paid by a mysterious benefactor. olive loves adventure and is afraid of spiders. i love her. we are already bff's.
visit yoborobo for more softie goodness.  


finishing my simple noro shawl
made me a little sad
this is the kind of meditative knit
that is nice to have on the needles.
no thinking or counting or where was i?
just peaceful, soothing,
needles moving in harmony with wool, again, again...

but wanting to wear it got the better of me
and so it's done
first i asked my husband to take some photos
and then i wore it out to breakfast
with my friends.

.: simple yet effective shawl :.
raverly link here
modification, for my knitter friends, i used noro silk garden ( a worsted weight)
 instead of noro kureyon sock, and size six needles. it seemed to work. i totally lost count how many skeins it took. buying only a couple at a time made it more affordable. i am guessing twelve or thirteen.
gulp. it's good i really love it.

xoxo lori

p.s. thank you cheryl for the crush cakes photos and thank you kj for olive  :)


  1. Olive is so sweet & your shawl is absolutely beautiful! I am just about finished the shawl I have been working on and I can't wait to wrap up in it.

  2. Lori - can't believe you made that glorious, wearable tapestry. I can feel its softness. Love the pics and now I feel like a huge honkin latte and a big FAT crshcake!!

  3. Olive is so happy! I can tell. :) And that shawl is so pretty! It has all the colors I love in it. It suits you. :) And now I want a cupcake and a latte! xoxo Pam

  4. beeauutiful! love the last photo of you cruising in the shawl. you are so cool! ; ) yoborobo makes cute things. i think olive is happy too. you can see it on her face.

  5. You are so talented! That shawl is gorgeous, and you in it!

    Yum, cupcakes, an exotic treat here.

  6. love the new loves too

  7. i ♥ olive and the shawl!!

    i have olive's sister but i forget her name, shoot! I love her though. she's my studio mascot ;)

    wonderful pictures of you and the cupcakes.
    i always love where you take us ;)


  8. Beautiful shawl, Lori. Love it!

  9. lori - that shawl reminds me of joseph's technicolor dreamcoat. except your's is an original that only you could create:

    lori's technicolor dreamcoat!

    love the last shot that chuck took - he's got a great eye (and you're an elegant model ;-)


  10. so you're a model too!!!

    the shawl is stunning, lori. you put the colors together perfectly, or does the yarn come like that? (duh) do you know of web's? it is here in my town. (come)

    now,about olive. lori, she insisted. she was not going to be happy anywhere else. plus she told me she is going to purr for you sometimes and because that is a proven form of meditation she said you are going to melt. who could resist such a heavenly match?

    the sun is out today. it is the first unofficial day of spring. i am soon to plant pansies and uncover my chickens and hens (or is it chicken and eggs?) :^)

    double love lori, have fun

  11. p.s. my word verf was suret, which i think means sure thing. as in go for it.


  12. Beautiful shawl Lori. I finished mine too and I find it very versatile, it goes with everything !

  13. Oh Lori! What incredible treats! Olive is sooooooooooooooo cute! And I see she has already claimed her own olive-colored chair.

    And your shawl is fantastic! It's a wonderfully generous size and looks luxuriously warm. I bet you turned heads that day! Perhaps Olive would like her own mini shawl to match?

  14. OMG, that shawl is goooorgeous! Beyond gorgeous! Sometimes it stuns me that the simplest patterns can turn into such beautiful creations. And Olive is simply super cute! She looks perfect in that chair! Love, Silke

  15. Your shawl is so great. I do really love the wonderful colors you have chosen. Thank you for being such an inspiration and wishing you a lovely week, Inge

  16. What a fun gift!
    I have a Frida tucked in my suitcase for travels :)

    I LOVE that scarf you made!!!!! WOW And I think it is such a good thing to have, so handy and you are just the perfect model! I bet a garbage bag would look gorgeous on you.
    But this beautiful scarf looks just wonderful!


xoxo lori