Monday, April 18, 2011

wild beauty

wilderness gives the human spirit breathing room
come along with us as we
explore the vast, unique, windswept, peaceful
california carrizo plain...

we found wildflowers
and sold almost all our cards
and images (so exciting, thank you)
we saw birds and raptors
and a badger in a meadow
we found a herd of tule elk
and two western rattlesnakes
and much much more

we had a brilliant time
wee olive was a good traveler (and gave us a lot of laughs)
she seemed to enjoy her adventure
however, it was a bit of a challenge to get her to sleep
the night camp came alive with
full moon revelers
singing and chanting and beating drums in the night

there was knitting
two new pairs of baby socks to gift
a few more rows to my sweater
and a shawl for olive
a chill was in the air

with wine glasses in hand
we watched the sun melt golden slowly
over caliente mountain
spreading orange shimmer upon soda lake
breathtaking empty wild

losing ourselves in the vastness
we found the space to breathe.


  1. These are the most amazing pictures I have ever seen...but I have one disappointed comment...."Creamy PB"???

    I thought more of you

    (grin, grin, chuckle :)))


  2. Oh my goodness!!! How awesome are you! Your photos are incredible! I am so glad Olive had a good time with you guys! :)

    I feel like sending my Katie over to you for a couple of weeks - she is going to be studying photography next year and visual art. What Im will do is pick your brains closer to the time for camera advice, that is for sure!

  3. These are beautiful; I feel like I can reach out and pick a flower. Also, I didn't get my yoga today and these are filling that little patch of peacefulness I needed. Thank you:)

  4. Lori, First, do you know how beautiful you are?
    You are! And I love all the photos and I love Olive(clearly, you do too!)and that little shawl you made for her has to make Pam smile wide.
    Glad you had a happy trip.

  5. okay! there is no question that i have to take notes before i comment. NOTES! i couldn't possibly remember all the OOOOOOH's, AAAAAH's and HOLY MOLEY's otherwise.

    i will say it's clear olive chose a good home. you have a BFF who will gallivant, eat peanut butter,& roll in meadows, not to mention she looks like a good listener, don't you think?

    i'm not saying anything about your photos until i take notes. ^)


  6. Awesome photos of a beautiful surrounding.

    Love your new format too - cool!

    Life on The Farm

  7. So GORGEOUS I felt like I was there..

  8. Was that a horned lark ??
    I think it was.
    And a badger?
    staggering beauty!

  9. I'm on my way to bed but I just had to scroll through the photos before turning in.
    May I just say one thing before I comment on the awesomeness of the rest of the photos?

    I was laughing until I was wheezing when I saw Olive as the star she was meant to be!

    You're something else, Ms. Lorix5. I'll be back tomorrow for more comments, but man oh man I do live vicariously through you.

    I'm so glad you were there so we can all share in the magic.


  10. hahaha olive, who held you up in that tent so that one of two great photographers could immortalize you on that starry starry night?

    (don't let the kj avatar fool you)

  11. Wow. I want to climb into the pictures. The city can be fun, but it does not nurture the soul in any way. I ache for that beauty and peace. Maybe next time I can crawl in Wee Olive's clothes and hide away in your pack. I promise not to let the beating drums keep me awake.

  12. Amazing photos - although not happy about Olive on that barbed wire though - looks painful! Lx

  13. Oh what can I say!
    OMG, beautiful to its core. Amazing gifts by God to human.
    I like the rabbit beside the bushes and you and Chuck enjoying the view.
    Thank you so much for sharing your adventure.

  14. This was breath taking, thank you so much!!!

  15. Thank you Lori dear for a wonderful adventure. I had to remind myself to breathe as I went through each artistic photo and wondered at them.

    Jeff and I and our friends are going out there next week, but not for an over night. I love it so much and worry so much about the new solar facility, which is hitting right where some very rare plants are growing.

    I adore Horned Larks and enjoy watching them out there.

    Any Mountain Bluebirds this time?? I love the photo you sent makes me smile.

    Lori Ann, I would love to do a drawing of the sparrow in water if I can use your photo as a model. Don't worry if you don't feel good about me drawing from it...I understand...I have just never seen that viewpoint before.

    Sending love and so happy that you got to go back to that magical land.


  16. Good lord these pictures are absolutely stunning. I mean, they literally would make me stop breathing and then were so beautiful they would cause me to do those deep inhales, like I was trying to breathe in all of the beauty of your trip. Wow... just, wow.

