Friday, April 22, 2011

why i wake early

thursday morning
the plan was
to get the gps coordinates
for a trail on figueroa mountain

waking before dark
we headed north east
through dense fog and light rain

ascending the mountain
the fog rain only grew heavier
not letting up like we'd hoped

when i pointed out my backpack had no rain fly
and more, that it seemed like less than fun to hike right now
it was decided chuck would be going without me
he needed this information for an assignment due
he would be going the ten miles alone now

i was alone too, to wander

four hours later
chuck was back,  the sun came out
i wandered about while he was gone
both of us drenching wet
our warm truck felt like heaven.


number nine

and number three

these two grandchildren of mine
i took these photos last week at their baseball games

tonight we have a date
for dinner and a movie
in honor of earth day (everyday)
we've got tickets to see african cats!
i think i'm more excited than them.

i wish you a happy earth day and easter weekend if you celebrate them.
xo lori


  1. Your photo's capture the very essence of their surroundings. They are absolutely stunning!

  2. such pretty pictures! i love foggy mornings - well... i used to. i think my love for them will come back. i'm still acclimating. great shots of the grands too. i wish ezra were older to see african cats - i'd be excited too.

  3. So gorgeous! Love the pics of your grandkids too! Is that the ocean in the background of number 9?

  4. I think fog is a gift when it comes to taking photographs! The atmosphere it creates is amazing, albeit very chilly ;)
    The heaviness of the fog bank in that one shot brought me back to CA.
    I gasped out loud at the photo of the charred trees, the red hue of the ones in front and the wonderful blackness in the others. I do know that new life is abundant after a fire, thank goodness.
    The poppies and lupine..yum! I love those two colors together. And the mustard fields surrounding the oaks.

    I love the baseball shots! So perfect to put #3 in sepia :)

    It's always a delight to come here.
    I rarely eat dessert but when I do, it's creme brulee'.

    Your photos are my creme brulee'.



  5. What stunning photos. You certainly know how to capture the atmosphere x

  6. yet another set of transcendent images........pure magic.

    what gorgeous grandkids -- enjoy your date - that movie is right up your alley!!

    happy easter to you, dear lori ♡

  7. Gorgeous Lori!
    I love the way the rain and clouds dress everything up and bring up the scents. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful date.


  8. Amazing photos Lori - really something. Lo is right - fog does something but you really know how to work the fog

    Happy earth daybto you too

  9. genevieve,
    thank you so much. i really appreciate your words.


    thank you! i like foggy mornings too. i wish i could have gone on the hike though. the movie was so good, i think ezra would like it. maybe you can get it on dvd!


    hi! thank you! it's so nice to see you again.


    it is! and in the background you can just make out the channel islands! thank you so much.


    lo, it was REALLY cold. and wet. i was a little worried about my camera. the red tree is manzanita and there was a fire on figueroa.
    and thank you for saying such kind words about my photos. i am missing film, especially taking b & w and sepia (i used a film by ilford that had a beautiful sepia tone).


    thank you very much :)


    thank you :)
    the movie was fantastic! happily the kids liked it too. happy easter.


    thank you, i think the sounds and smells are just as fascinating to explore too.
    the evening was a great sucess!


    thank you. i think fog is maybe a little like snow, it can be so beautiful, it easily lends itself to a beautiful photo. for sure it was a lovely morning.

  10. I always "feel" your photos, like I am inside of them with you. What a gift you give us, especially those of us living in loud urban areas. Thank you. Happy Easter! Sabrina

  11. Lori there is always such a deep serenity to be found on your blog - its like a beautiful meditation journey coming here.i love the misty forest - full of mystery and imagination; and then the chrystal dew drops and the sunlight on yellow fields. thank you so much xx

  12. I see why you wake early-there is so much beauty in this world of ours. Have a Happy Easter.

  13. Lori,

    Yes. Earth day everyday!
    Oh that picture of the road , winding away, the manzanitas,
    the Valley. A glorious place and your pictures celebrate it perfectly.

  14. Lori - I think the fog thing worked out really well for you! Your images are breathtaking. I can't wait to see African Cats ... hope you had a great time. Happy Easter weekend to you and yours Lori and for sharing.

  15. sabrina,
    thank you so much for the lovely compliment.


    thank you. the fog really is a mood inducer. i wish i could put sound to it, so quiet except for the pitter patter of dew drops...


    there is indeed. happy easter to you too!


    it's a different look for figueroa, but i like it as much as the sun. the manzanita was so gorgeous wet! thank you.


    thank you so much! i think your going to love african cats. seeing the aerial view of the plains was an emotional experiance. it's a good movie!

  16. hmmmmm so fresh and beautiful i can almost smell the pines! as always...a breath of fresh air here... x j word veri: roamiest!

  17. Oh, LORI! My heart is pounding, can you feel it??? The foggy pictures were stunning, all the flowers and branches heavy with dew. But when the sun started peeking through...GASP! So magical, the mixture of two girls colliding. Wowwwwww.

    I hope you enjoy your date with the adorable little ones. The movie will be fantastic, I'm sure. Happy Easter!

  18. my friend, my favorite of all these photos is the one with your white truck in the distance and the fog beginning to lift.

    how chilly early this must have been to have captured the magic of these dewdrops, one by one, each a molecule and a universe of its own. i say this everytime, lori: YOU SEE. i love this (and so much else) about you.

    you had two special grands and one special movie. like you, that is my idea of a perfect date. ♥



xoxo lori