Saturday, April 9, 2011


my friends baby turned two today
ruby is very much a girly girl and loves to dress up
so i made her a skirt and bag to match.

it was so much fun
i forgot how much i love to sew for babies
and now i want to make a hundred more!

happy birthday dear ruby.


  1. Lucky lucky Ruby!! What a beautiful setting and beautiful gifts you made for her!

  2. Looking at those first images of skirt & bag, I was sort of hoping it was part of a new line of clothes you're designing for grown-ups. But then Ruby's smile (and the gorgeous birthday setting for her party) made me understand.

    Love everything you do!

  3. Gorgeous photos and sewing - but I have to admit to my eye being especially drawn to that cake - WAS THAT A CAKE??? CAN IT BE SENT THROUGH THE POST? Who made that? Good grief. That is some cake.


  4. Beautiful gifts for the cute little birthday girl Ruby... She will be happy, dont worry about it!!!
    Have a lovely sunday:)

  5. Oh, that lucky and adorable little girl! And a lucky girl with such a party! I love the photos of the couch by the ocean. And that cake ... I'd like a piece, please... Much love, Silke

  6. Those are so sweet....I'm itching to do some sewing. The setting of the party looks like heaven to me!

  7. Lori - once again your endless creative talents shine through - in the delicious outfit and also in the photo you snapped of Ruby. What an inviting setting for a birthday celebration. Lovely! Thanks for sharing Lori.

  8. Oh, this is so sweet! I love that she had her party outside. I love her cake. I love her sweet little face. But Lori, that skirt and the little purse? SO ADORABLE! I miss having a little one in my life. It brought back some lovely memories of my girls and dress-up (scarves, necklaces, tiaras!). xoxo Pam

  9. i am in love with ruby. thank god i have little girl clients because is anything more precious than this beautiful smile?

    lori, this bag and skirt is priceless. OMG. i will bet anyone a week's pay that ruby's mother gasped when she opened this gift. you are incredibly talented, lori. your heart is sewn into every stitch. that is the quality that makes anything you do so authentic.

    oh my my. keep it up, my friend. anything you share has the effect of bringing smiles wider than you might think


  10. Lori, Everything, the purse, skirt, sitting, flowers and that cake are so beautiful and heartfelt, what a doll Ruby is! I bet everyone had a ball. xoxo

  11. What a lovely birthday party, the photo of the couch by the water is to die for and the cake, it looks like layers of ribbons. It must have been a wonderful time.

  12. oh wow! gorgeous skirt, pictures, party, and little ruby! what a sweet post.

  13. The couch on the cliff, be still my heart!!!

    Your sewings are lovely , you should make a million.


  14. Lori , your photos have taken a large leap in every way, (I may have said so before) Now I feel as if I am looking at high quality magazine worthy shots. The bag, skirt are so dear and yes lets just talk about that cake.
    Strawberry? pass the milk, please.

  15. Oh goodness, what a beautiful little girl! And her gifts are so delicate and pretty!!! The fantastic cake with all those pink icing petals and the couch outside....what a great party. Happy birthday, Ruby!

  16. thank you so much everyone ♥
    ruby's gorgeous cake was made by her grandmother, i had to leave before it was served, but i heard it was delicious!
    xxx lori

  17. gasp! This is right out of a magazine. Martha Stewart's baby..or something like that only BETTER! And that little cherubic face. So dear.

    I love your gift to her. I agree that there is no end to your talents, and I know there is no limits on your kindness and generosity ;)♥

  18. What a lovely gift! What a fairy tale of a party! LOVELY photos!!!

  19. Hi Lorie - It's nice to catch up on your blog! Your photos and posts almost feel like an indulgence, they are such a pleasure! I noticed that a few posts back you had a link to Nahcotta Gallery's Enormous Tiny Art show. That gallery is located in Portsmouth, NH, about 1 hour from where I live! It's one of my favorite places to visit!
    Love the little skirt and bag as well as your shawl (last post)! Beautiful!!

  20. i came back just for a quick smile...


  21. I just found your blog. It's lovely! You make me want to move to the country and if I show your pictures to my husband, he'll book the tickets right away. A life of beauty! I'll be checking in frequently.

  22. what a beautiful party for a darling little girl. love the skirt and purse you made - absolutely precious! and the couch outside overlooking the ocean........simply dreamy!

  23. Such a package of gorgeous sweetness - I think we'd all like to be two again. You should make some more of those little skirts and purses for your on line store Lori. Smiles to you*!*

  24. What a lovely present you made for this beautiful girl!
    And the party setting is amazingly wonderful,
    Have a lovely week, dear Lori!

  25. You sure do have a gift for making birthdays so very special! Every detail is amazing, charming and magical! Happy Birthday to little Ruby!

  26. hi lori...julie told me to get over here NOW !!! she told me about the cake...what a thing of beauty...darling...and that cute outfit you sure do a great job...LOVE the setting for the party...

    i have been so absent from blogworld...i just can't keep myself out of the garden :-)
    and the kitchen.....

    i went with my brother sister-in-law ki and neice ella rose for a picnic yesterday to shell creek...all that was left was tidy tips...but we had a great time and i thought of YOU, my friend

    HAPPY to stop by today
    give owen a hug

    sending love
    from teddy and ME !!!

  27. Lori!!!! (does a little dance) I hope your quick getaway was beautiful and inspiring. I've been away from here for too long but its good to be back having a look around. Now.... I just wanted to say that I love the idea (up above) of not having a label. I have a friend who hates labels in clothes and rips them out at the first opportunity- so this would be a wonderful compromise.

    Oooh I wonder if the moon was as huge out there camping as it was here?

    P.s if a littleseedit wanted to email you? xxx

  28. Cute cute cute! The girl the gifts the party!



xoxo lori