    And Olive is the cutest thing! I'm glad she's so photogenic. :)

  17. You copycat! That rear end of the splashing sparrow--okay, maybe you can do a bird butt calendar to suppliment my zoo butts


  18. Did you hear me squealing all the way from Maryland?? LOL! Olive's smile is wider, I swear it! And her little shawl. So sweet! Oh, my, Miss Lori, it is magical to see her in such a beautiful place. I hope she behaved. :) Lovely lovely loveliness! xoxo Pam

  19. AAAAAAHHHH! I am delighted! Delighted, I tell you! Tickled rosy pink! Your photos are romantically gorgeous and so dreamy. And then I saw Olive! Heeeheeheeee! Oh my goodness, she is toooooooo adorable. And so warm and cozy in her new shawl. Looks like a lot of fun was had by all. And I'm not surprised in the least that your photos sold very well. Perhaps you should include Olive's pictures in your next batch. :)

    Hugs to you!

  20. Beautiful, stunning. Thanks for the journey. Love Katie x

  21. mim, thank you so much :) five kids, creamy...some habits are hard to break. :)


    michelle, thank you! that's very exciting about your girl. tell her to check out B & H photo in NYC (online) it's a wealth of all things photo related. good reviews on most things too. we also have one of the best photography schools in the u.s. near us (Brooks) she can live here while attending!


    whitney lee, thank you very much, i am really so happy that you felt peace looking at these.


    robyn, thank you!! i recieved your postcard today!! happy! i'm so glad your enjoying and having such a good time.


    annie, you are very sweet, thank you very much. olive made us laugh, i loved having her with us.


    kj, i love olive, thank you so much again for her, she made us laugh and that's a good thing. and thank you so much for liking my photos.


    granpa, thank you VERY much.

  22. gallery darrow, thank you! i'm really glad these photos made you feel that way.


    julie, it was! we saw many, but they fly as soon as you approach them, luckily we did get a couple photos. thank you so much.


    lo, we really had such fun having olive along. she gave us many laughs, that was the best thing of all. thank you for your always kind comments.


    kj, it was olive and i in the tent and chuck obliging me with the photo!


    red dirt lattes, i love the city too, but agree, nature is where it's at for me. i'm glad you could come along, if only vicariously!


    family affairs, thank you! don't worry though, there was no harming at all of sweet olive.


    as, thank you so much. i completely agree. i'm so glad you enjoyed.


    lilylovekin, thank you so very much.


    sharon, i am thrilled that you'd like to draw the bathing sparrow, i couldn't stop thinking about it all day today. it would be an honor for me, i can't wait to see it.
    the mountain bluebirds are gone, too bad. but the horned larks were out in abundance and i love watching them too.
    we just learned of the solar project, i don't know enough to know of it's impact, but i hate the thought of anything added to the plains.
    i'll email you the best spots to find wildflowers, next week will probably be the last time this year to see them.

  23. tracy, thank you dear. some places are easier to take photos of, and this is that kind of place. i so appreciate your kind words.


    kj, i will let you take that!


    pam, haha, i thought about you alot. olive is a natural adventurer/camper/all around charmer. i agree with you about her smile. i love her and thank you again for making her!


    bella, oh thank you so much. i love what you've said. thank you for the greatest compliment.


    katie, welcome and thank you for such kind words!

  24. Lori Ann, thanks for stopping by my blog! Your pictures are gorgeous and your landscapes and images are so very different from what we have here in Maine. It looks like heaven where you are!

  25. pumpkin pie baby,
    thank you! i forgot to say i found you through the yarn along!

  26. Wow Lori!
    Sounds boring but what wonderful pictures!!!! They are as always perfect!
    So nice to see Olive showing up!
    My what a special place that is and I can imagine you had a wonderful time there!
    The combination of this wonderful place and your talent to make the most perfect picture makes it so special.

    I am still in Rotterdam. How cool you know this place! Most people they only know Amsterdam. I was born and raised in Rotterdam but now I already live 25 years on an island in the south of Holland.....
    But when I am at my brother's place I enjoy being here again, as a little bit of my heart will always be here.

    Have a nice day Lori


  27. i've looked at these amazing images 3 times now, i can't get have such a keen eye, lori. these is so much color here, and life --- wowwowwow.

    thanks for taking us along to such a beautiful slice of earth♡

  28. Oh my gosh..what beautiful photos and as I soaked up their beauty..I came across Olive and my laughter rang in the house..what fun to see her..I can only imagine Pams thrill to see her there.Congrats on the card sales too sweet Lori.By the way..who took the photo of you and hubby sitting in the first I thought Olive had picked up the camera,but then I saw her big eyes smiling up at me.Hugs,Cat

  29. **Grump**
    I'm a bit off you at the moment!!!
    You are out and about with such space and peace, having a fabulous time .. . .
    ** jealous **

    Putting on my Big Girl Panties . . .

    You're pics are fabulous - as usual - and I'm still loving your new camera


  30. Really You Presented A Wonderful World Of Wild Beauty!!
    Thanks A Lot!!!

    Wishing You A Great Time Ahead!!

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xoxo lori