Sunday, April 3, 2011

common and widespread

here are some images of the west coast, and east coast, u.s.a.
of california, and new york city. my home, and  my youngest daughters home.
 my heart longs for both places.

i found a fun website that puts an effect on photos, it's fun and easy to do. it's called tilt shift maker. find it here, if you'd like to enhance your heart places too.

and the house finch winged it's way into my yard! he finally came low enough and sat still long enough for a photo! although my bird book calls them common and widespread, i think they are brilliant and am always happy to see one.  his song is sweet and varied too.


  1. he is adorable! great captures and i like the effects on your first shots. i also like how you came up with the title for this post - clever girl! : ) xo

  2. Your photo's are beautiful & the first two made my day. The house finch is so sweet, the robins are finally coming out here.

  3. Hi Lori, great pics, as usual! You really inspire me to get out with my camera sometimes,but I know I do not have the eye for it that you do. Thanks for sharing. I am sending you this link to a video/song that is so perfect when you are missing someone far away, and your comment about your daughter made me think of it again. Maybe you've already seen it, but it's so sweet. I hope you enjoy it.

  4. Lori - these photos are so beautiful. I love seeing the ocean. I miss it! :) xox Pam

  5. lori sf, where that wave curves looks almost like a bale of hay...

    these photos of the house finch are anything but common and widespread. stunningly beautiful, lori. the last one with the blurred background is award winning. i'm holding my own contest and you have won first prize :^)

    i listened to the song jan recommended and wow my heart understood completely. thank god loving is worth the distance.


  6. That bird is not common in my eyes! The orange is purrrty!
    (Again, I don't know how you do it! Lesson on how to photo birds? or is it patience?)

    ...and Lori, thank you so much for your kind words...everyday hold a noter batch of mysterious news flashes here in Japan...sometimes good but sometimes right out of a SF novel. Thank you so much for this serenity that you share on your blog!

    luv, Tulsa

  7. Lori....I love those little Finches too!
    We have them in orange, red and yellow..and as you said, what a sweet voice!

    Wonderful ocean shots....but I really like those CA/NY shots! They are great! Now you can relate to having strong feelings about BOTH coasts! I miss NY so much...

    But - here's to Spring! To birdsong (and especailly "baby birdsong")... to brilliant-colouref flowers and the Sun (and La Luna)! To our wonderful blogging community!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  8. oh my, I think these are two more birdie shots that call me to paint them!

    I hadn't heard of "tilt." I'll check it out.

    it's tough having a love affair with both coasts, but it can be worked out ;)

    beautiful pics, and I agree about the title being clever!♥

  9. These are amazing. I love the waves.
    These photos have such strong and clear perspective!xo

  10. yes, common hasn't got much to do with what moves you does it? I melt every time I see a swallow and seriously does it get any more widespread than that?

  11. the book may call these birds common and widespread, but your fantastic images make him seem one of a kind!! you have such a good eye, lori ;-) especially love the first shot of the water -- the waves look so sensuous!!

    i look forward to exploring the tilt shift maker ---




  12. Common and widespread? Pfft. I've never seen one. He is adorably precious! And I especially love the photo of the city at night. Very cool effect. :)

  13. Lovely pics and I also yearn for both coasts.

  14. your finch is beautiful. I want to fill my finch feeders and Im thinking I can now. I miss our pretty finches.

  15. At our old home we had many tiny, tiny wrens, but as common as they were they even had a personality (like Maria and Humpel the ducks, haha!) and built amazing nests, so never would I call any bird common! Thank you for opening our eyes to all your sights and views (YOUR views of things!) and to the emotions they create in you.
    You made me also take my camera along on my morning stroll, but I only found a huge dinosaur instead of a tiny bird. Well, so what.

  16. Such beautiful photos! Always refreshing and inspiring! Have been seeing the finch here, too!
    Love them!

  17. I LOVE the effects - going over there now
    thanks for sharing.

    Cute finch

  18. Lovely lovely photos today Lori of the east and west!!The colors of your winged visitor are bright and cheery..How wonderful to catch him with your camera..I think he likes it when you take pictures..I could swear he's smiling in that last photo..Big Hugs,Cat

  19. I wish the "common and widespread" would include our house, the finches stay away, I don't know why. Yours is so pretty, I'm glad he sat long enough for you to take such a great photo.

  20. The birds are my favourite... love love love your captures.

  21. PS... thank you for the link, I'll have a play with that.

  22. Oh Lori, those beach images are stunning!!

    Yesterday my mom gave me great news, she's treating us to a 5 day beach-getaway for Easter. I can't wait to inhale that effervescent, saline air. I wish I too could have it like you, right there in my back yard!

    Thanks for the link, I'm off to go play with it now. Those effects ar quite interesting.

    Love, always.
    Lola xx

  23. I feel the same about the finches in our yard, and the blue jays, the wrens, the blue birds, etc. I think they are all stunning in brilliant in their own way - just like us... Much love, Silke


xoxo lori